“It’s a story about 14 year old girl - Dvori Makhness was her name. One day her mother and she moved to another place. Her mother usually worked until the very evening. The girl had no money and was always bored. Besides she hated all the girls from her form. Dvori had only one friend, who lived in another area. 

Once upon a time her friend took her to one old woman. She was a poetess and she lived in a cellar. Dvori and her friend stood opposite the windows of that cellar and lifted their skirts. The old woman looked at them and then she gave the girls some money. And what did they do with the money? They went to the ice-cream parlor and spent all the money there. They bought candies and cigarettes. 

And then, one day, the old woman invited them to her house. She said that she had too girls as well, but they died at war. That was why she wanted to adopt Dvori and her friend”