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paper airplanes & the office

a/n: dear @jehle26, I told you I’d post NFL today, but I couldn’t write it, so here’s a very short thing I wrote a while ago. Hope you like it :)

“I’m in a boring corporate business job and you’re in the cubicle in front of mine, did you just send me a paper airplane with the words ‘WASSSSSSUPPPP TURN UP BITCHEZ’ written on it?” AU


The alarm clock ringed loudly on Taylor’s ears. Still asleep, she moved her arm to tap it and turn it off, but it kept beeping.

“Damn”, Taylor hummed and stood up. When she glanced at the clock, she froze. It was nearly eight o’clock. She was late. She cursed loudly and ran to the bathroom. She could swear she did everything she had to do (including stopping at Starbucks for her skinny latte) in a record-setting time.

Blame it on Karlie. Only her best friend could’ve thrown a break-up party on a Sunday night with lots of tequila included. Now, it was Monday morning, she was late and hungover.

Wonderful, Kloss, thank you.

She sat on her cubicle and turned on the computer when her boss, Mr. Jackson, passed besides her and gave a distasteful look.

“Late again, Ms. Swift?”

Taylor looked at the man. He was in his forties, was a short, chubby, bald man who apparently hated his life. Rumor has it that he was dumped by his wife and now lived with his parents on a tiny apartment. She faked a small smile. “I’m sorry, Mr. Jackson. Won’t happen again.”

He scoffed. “That’s what you said the last time”, he completed before heading to his office. Taylor absolutely hated him. The man practically owned the shitty company she worked for, and didn’t do anything. His subordinates did everything, while he watched. And he still dared to criticize their work! Taylor rolled her eyes and turned her head to the gigantic amount of paper on her desk. She sighed when she heard her boss compliment her co-worker in the front cubicle, Adam Wiles. She never got along with him.

They never really talked, but one look was enough to know that the man was an obnoxious flirt. He even tried it once on her, but she turned him down flat.

She was in the middle of an awfully boring desk job when a paper airplane landed on her desk. On the right wing, there was something written on capital letters:


Oh, she was not angry. She was pissed. She didn’t need further confirmation to know the source of the thing. It had a name. Adam. Wiles. Of all people, in all that office, it had to be him. The co-worker she never ever talked to, the one she envied because of the endless compliments and above all, the co-worker she despised.

Taylor took deep breaths and calmed down before smirking mischievously. He wanted a game, a game he would get. She grabbed a paper sheet and made the airplane, writing on the right wing.

Fuck you, Wiles J

And yes, it had a smiley face.

She stood up a little bit on her chair and threw the paper on his desk. She didn’t hear it landing, but heard him chuckle. She hoped it was enough to make him stop the little game.

But it wasn’t.

A few minutes later, another airplane landed on her desk. She exhaled deeply and read what was written on it.

Do you think Jackson fancies me? He compliments me like all the time”

She tried containing her laughter, she really did, but she erupted in a loud laugh a few seconds later. That thing was getting interesting. She grabbed another paper.

“nah I don’t think so. But have you seen him hitting on Jane from HR? UTTERLY DISGUSTING”

Before she threw the paper airplane, she looked at the other two on her desk. Jackson couldn’t see that, not now, not ever. She hid them in her bag, because the trash can wouldn’t help much. Then, she threw it.

She pretended to be interested in her work but she was eager to receive the next airplane. And there it was.

“I KNOW RIGHT poor Jane. I heard that Jamie and Carl from accountancy hooked up on the broom closet last week”

Taylor rolled her eyes.

“Everybody in this office knows that, and they have been teased and mocked about it endlessly last week.”

They spent all day exchanging paper airplanes – small talking, gossiping, and laughing. Five o’clock rolled around and Taylor gathered her things in her bag when he popped up behind her desk.

“Wanna grab dinner at that Chinese place down the street?”

Taylor hanged her bag on her shoulder and smiled. “Sure.”


The colors of the sunset were already splashed all over Los Angeles’ sky, and Adam and Taylor were walking side by side, the water hitting their ankles.

“Why did you send that paper airplane?” Taylor asked.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I remembered that old adhesive on your car and made a paper airplane to have some fun.”

“Who would ever guessed we’d end up here.” Taylor said, giggling, when her cellphone started to ring. She picked up.

“Hey, Ashley. Yeah, mom and dad are coming back home soon.”