• jason grace is tickly
  • jason grace is really tickly
  • not many people know this though bc who in the right mind would walk up the son of jupiter and just start tickling him?
  • percy jackson that’s who
  • percy discovers jason’s fatal flaw weakness by accident one day whilst they’re play-fighting (bc that is something they totally do ok)
  • and jason looks so shocked
  • he did not know he was ticklish since no-one has ever tickled him before
  • and percy looks like someone has just told him he has been given a lifetime supply of blue coke 
  • (side note: that sounds like a new drug or something but i swear i mean coca cola)
  • anyway
  • so he’s found jason’s weakness and of course, instead of being a good friend and leaving him alone
  • he starts tickling the shit out of him
  • and jason, he’s on the ground clutching his ribs, tears in his eyes as he tries to threaten percy between wheezes of breath 
  • and then, tiny little sparks start flying out from jason’s skin
  • he looks like a human sparkler or a firework exploding on the fourth of july
  • there are sparks going everywhere and jason’s still on the ground crying yelling/laughing at percy
  • and percy only has a single second to think ‘oh shit’ before some of the sparks catch his t-shirt
  • and that is how camp half blood finds out that tickling jason grace is a sure way to accidentally start fires
  • (it’s a good thing that percy’s pretty resistant to flames) 
  • ((thanks poseidon))

His head’s not unlike a lump

red hair on top of a dump

His ideas are thin

and so is his skin

He’s an egomaniacal chump

Of Mexicans and Muslims he’s tired

Drugs, rapists and labor suppliers

He’s got news for you all

A beautiful wall

You’ll build it, then beaners, you’re fired

He spits hatred and fear from his stump

We need more than a spray tanning pump

Dog faced old fogy

Burns bridges like stogies

If he wins it’ll be

More than mere novelty

A nuclear, world ending


-David Matthews

Headcanons for my broken bro jean moreau

  • Initially he isnt very impressed with the trojans and the whole “friendship” thing. He doesnt understand how these people can be around one another for so long without getting heavily annoyed, but then alvarez and jeremy worm their way into his heart and he just goes ‘oh’
  • He doesnt like that its sunny all year round in california bc he’s used to the winters in west virginia but eventually gets used to the sun beating down on his skin
  • Hes not ghost pale anymore after spending a year in california, he has freckles that trace their way across his nose and knuckles

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here is my second song about aftg (first one here) and this time it’s centered around andrew! this is a very basic recording done on my laptop and i am hoping to be able to do a nice audio file recording soon! let me know what you think :)

lyrics below the cut

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(because I have yet to see anything vampire related in the Kylux fandom and I am honestly surprised?)

(don’t take this too seriously)

  • Ben Solo is the 17yo emo, loner who has no real friends
  • Everyone thinks he’s weird because he’s OBSESSED with vampires and full-heartedly believes they exist
  • He does extensive research on vampires, and believes all the common tropes
  • He has been known to get into very heated arguments of anything vampire related
  • He’s part of an online chat-room for “vampires” or other emo kids like him
  • He believes vampirism was meant for him, because “no one gets him” except for his “vampire” friends online
  • He calls himself Kylo Ren because, “that’s his vampire name”
  • He wears all black, and tries not to go out in the sun so he can maintain his pale “vampire” skin
  • he tried to drink blood one time but got sick, he was very sad
  • Hux is the new-in-town, 18 year old exchange student from Europe
  • Hes very pale with striking bright orange hair
  • He’s always dressed to the highest perfection, never a hair out of place
  • People try to befriend him at first, but he gives off creepy vibes, therefore, everyone steers clear of him
  • He mostly keeps to himself, never outwardly drawing attention
  • Kylo knows from the second he sees him that Hux is a vampire
  • He’s right
  • He begins to stalk Hux, following him around and taking notes in hopes to fully understand what a vampire is
  • He keeps all of his “findings” in a journal, its pretty much blank
  • Kylo think’s he’s being sneaky
  • He’s not
  • Hux knows about the lankly, emo boy following him from the very first day
  • He makes sure to act as any other normal 18yo would
  • Kylo starts to question himself, nevertheless, keeps the investigation up
  • After a couple weeks and no suspicious activity from Hux, Kylo is very frustrated, and is about to give up, when- 
  • He is sitting in some bushes, spying on Hux through binoculars. He puts the binoculars down for one moment to rub his eyes, when he looks again, HUX IS GONE.
  • He hurries to find him, in doing so, falls right out of the bushes, onto the sidewalk
  • Hux is standing on the sidewalk, watching him
  • Kylo starts to freak out, scrambling away and reaching for the makeshift cross stake he keeps in his back pocket
  • He threatens Hux, backing against the wall
  • Hux watches bemused, then easily plucks the stake from Kylo’s hands, tossing it away
  • Kylo freaks, and figures this is where he dies
  • Hux drags Kylo up by the collar, hearing him audibly swallow
  • He questions Kylo, “Why do you keep spying on me?”
  • Kylo tries to stammer out some lie, but there is no use, he finally admits it
  • “I want to become a vampire!”
  • Hux releases his grip in surprise, Kylo drops to the ground on his knees, and begins to beg Hux to make him into a vampire
  • Hux of course says “no”
  • Kylo pleads, and pleads, almost on the brink of tears, 
  • Hux takes pity on him, and allows Kylo to befriend him
  • They become one of the hot gossip topics of the school
  • Someway, somehow, these two fall in looooovvvvvveeeee

