A hitch

Felix was wondering some fucking street in the middle of nowhere. His girlfriend, or well now ex-girlfriend, had just tricked him and left him out in the place he did not know as punishment for sleeping with her roommate. He thought back and wondered why his girlfriend wanted to go out and drive herself! Fuck now he knew sitting here with now phone and no money.  

As he was in his thoughts cursing at that bitch he used to fuck, he finally could he a motorbike. Since not a single car had driven by, he left him here and he did not see a single car on the way here, Felix took the chance and tried signal that he need a ride. As he did the bike slowed down and came to a holt next to him, he felt a bit relived. Only after the man driving the bike took his helmet off, Felix realised the driver was a skinhead, boots and all, but the skinhead just smiled at Felix and said: “Oi, mate how did you end out here in the in the fucking middle of nowhere? I can take you to the next village.”. Surprised how nice the guy seemed to be Felix, though the bad image of skinhead he always had believed was probably wrong. “That would help do you have a phone with you so I could call someone to pick me up there?” Felix asked the Skinhead. „No mate left it at home but I live in only an hour away. I’m Thorsten by the way. But call me Thor my mates call me that its rolls easier of the tong.”, he replied. “I’m Felix. If could use your phone at home that would be a help to Thorst… I mean Thor.”, Felix said with relive in his voice. 

Thor opened the storage under his set and pulled out a black a bit right up looking helmet. After removing a bag from the inside, he handed Felix the helmet. “You’re in luck this one is a bit old but I just got this from a mate I visited, It may look a bit used but well It is a present for someone. On any other day I would not had a second helmet with me mate!” he explained. Felix looked in the helmet it looked kind of old but the inside seemed to be new, but after putting it on he relied it just looked that was he could smell age old sweat and cigarette smoke on the inside. Felix got a headache from the smell, but since he doesn’t want to lose his chance of a ride, decided to man up and take it. “Ok looks like your ready just sit behind me and hold on to me”, Thor commanded Felix. 

After about 15 minutes the headaches were gone and Felix felt kind of relaxed almost a bit sleepy and having trouble getting a clear thought. As Thor drove to side of the street and asked him “well boy how do you feel?”. “Feeling a bit. Sleepy … but good.”, Felix mumbled like he was not all there. “You like the helmet you should just keep it on while I will have a quick smoke. You can watch me while I smoke and smoke one yourself once we get to my place boy!”, he said in a soft but demanding voice. “But… I don’t smoke…”, Felix said. Thor said:  “ Yes, watch you smoking and keep the Hemet on, I like it…” Felix mumbled on. “You will have a smoke later and I know you like it, after all waiting me smoke seems really enjoyable to you”, Thor continued talking to Felix who just agreed. After Thor had finished his quick smoke and Felix enjoying watching him they continued their journey. Felix could not even remember where he was going anymore and why, thinking or remembering felt so hard to him that him not even really tried and enjoyed his empty mind, calm state of mind… 

Felix did not notice they had arrived at Thor’s place. Thor ordered him to get up and wait for him and not take the helmet of until Thor ordered him too.

Felix obey without thinking what he was doing or happening he did not care he just followed his orders this was easier then thinking. He just watched Thor parking his bike and pulling out the bag from before. Felix followed Thor in his flat as he was ordered. 

Inside Thor opened the bag and pulled out an injection needle and filled it. He was order Felix lift his arm so Thor could inject him, he did not protest or question what was happening he just obeyed. Thor told Felix that he was now his Master his lover and that he had always been this and he was his skinhead slave riding with his Master so he could be his cum dump on biking tours with his mates that he was his dumb gay fuck toy. Felix agreed Master Thor was right he was always right he thought for him he was just a dumb gay cum dump. Felix felt horny all of a sudden really horny…hungry for his Masters cum, he loved being dumb cum dump. 

The pure love and lust Felix had developed for his master, pleased Thor, his mate didn’t promise to much. “well boy do you want fully become my fuck toy my retarded cum dump?”, he teased his new born slave toy. “Yes Master, I feel so horny I need you cum need to get fucked I need to cum myself so bad now sir!”, the slave said starting to twist his body driven by his lust. “then now undress take off the helmet, it had served its purpose already cum dump!”, Felix’s master ordered. Felix basically ripped his cloths off like they burnt his skin after hearing to order. Fully naked Felix dropped on his knees in front of his master and wait for more order. Thor was surprised how well his slave already started behaved. 

Thor Knew his new fuck toy would do anything he wanted from it now and second and final injection. His slave happily let the needle pierce his arm obeying his master like the good faggot slave he was! As the drug took effect Felix completely lost his grip on his surroundings and could only hear his master’s voice and obey it! His master ordered him to forget everything before he had meet him, his life, his education and even his name! He would not remember anything before his master had transformed him. The slave felt a bit confuse because it had no name and there never had been any life before meeting his master this seemed absurd, but these thoughts felt too heavy to keep them. His master said his name was Frank and always had been, he was dumb cum craving skinhead cum, had not even learned who to read His hair was and mess that needed to be buzzed off.

Frank wondered why his master told him things he knew about himself but thinking was not his strong point, it was something his master did for him, he just followed orders. Frank still not know how to lace up his boots if his Master had not taught him over months, the only thing Frank had a talent for were cock sucking and getting fucked. 

Master Thor told Frank he had a special shave planed this time. Thor had gotten horny as hell seeing this boy transforming into his retarded cum dump of slave. He did not to stroke his hard cock for long, before he shot his massive load on the freshly buzzed head of his slave. As Master Thor smeared his big load on Franks head and shaved off what was left of his hair the skinhead slave that once had been the straight boy Felix climaxed, too! 

All of this had happened 3 years ago Frank had not left his masters side since and would not even dare to think of it, he knew a dumb cum dump like him was lucky to be owned by a strong skinhead biker like his Master. Frank had become a chain-smoker and cum addict loving it when his masters fucked him without a warning him or on his birth day allowed him to get fucked by his master mates the how day even after he had already passed out!

This story was created for and approved by my Skinhead Master SSir Malskin -

Thank you SSir for transforming me into a proud skinhead.


On a warm summers eve on the 16th of August 1995 a 14 year old boy named John Antonin Fritz Hron was out camping with a younger friend named Christian by the lake Ingetorpssjön outside of Kungälv, close to Kode, Gothenburg, Sweden, when he was brutally murdered by a group of neo-nazis.

The nazi group ranged between 15-18 years of age and had been drinking that night, and one 15 year old boy knew John from school where he had bullied, and at one point even threatened to kill him. The group of skinheads started beating and kicking John, wanting him to say that he loved nazis. When he refused, they beat him even more until he gave in. Sometime during the abuse John managed to escape and swim out into the lake and away from the group. They called for John to come back but he wouldn’t answer. The skinheads then turned to Christian and made him call for John and tell him that if he didn’t come back they were going to kill him.

John then made the brave decision that was going to cost him his life and swam back to the shore to save his friend. When he was back on land the abuse continued until John had taken so many beatings he was unconsious, the group of skinheads had testified that among other abuse they had kicked him repeteadly in the head for about 7 minutes. According to the testimony the unconsious John was still alive when the group then threw him into the lake and left him to drown.

Johns obduction report was 13 pages long and the obductionist listed about 120 different external injuries, most on his head.

The four skinheads, all in their teens, were prosecuted for his death in court. One of the perpetrators, Daniel Hansson, who was 18 at the time of the crime, was charged with murder and unlawful coercion and sentenced to 8 years in prison. The 15 year old was charged to 5 years in prison for murder, and the 17 year old had 13 days left until he turned 18 and was charged with aggravated assault and 10 months in prison. The second 18 year old who did not contact ambulance or police and did nothing to stop the assault recieved a 4 month prison sentence.

John Hron was buried at Ytterby church and his headstone has been vandalized multiple times.