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Cuddly Calum // Claum Hood

I sit on the kitchen counter, my legs swinging back and forth absentmindedly as I scan the words on the page in front of me. Not taking my eyes off my book, I reach down and grab my mug before raising it to my lips and taking a drink of my tea. Over the top of my book, I see Calum trudge into the kitchen, his hair poking up in all directions as he rubs sleep out of his eyes. He gives me a sleepy smile as he rubs his face and walks over to where I am and standing in between my legs. I offer him my mug which he takes gladly before drinking the last of my tea and pulling the book out of my hands in the process, placing it face down on the counter. I roll my eyes at him and pick it back up only for him to take it again and place it down again. When I reach for it once again, he knocks it to the floor. I raise my eyebrows at him only to receive a pout in return.
“I already gave you the last of my tea what else do you want?” I joke. He stares at me like it’s the stupidest question he’s ever heard before dropping his head onto my shoulder and nuzzling his nose into the exposed skin from where his flannel hangs off my shoulder.
“Cuddles.” He whines against my skin. I run my fingers through his fluffy hair as he nudges my shoulder with his nose. “Cuddle me!” He whines again.
“So demanding.” I mumble as I wrap my legs around his torso. He scoffs at me as he wraps my arms around his neck before lifting me off the counter and walking into the living room. He grabs the t.v remote before lying down on the couch, my body on top of his.  
“Movie?” He offers. I shrug at him as I make myself comfortable by tucking my head under his chin and tangling our legs together. He flicks through the movies he’s recorded before selecting one and sinking into the couch more, his arms wrapped around my body. His fingers slip under my shirt and dance along my spine as the menu pops up. He quickly hits play and goes back to the skin on skin contact.
The opening credits start as I tilt my head up to look at him. His eyes are focused on the screen, his tongue poking out between his lips as his fingers move against my skin. Every time he blinks, his eyelashes flutter against his skin and I can’t help but reach up and poke his cheek causing him to look down at me with a curious expression.
“Hi.” I tell him lamely, not expecting him to actually pay attention to the small poke.
“Hey there.” He murmurs. I feel his legs tangle in amongst mine even more.
“You can go back to your movie.” I laugh.
“You’re more interesting.”
“Then why’d you even turn it on in the first place?”
He shrugs as he shifts so that I’m on my side, squished between him and the back of the couch, while his back is to the screen; one of his arms hangs over my side, the other under my head. He leans forwards so that our noses and chests are touching.
“You’re gorgeous.” He murmurs causing my cheeks to heat up slightly. He chuckles as he nudges his nose against mine. “And I love you.”
“I love you more.” I reply easily. He rolls his eyes at me as he tries to pull me closer. When it doesn’t work, he lets out a whimper causing me to laugh.
“Don’t laugh at me, I’m in a cuddly mood.” He mumbles, hiding his face in the crook of my neck.
“Can’t half tell.” I giggle, running my nails softly down his arm. He huffs as he presses a kiss to my neck.  “Don’t worry, it’s cute.”
“You’re cute.” He fires back causing me to roll my eyes.
“Shut up and cuddle me, Hood.”