British Court Sword made by Dege & Sons of London established in 1865 by Jacob Dege, Dege & Sons, later Dege & Skinner, were tailors operating in London, serving nobility and ranking military officers. The firm remains open to this day, with clients such as the Sultan of Oman, Emir of Bahrain, and Queen Elizabeth II’s Yeoman of the Guard. The sword has a 31" triangular blade, with acid etched decoration on the lower half and a three-line Conduit Street address on one side. The sword has a silver plated hilt, with a clamshell languet, down turned reverse guard, upturned rear quillion, ribbed knuckle guard and twist pattern grip, and faceted metal accents on all parts. The sword has a black leather scabbard, polished ribbed tip and throat and a leather backed velvet frog.

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