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“you still bitter about getting your ass kicked by a werewolf?”

Okay we need to talk about the whitewashing of Gal Gadot.

One of my few issues with the movie Wonder Woman is that they really do lighten Gal’s skin.

I see it a lot happening a lot in photos of her that are from magazines, promotional stuff, and even in fan edits.

Now seeing photos of her with Eugene Brave Rock and Saïd Taghmaoui from the set you can see just how much they have lightened her skin.

Because those photos are not promotional ones and rather they were taken for fun so they were not edited and touched up.

Here is a image of her in the film

She is pale here and look at these photos and you will see how much they changed her skin tone

(Gal Gadot and Saïd Taghmaoui)

(Eugene Brave Rock and Gal Gadot)

And looking at the Justice League stuff they have done it again with the lightening of her skin as well as doing the same to Ezra Miller which they lightened considerably more the Gal Gadot.

But either way they shouldn’t being doing it all.

It is really upsetting that they are doing this.

As I have pointed out before here we have two Jewish actors that look distinctively ethnically Jewish, but are literally whitewashed so they don’t look that way.


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How to create Dewy Skin

Gone are the days of heavily matte skin instead gorgeous, glowy skin is the ultimate focus and thanks to this trend (which is definitely here to stay) there are hundreds of products on the market that can give you gorgeous Victoria Secret skin in a heartbeat. Those with oily skin, don’t have to fret just yet, trust me, you can still rock the luminous look.

The Skincare: If your skin is super lackluster try a whole skincare line dedicated to giving you a healthy glow, otherwise a serum, which is designed to brighten your skin will suffice.

The Prep: Don’t use a moisturiser, instead just use a small amount of facial serum to prep your skin. Not only will makeup last longer, but your skin will also look fresher. Follow with an illuminating primer that will reflect light to set the perfect base for your makeup.

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