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Agnes “Aggie” Hart || 17 || Year 13(Upper Sixth) || Sky Ferreira || OPEN

Aggie is a Wales girl. She moved to Bristol over the summer from Cardiff. Cardiff! In Cardiff though she was a good girl, a totally innocent kind of student. Aggie went to class, made brownies for bake sales, and would clap back stage for her school’s productions, she even knit jumpers with her mum!

But Aggie literally transformed on the move over. She took some speed in a bathroom with an old man who smelt like he had never left the bathroom, and Aggie has gotten into all kinds of trouble since. Right now she is single. Right now she is totally lonely, Aggie is homesick and sleeping around, fucking with drugs, and getting completely drunk to fill a void. 

Aggie is a dreamer, a complete and utter child in heart and body. She is a total ditz, even back in Cardiff. But everyone humor’s here, even when she stares at the clouds laying on her back. Aggie dances in the rain and is commonly called a wild spirit and now with all kinds of drugs upping her she can literally not be held down.

Day 8 - Your Favourite Gen 4 Character

This was so incredibly hard, because I love all of them dearly with my heart, but Gemma wins by the tiniest smidge, she is so amazing, just her whole attitude and the way she thinks about everything, (Not to mention her looks) and also her relationships with everyone especially Claire, and the Mentor-Student thing with her and Tony, is just incredible. You win all the awards Gemma.