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A friend I met via instagram, who has been an enthusiastic and loyal client of mine (labels for her one woman business making skincare and bath products), just hit some bad luck with her husband being laid off. She had to cancel her latest commission, and was very apologetic - so I just sent it to her for free, in hopes of boosting her business and contributing towards getting her family financially stable again! If you want to support a woman of color trying to care for her family, you can check out her shop here: 


nothing costs more than $10, and it’s all handmade and all-natural! 

When I’m in a crap mood, doing nice things for other people helps cheer me up. At least when I have the energy to do so! 


here’s a video of me putting things on my face. there’s also a giveaway that so that you can win a set of things to put on your own face. good luck. (P.S. I promise I’m not half asleep in this. my voice is deceptively quiet.)

My skin is looking super good these days. My pores are much smaller in a sense and im not as oily. Also my skin is much brighter and has less dark spots. I’ve been using the same four products for about a month and a half.

1. Alba Botanica papaya enzyme is the best! It was on amazon for ten bucks. It’s like a cheaper and less scary acid peel. It burns and is supposed to. It dissolves old skin and brightens your face. I use it after my vitamin c scrub.

2. Body shop vitamin c microdermabrasion is such a skin brightener. My skin doesn’t look crusty and dead like it use to. It has tiny beads in it and I Leave it on for a minute after gently rubbing it in circles on my face. Only use it twice a week.

3. The best scrub I’ve ever use is the Acure brightening face scrub. It’s vegan and made from All natural ingredients. It’s smells and looks like it’s from the earth. Dark green and smells of gardening with your grandma after a fresh spring rain. All natural pieces of ground shell and berry provide great dead skin removal. I use this and my mom uses it now so I need to buy more.

4.Skinfood peach sake toner is probably the item to buy if you’re oily and have large pores. I had large pores on my cheeks and I get super oily in my t zone but the toner is like a primer that actually works. I swipe it on after doing my treatments and it sucks up all the oily gunk right before I apply makeup. My pores are tiny now as well as my makeup looks way better.

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The Review: Alpha-H Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil and Liquid Gold

I have a massive stack of skincare reviews coming up in the next few weeks on the blog so I thought I would kick it off with a bang and review two products that have changed my life. Alpha-H Liquid Gold is the real life-changer, but I’ve recently discovered the Alpha-H Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil.

I talked about oil cleansers yesterday and listed some of my other favourites, so check that post out if you want some context around oil cleansers before I jump into the review. Liquid Gold however, is effectively an exfoliant.

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