Of ghosts and reincarnation

Loath as I am to admit it, Life kept happening and I’ve quite literally nothing for Barricade Day, unless you cout my Les Jours d'Été entry.
So as a little compensation here’s one of my Bullet Point Fanfics*

So the basic premise would be something of a reincarnation fic. All the Amis are granted another chance at life – all, except Enjolras. Due to the Le Cabuc incident, he didn’t die with a clear conscience, so instead of passing and then being reborn he’s stuck in the world of the Living as a ghost. He’ll only be allowed to pass on when all the other Amis had their second chance and have died in peace.

(Fate is cruel but not cruel enough to scatter them all over time and space – they are reborn in early  XXIth century France, roughly at the same time and manage to find eachother.)

After nearly two centuries of lonelyness Enjolras is overjoyed to see them – and wows to be their  guardian… spirit. Grumpy revolutionaly angel. Well-meaning demon. Whatever. And so the haunting begins.

Two centuries of hopelessness and loneliness have drainded him, so he’s pretty weak at the beginning. He has to start with simple stuff.

  • Like Feuilly suddenly finding his keys he was looking for the last five minutes.
  • Courfeyrac glancing down at his (so far uncooperative) pile of letters at a Scrabble party, seeing them spell out a word that will earn him a tonne of points.
  • Combeferre still finding his tea warm after leaving it on the table for half an hour.
  • Joly’s fridge magnets spelling out EXAMEN DEMI HEUR when he’s forgotten about an exam – which is starting in half an hour.

  Les Amis slowly start to notice these things – and recognition, acknowledgement and interaction give Enjolras power. He tries more difficult stuff: moving furniture and attempting to type in Word. (Not as easy as it sounds – computers have a bit of a mind of their own and are therefor a lot harder to control than simple Scrabble letters.) He also starts to show up on photos, if only as a vague, colourless shape.

  Les Amis freak out to a man. Well, almost to a man. Jehan is, of course, overjoyed.

  Grantaire and Bahorel take the prospect of being haunted the hardest.       Grantaire because it’s simply against his nature to just up and Believe in stuff, but, well, if ghosts exist where does it stop? What else is out there? The chupacabra? Aliens? God?!

  As for Bahorel, he’s simply terrified of ghosts. He’ll take on anything and everything he can comprehend from armed muggers to the riot police, but the paranormal can kindly go bugger itself and leave him the fuck alone.

  He only starts to warm up to Enjolras when the latter tips a bucketful of paint on a policeman attempting to arrest him.

  And so, as the trust and acceptence of Les Amis increase, so do Enjolras’ power. It’s no longer about keeping the coffee warm, it’s janking Feuilly back onto the pavement when he slips on an icy road, it’s windows exploding in skineads’ face, it’s police cars refusing to start…

  And of course now he can use Word, and have a full conversation. This, and being able to fully manifest mostly ereases the remaining reservations of Les Amis – it’s harder to fear something you can plainly see and understand.

  And of course, of course it hurts that they don’t remember him, but watching over them, making them happy and loving them is enough. Maybe when they all pass away they’ll remember him and they can be together properly, but even if they don’t at least Enjolras got to see them again. And that’s all that matters.

*there needs to be a name for these ‘pile of ideas’ posts, because they’re longer than prompts but aren’t coherent fanfiction and definitely not headcanons, even if sometimes they get labeld as such