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Could you please give me some more info on self stitching? I find it extremely interesting and I'd love to learn more about it and eventually give it a shot

Hi Anon! I’ll try to explain it to the best of my ability since it’s so difficult to find information on it due to its rarity.

The first thing that should be known about self-stitching (also known as skin-sewing, self-sewing, etc) is that it is NOT a a form of self-harm. It is a body modification that can be temporary. 

One of the best features of body-sewing is that it can be safely done for free at home, with just a needle and thread, color of your choice! 

A good way to safely perform skin sewing at home is with a super small sewing needle. The smaller, the better in my opinion. It makes it much easier to pierce the skin while getting the large part of the needle and thread-knot through without messing up. But make ABSOLUTE SURE that the needle is sterilized just in case you pierce through too deep, or enter your bloodstream.

For  areas like your palms or soles of your feet (or anywhere with callous) it’s easy to sew through the callous. From my own personal experience, it’s relatively painless as long as your don’t accidentally go too deep. If you notice you’re drawing blood or an excess amount, you may not be doing it correctly. Be very careful if you’re doing sensitive areas like the eyes, mouth, or near veins. 

To remove, either pull out the thread from one stitch to another, or you can cut the thread and pull it out piece by piece. 

A lot of people practice sewing their eyes or mouth shut, but that’s a little risky. 

Something great about skin sewing is that it barely scars at all. In fact, there may be no scars at all if you’re doing it correctly. :) Also, if you doubt you’re artistic ability, you can sketch a design on your skin with washable marker and trace it over while doing the sewing. 

That’s about all the info I can think of at the moment. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. There might be some things I didn’t cover. 


Looking into skin stitching after seeing it on Tokyo Ghoul!(yay Juuzo). I remember doing something similar in highschool but it was only through the first layer of skin and it wasn’t really a design (my mom lost her shit and sent me to the school counselor) But , recently I’ve been wondering if this is actually a real thing people do. I kinda wanna try it …….maybe….?!

Apparently I learned skin sewing. I did it on my foot. Don’t sow on places where the outer skin is thin or weak. Doing it on the foot or palm is recommended. Always sow on the epidermis. Never below because… Well your going to prick yourself and it will hurt. Skin sewing isn’t supposed to hurt. It is painless. It’s temporary and easy to pluck off. Overall skin sewing can be safe IF you do it correctly..

Inuit family in traditional made qaspeqs.

Made from the hides of different arctic animals the qaspeq is still prevalent in our Yupik- