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Can we see male version of Reine? :3

Sure! Gosh I love genderbends so much, I was so happy when i recieved this ask xD

Well here is some difference between m!Reine and Reine:

- He is taller than Reine but still lower than Fleur
- A liiiiiiiiitle bit calmer than Reine
- kinda yandere (wut?)
- Reine hates dislikes him (it seems that she is even a little bit afraid of him)
- Enjoy teasing fem!Fleur (she is even shyer than Fleur xD)

everything else is the same

Continued from [ ] // @darkwizardschezo

❝Mhm, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the sun without having to worry about work for once…❞

Sure, he was usually outside when on duty, but because of that it meant he didn’t get to actually enjoy the sun like he could do now. Plus he was actually out of his armour for once, swapping it instead for a simple black button up (with the sleeves rolled up to get some of the spring breeze on his sking) and some jeans. Nothing flash, just something easy to move around in.

He’d even gone gloveless for once. Ever since the situation at the spring and Schezo’s non-reaction to it he’d felt a tiny bit better about them. Granted, he still felt like they were absolutely disgusting, and he was still doing his best to hide them from view, but it was still progress. 

But the warm weather was making him awfully sleepy, so he raised his arms into the air to have a bit of a stretch and wake himself up a bit. He was unaware that his stomach and abs were now on show due to his shirt riding up, and it wasn’t until he looked over at Schezo and saw him… well… staring, that Lagnus realised it.

Well damn, that sure was a way to fluster a guy. 

❝Uhm…. Is there a particular reason you’re staring at me like that, Schezo?❞

Why do I feel so shy all of a sudden?