Autistic!Luna Lovegood headcanons
  • Creates spells to help with sensory overloads, such as charming a pair of glasses to dim bright colours that hurt her eyes and charming a pair of earmuffs and earrings so it muffles loud noises 
  • Creates a spell to instantly make all her clothes soft to stop them from scratching against her skin
  • Has trouble concentrating 
  • Prefers being bare foot
  • Wears long necklaces with beads and small charms to fidget with
  • Has an agreement with the kitchen House elves who make her food that isn’t as flavourful/spicy as every one elses, and also her plate has an enchantment on it so the different foods don’t touch. In exchange for this she visits the kitchens once a week and shows them all the pretty things she’s found while walking
  • Collects random things she finds pretty, shells, rocks, sticks, leaves, feathers etc
  • Finds rocking soothing
  • Can stare into the Ravenclaw common room fireplace for hours on end looking for shapes in the flames
  • Likes clothing and fabric with tassels 
  • Runs fingers and toes through the folds in fabric for comfort
  • Doesn’t like eye contact
  • No sense of direction and often gets lost on the Hogwarts stairwells so Ginny or other DA members accompany her from class to class so she’s not late
  • Stares into space and gets lost in her thoughts a lot
  • Special interest is magical creatures and can memorise a large number of interesting facts about them 
  • Paints with her fingers and likes using many layers of paint so it creates a 3D effect to her art
  • Places her wand behind her ear or in her hair bun because she often misplaces it 
  • Likes spinning and twirling as a form of stimming
  • Cuts the labels off all of her clothing
  • Writing is hard and hurts her hand when she grips the quill, so she uses an enchanted quill to take notes for her during classes, and to write her homework (this is allowed by Dumbledore to any disabled students in Hogwarts with similar issues) 

date someone who:

  • tickles you
  • gives you tickles
  • does that thing where they wiggle their fingers over your sensitive skin
  • has tickle fights with you
  • provides you with tickles when you need them
  • takes advantage of your ticklish spots
  • makes you laugh by tickling you
  • pretends they’re the tickle monster
  • does that thing where they use their mouth to tickle you
  • does that thing where they use tools to tickle you if you’re into that
  • asks for your consent before giving you tickles
  • teases you about how ticklish you are before tickling you
  • touches you in a ticklish way

[ler version]

requirments for the ideal boyfriend:

  • is tall
  • has beautiful blue eyes
  • is muscular
  • has broad shoulders
  • laughs a lot
  • doesnt fear to express his emotions
  • sends me sappy messages
  • takes great care of his skin
  • has beautiful purple skin
  • has wonderful squishy looking neck flops
  • is jaal ama darav
My Black Skin

The color of my skin

has been deemed a sin

By those who wish to be in it

The fact that my skin glistens like the night skies

Strikes fear in their envious eyes

My skin carries the scars of my people

The blood of our lost king and queens

This skin that glistens

and gleams

This skin that brings forth anger

Bursting from the seams

of those who deem me a lesser

Those who try to erase my past

and make it their present

Who try to break my confidence

hoping the pain will last

But, little do they know

This skin that glows

is an armor made of something far brighter than gold

Try your best

To break my spirit

Tell me that my happiness is nothing but a dream

Try with all your might

Scream at me with hate in your eyes

This armor will never wither

nor fail

This armor will never crack

nor weaken

This armor that God himself looks upon

With pride in his eyes

This armor will continue to shine

This armor will always WIN

Learn your lesson and Learn it well