here is the recorded version of my second fansong “yes or no?” for AFTG. this time, it’s centered around andrew’s perspecitve of his and neil’s relationship!

i want to thank a couple people who helped me out with this! first i want to thank @transneil & @reneewvlkers since they both put up with me sending them a bunch of drafts for this song. i also would like to thank @wesninskie & @transandrew for the amazing coverart they collaberated on. lastly, i would like to thank @korakos for writing such a brilliant series full of amazing and complex characters!

lyrics below the cut:

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Made with SoundCloud
Fic: Devil Went Down to Georgia


Fifteen years ago, Jesse McCree made a deal at a crossroads for someone’s life. 

Now, the creature has come to collect. 

Ship: Mchanzo

Warnings: It gets spooky. A lot of horror tropes in the sense of nightmares. You can click the AO3 link if you wanna get specific. 

Characters: McCree, Hanzo,Genji, Ana, some others in passing.


Length: 15k 

Notes: IT’S MCFUCKING DONE. Thanks to @revolverwaffle for being the best beta, and at @sroloc–elbisivni and @secretlystephaniebrown for cheering me on. Also, the monster is my favorite. 

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@zoe3e3e: “ can u write something about jean in flower crowns perhaps?”

why yes, yes i can

  • so california is sunny, one would imagine
  • lots of beaches and parks and mountains and forests (overall, just a beautiful place to be outside)
  • jean spent much of his life stuck underground in the Nest, amid black and red, below the thundering stadium, with flickering fluorescent lights and fear lurking behind every corner
  • once, though
  • once, jean loved the outdoors
  • he’s from marsaille—he was, before the Nest was his home and he said goodbye to his family for good
  • but he can still remember the warmth of the sun, the kiss of salty sea breeze on his skin
  • he remembers
  • he can let himself miss it now, when he couldn’t before

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anonymous asked:

We need some Josh Diaz head canons, you agree?


you’ve come to the right place son (also ive come up with a lot of these with @haydensromero)

  • josh is a basketball player
  • he’s bisexual
  • his leather jacket is like his second skin
  • he has a motorcycle and he named it pietro (bc he’s a huge comic book nerd and his motorcycle is fast just like quicksilver)
  • he wants to adopt every homeless cat he meets on the street and you know what? he does
  • and he gives those cats the dumbest, most cliche names possible like susan, amanda, trevor and of course he named the ginger cat garfield
  • he flirts with every person he ever meets but when someone flirts him back he turns red like a tomato 
  • he’s basically a horny virgin 
  • but he’s also a fast learner an once he gets on the right way of doing things… you’ll need help
  • he’s an amazing cooker (like, he cooks for the whole chimera pack and he seasons food for differently especially for corey cause he’s more sensitive to spicy food and eating one of his most spicy tapas almost killed corey cause he couldnt stop choking)
  • he doesn’t have time for your “that’s not a male thing to do” no. he will paint his nails, he will tell other guys they’re attractive, he doesn’t give a fuck about your opinion 
  • president of Pineapple on Pizza Hate Campaign™
  • matching socks are for losers (that’s what he claims but really he’s too sleepy in the morning to care and look for matching ones) 
  • 90% of his wardrobe are black clothes 
  • he drinks more coffee than an average person could take (purely black, but ocassionally he loves a carmel frappucino) 
  • he likes to joke that his coffee is as dark as his soul, but the truth is that he’s a cinnamon roll 
  • HE ABSOLUTELY FREAKS OUT WHEN A THUNDERSTORM IS COMING! he will clean the house at 2am, listening to music and pretending the mop is his dancing partner and when corey comes downstairs to tell him to stop and go back to bed, he will challenge him to a lightsaber battle doing is best yoda voice like “train you must, my young padawan. your weapon is where?” and corey’d run off to wherever they keep mops to get one and they’d start fighting, making lightsaber noises and when josh’d swing his mop too far, the wet part would hit theo (who just arrived in the living room because they woke him up) in the face. corey would go pale and josh’d just drop his mop, whispering just loud enough for corey to hear “darth vader arrived has. run i must, my young padawan” and he’d run off, theo right after him yelling “IM GOING TO KILL YOU DIAZ” “YEAH, YOU ALREADY KILLED ME AND GUESS WHAT? IM ALIVE” “BECAUSE I BROUGHT YOU BACK FOR FUCK’S SAKE” “SO WHAT? IM ALIVE” and they’d just keep running around the house beating and yelling at each other for the rest of the night until tracy came down and paralyzed them both bc they woke her up
  • he has a thor apron corey bought for him cause he knows josh is a huge thor fan. since that day, josh diaz has never worn any other apron 

and here some involving other people (mainly the chimera pack) 

