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Magdalena Frackowiak’s Skin Rules
  • Firstly, don’t touch your skin, because your hands have a lot of bacteria. I also believe in always using alcohol gel on your hands, because everywhere we’re touching things.
  • When I say goodbye to someone I don’t kiss, because this also has a lot of bacteria [laughs]. Don’t kiss just anyone, that’s my advice.
  • Never try to push a pimple. If you have one, the best thing you can do is to take a pure alcohol on a Q-tip, and delicately touch it.
  • I’ll often make myself a natural mask with honey and avocado, or I’ll make a mask with oats and milk - oats are very good as a scrub to cleanse the skin. I also like pure oils - like avocado oil. I’ll warm it in my hands and rub it in.
  • When I wake up, I wash my face only with water, and I take a small towel and dab it gently.
  • In terms of products, I use Doctor Alkaitis organic moisturiser - with no perfume, no chemicals; just natural products inside. I try wherever possible to keep my skin free from chemicals day-to-day. I have an amazing herbal toner from Dr Alkaitis, but very little else.
  • I also like to make a hot bath for my skin: combine some oils and herbs and let the pores open, and then use a towel afterwards to gently dab the skin.
  • Having said that, I see Dr Colbert in New York and he has an amazing three-part treatment: the first level is basically a machine that takes away all the dirt and cleans your skin; then there’s a delicate laser that closes your pores; then the third level is an acid used like a peel. And that’s the only treatment I will do.
  • When I travel, I make sure I have a good natural moisturiser to rehydrate my skin, and once I’m on the flight I’ll put on a mask and just sleep with it on.
  • Make-up is also very important because it can clog your skin, and you don’t want your skin to be clogged. There is an Armani foundation that I use, it’s already very thin, but I’ll mix it with a little moisturiser before I apply.
  • Then vitamins, because vitamins nourish your skin from the inside out. Vitamin E, A, all the omegas, and fish oil are all very important - and also I like to eat chicken soup because it contains collagen. I eat a lot of avocado, a lot of fish, beef - because your skin is built from these oils. You need to care for the skin from inside. I can have pasta, trust me - I live in Italy. I’m not torturing myself.
  • Another thing I do, and this comes from my mother, is I sleep like this [mimes totally still, on her back, corpse pose]. You don’t want to wrinkle.
  • The other things are quite obvious. I drink a lot of water, I like hot water and lemon to clear the skin. Don’t smoke, and I don’t drink alcohol at all. I’m 30 and I have not one wrinkle, so this is why. It’s all about being very delicate with your skin and treating your skin like it’s your best friend. I say to all the young models, who are there backstage with a cigarette: “Don’t smoke!” It kills, you know, it really kills. You see that girl in 10 years and she won’t still be working, you’re like: “Wow, she changed so much,” because she destroyed herself. Don’t party too much, don’t take drugs: you get the face you deserve.
  • I like to stretch, I think it’s very important for your body, so I do yoga and pilates, but I don’t like to go to the gym and work out. I don’t have that body type. Some girls, like Izabel Goulart, have that body and look great that way, but I treat it the same way as my skin; you have to be very delicate with your body. I don’t like to have muscles, but I also don’t like to be too skinny. Sometimes I notice I got too skinny, and even my skin will suffer - maybe if I’ve been working too much - but it’s about balance.
  • I’m really proud to say I turned 30, and I’m getting so many compliments now. I’m a woman and I took care of myself.

David: “…Is there an intellectual element [to music]?”

Mica: “I try not to think too hard, just ever in anything… I’d be dead if things didn’t move me and music is magic. That’s what my dad says as well. Its like, you think you can know everything about it or you think you can know a lot about it but you don’t really ever know anything about it and things will surprise you. Its down to how people express themselves and whats going on around you at the time and stuff like that. There’s no right or wrongs in there. I think intellectualizing music is too much, its quite boring. I think though, if you want to learn an instrument, if you want to learn music, I mean, a lot of learning you can do is by listening and if you’re just taking part in it and by playing.”

- Mica Levi, DP/30 interview

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Hi, a bit of a weird request but I'm looking for dark skinned girls to interview for my dissertation about whether or not the colour of their skin is of significance to their life experiences and was wondering if you could help post this. In need of UK, London participants age 18-25 and I'm really struggling to find people, thanks.

This sounds like a very interesting project. Let us help a sister out by clicking the link below for more info:

Her contact:


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Frances McDormand on Aging

“I know that I haven’t done press or publicity in 10 years; I made a conscious choice not to. I was starting to not like the job of acting because it also involved not just the promotion of what I’d done, but myself. And I wasn’t interested in that part, also it was just getting too close to my personal life. I couldn’t live the way I wanted to live. And a friend of mine said: ‘Women need you. Younger women need you. They need your image and they need your voice and it’s a very selfish thing you’re doing.’ And that was about five years ago, so it took me about five years to really listen to her. But I think, I believe that’s true.”

Till on his stage fright.

RH: You have a reputation for being shy. Is it always so painful for you to go out on stage?

Till: Yes. “Excruciating” is not an exaggeration. But now things are improving, I’m more used to the stage.  Though I  always worry about the concert. And what I do not like - thank God, it happens less and less often - is performing in small clubs: the audience is so close, it looks at you from head to toe, I feel like a victim of voyeurs who can see the fear oozing from the pores in my skin.

From a 2004 interview with Rock Hard.

HyunA shares how people reacted when she tried to be sexy without showing skin

HyunA says she tried to be sexy without revealing too much skin.

During a recent interview with Biz Enter, HyunA was asked if she ever thought about appealing her sexiness without showing any skin.

She responded, “I already tried. But people were saying that they didn’t understand why I’m dressed so hot.”

HyunA explained, “During promotions for ’Volume Up’, I went for a female warrior concept so wore a long sleeve top, pants, and even a skirt over that. The reactions were that I looked too hot. So I realized then that not everyone can have the same perspectives. And that’s also when I wanted to have a generous mind that can accept different opinions.”

Lastly, she stated that wanting to change perspectives and trying to prove that she can be sexy without showing too much skin felt like she’s starting a fight with the public.

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