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Could you do a really fluffy one where you're dating Jack Maynard and you go on a night out clubbing with him, joe/casper/connor everyone so he gets protective/jealous over you (thank you your imagines are the best!!)

Thanks so much!

“C’mon, Y/N! Uber’s on its way!”
“Do you want me to look good?”
“You always look good.” I smirked at his comment as I touched up the wings of my eyeliner, leant over the bathroom sink on my tiptoes. In the reflection of the mirror I could see Jack appear at the doorway, his eyes scanning me as my ass was at a prime curve, only exaggerated by the skin tight dress.
“Like what you see?” I giggled, popping my lips after applying a last layer of lipstick and putting the little tube into my bag.
“I always do,” Jack mumbled, his tongue mischievously licking his teeth as he waltz over, slapping my bum playfully.

“Right, I’ve no idea what it is, just get it down ya!” I shouted over the music, placing a tray of shot glasses on our table, each containing luminous green liquid. “Cheers!” We all threw our heads back, wincing at the sour taste.
“That was awful,” Jack commented. You know a drink tastes bad when Jack, the group’s alcoholic, says it’s bad. “I need to kiss you to make it taste better,” he said, cheesy grinning while snaking an arm around my waist to pull me into him, flush against his chest.
“Will you two pack it in?” Joe yelled across the table.
“Just because you’re not getting any, Sugg,” he said so only we could hear, his lips not breaking contact with mine.

All through the night, a hand was kept firmly on my waist at all times, and although I enjoyed the protectiveness of my boyfriend’s company, he was starting to feel like my shadow. I tapped him on his shoulder, beckoning for his ear.
“I’m going to get a drink.”
“I’ll come with you.”
“Jack, I’m a big girl. I think I can get a drink on my own, have fun with your friends!”
“Hang on, Y/N, I’ll join you!” Oli piped up, nodding to Jack who clenched his jaw and nodded back. We sauntered over to the bar and ordered our drinks, but while Oli was distracted by the gorgeous girl serving us, I was approached.
“What you drinking?” he asked, trapping his lip between a set of perfectly pearly whites.
“I’ve already paid, thanks.”
“Pretty girls like you shouldn’t have to buy their own drinks,” he scoffed. I quickly retracted my arm as his hand went to touch mine. “Don’t be scared, baby!” His comment made me feel sick my stomach.
“This guy bothering you, babe?” Oli said behind me. I could feel his hand hovering over my hip. “Mate, she’s taken. By me. So back off.” Giving both of us a last look up and down, he walked off in defeat.
“Thanks Oli,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief.
“I know you could’ve handled him but if Jack had seen that-“
“If Jack had seen what?” We both turned to see Jack stood with his arms crossed, glaring at us with his eyebrows raised. His stare shifted to Oli, taking a few steps towards him. “You trying it on?”
“No, he wasn’t.” I jumped in between them. “Come with me and I’ll explain.” Grabbing his hand, I led him towards the door of the club and took him out onto the street, the cold night air chilling my sweat-soaked skin. We sat on a bus shelter bench as I talked him through what had happened, that Oli was only defending me.
“Do you honestly think I’d cheat on you?” I asked after I’d finished my story.
“No, of course not,” he huffed. “I trust you, I just don’t trust anyone else.”
“Well learn to. And learn to trust me and my ability to protect myself. I could’ve handled that guy, Oli stepped in because he couldn’t just do nothing.”
“I’m sorry,” Jack mumbled, resting his head on my shoulder.
“S’ok.” I kissed the top of his head. “Now I came here for a night out with my boyfriend and his friends. Ready to go back in?” Jack nodded, getting up and lacing his fingers with mine. “And maybe apologise to Oli?” He whinged and stamped his feet like a toddler being told off, but it didn’t stop him from going up to Oli and sheepishly shaking his hand.

This was a lot longer than anticipated, why do I enjoy detail?