  • he’s corey’s wingman and he ships morey a lot
  • he doesnt like liam tho and he always makes fun of his height like “what are you gonna do lil gremlin? headbutt me in the nipples? you’re not even tall enough to reach my neck” 
  • pissing off theo raeken is be his passion (like hiding his favourite clothes, putting his car keys tall enough for theo not be able to reach, eating the rest of his fave cereal) 
  • sometimes he will bitch about theo with hayden in spanish so theo doesnt understand what they’re saying
  • because he’s the tallest from the pack, he’s also “the mom”. there are days when he gets up at 5am, makes everyone their favourite breakfast, also prepares and packs them food for school (he also makes some for Mason because he knows that Mason often forgets it). but there are also days when he’s like “nah, fuck them” and he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps and ignores the alarm and doesnt get up even when corey comes into his room, grabs his leg and drags him out of the bed, no. josh will just keep on sleeping on the floor. he’d only wake up when theo came in his room and spilled a huge bowl of ice cold water on him. 
  • one time when corey and josh were home alone (and it was right before a thunderstorm) they took theo’s car and basically started to drive in a circle, burning the tires (pretty much like this scene from kingsman) but in this case, theo stops the car using his werewolf strength. and when he does that, he’s just like “now im going to show you how an alpha disciplines his betas” and josh’d just snort “you’re not even a real alpha” and theo would roar at him pissed. the next thing josh knows is that he’s alone in the car, he sees the door close and corey is nowhere to be found
  • on parties, josh diaz just likes to get drunk and blend in, do no stupid shit. not like wasted drunk, but just drunk. he usually ends up  making out with random people, and this time was no exception, he ended up on a couch making out with a guy and a girl at the same time. things were really steamy, but something odd hit josh. the guy was smelling really familiar. he knew the smell cause he smelled it almost everyday. “THEO?!” he almost yelled “JOSH?! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” “WHAT AM I DOING? YOU’RE THE ONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE STRAIGHT” “THAT’S BECAUSE I AM STRAIGHT” “mhm, yeah, corey’s straight too” josh’d get up, and fixing his clothes he’d add “not that i mind though, you’re a really good kisser” and he’d just leave theo there with his jaw on the floor 
Dating Jin Would Include:
  • Holding hands
  • Cuddles
  • Lots of cooking yummy food together
  • That the other members would eat
  • So you would have to cook more
  • Nose kisses
  • Window shopping 
  • Him wanting to spoil you by buying you new clothes
  • You modeling those clothes for him afterwards
  • Him wanting to take you out of those clothes
  • Things slowly (but surely) turning sexual
  • He gets turned on by little things you do
  • He would slowly kiss your neck to build up tension
  • He would be gentle like 99% of the time 
  • But sometimes he would be rough af
  • He wouldn’t want to hurt you
  • Because remember those king sized condoms in his room
  • He would worship you
  • Like he just wants to touch you
  • Expect a lot of him batting his eyelashes on your skin
  • He would want to cuddle after 
  • He loves it when you fall asleep in his arms
  • He loves you in general

his hatred  B Ů Ŗ Ņ Ë Đ into my skin
he  t o r e  me apart, replaced everything I  k n e w
          AND I WEAR A ╳ SMILE ╳
        ╳  N O T H I N G ╳
      will tear me 
d o w n

Summer: gosh, I am thinking about alternate headcanons
selkie nilesy
imagine that

Lucy: everyone wants to keep nilesy uwu

Summer: lomadia just found him on the beach one day and was like “yes”

Dex: bless

Summer: “yes this ball of sunshine is coming home with me”
“nilesy, let me introduce you to cooked food, it’s lovely”

Dex: nilesy living a life of fish
makes all the cat friends without even trying

Summer: or god, lomadia the marine biologist and the accidental selkie she radio tagged

Lucy: jFC

Summer: he was just hanging out on the beach and giving fish to the local stray cats

Dex: it’s like those fishing villages with a million feral cats hanging around

Summer: and the whole being-dry thing is amazing because now the cats will let you PET them

Lucy: all that fish stew too

Summer: yup
and lomadia didn’t even take his skin
he just lost it
she finds it in an unlikely chest every now and again and offers it back, and he thanks her and makes plans to go back to the sea, but then never gets around to it
and misplaces the skin again

Lucy: awwwww nilesy uwu

Three: That’s hilarious and sweet Summer