#itsagoodlook | Sam Coffie

What does NY mean to you? How do you feel when you are there? What about Chicago?

New York is where I really solidified my adulthood. I learned my hustle, my voice, my determination. I began to know the most about myself, and it feels great! Chicago will always be home! I think it’s where I birthed the swag… New York is where I’m raising it.

Why is self expression important?

Because without self, you won’t know success, that one thing that stands out about you can be the key to changing your life. Don’t fight the feeling.

What gives you a sense pride?

That I’m living. I’m breathing. I can look each day in the face, whether tough or easy and say, “I’ll finish you by time tonight”. And I start all over again. Because the hardest thing to do some days for folks is to get up. I at least managed to win half that battle.

Why did you choose to become a designer?

Watching my mom make clothes for my sister, brother, and I. Especially during Black History Month at church… Dashikis were on deck… With the matching hat and pants!!!

How do design and fashion compliment each other?

There’s a form to fashion lol… I think they compliment each other in one way, change. It’s constant.

What goals do you have in the coming year?

Working on launching my brand. I’m excited about it. Keeping it vague because ninja moves are always best before the storm.