I love the way you smell which is a really weird thing to say but it’s not even like a smell that you put on yourself it’s literally your scent and it’s not your house because I’ve been there and your house doesn’t smell like anything it’s just you and I love it and sometimes when you’re not around I get a random whiff of it and it makes me happy because you make me happy and idk ok hahah

i made. my grandma. cry.
  • grandma:*talking about how she was in love with two men and went with my grandpa who she only knew for six months instead of the first man who she knew for three years*
  • me:ya know grandma, i read once that Johnny Depp, the actor, said something like "if you are in love with two people, always go with the second one because if you really loved the first you never would have fallen for the second."
  • grandma:...abigail. for almost 55 years i have tried to figure it out how i knew to make the right choice. and you just gave it to me. *starts to tear up*
  • me:dont cry oh my god please I'm sorry grandma oh my god.

I work at a camp for autistic/special needs people varying from ages 6-60. We work on the buddy system and today my buddy was a 13 year old boy named Kyle with autism.

Today he wrote a letter to One Direction and it says:

“dear one direction,
Your song(s) are fantastic. Those song(s) make me (feel) special. One day can I be your buddy(?)
Sweet dream(s)

Kyle ”

I love work.