skinhead family

I don’t have many followers. Nor do I expect this to get many reblogs. Or expect to change your mind about anything. But I feel like this needs to be said. Plus you’re slightly hypocritical.

In some ways I am similar to you. I’m a LaVeyan satanist. I have somewhat of a god complex, I love Eric and Dyl, and I don’t care about the victims (due to my fucked up mind, this is because I lack a lot of empathy, believe me I really want to feel bad but I can’t)
But you’re a FUCKING NAZI. And you’re proud of it? What, did your mother force the xanax down your throat or did she crush them into the cat shit she fed you? How can you be fucking proud to be so hateful. You’re sixty one fucking years old? Do you not have a life? A productive lifestyle? A partner? A family?

I’d also like to take a little time to point out your hypocrisy about the whole satanism thing. Any satanist knows that doing any sort of drugs is against the religion. And yet you openly smoke meth?

I often save this kind of hatred for myself, various voices in my head or people who piss me off in all the wrong ways. But you truly fucking sicken me. And you probably fucking get off on that. And I’ve never EVER said this to anyone in a serious manner but here it is. Fucking hang yourself. You’re a disgrace to this community.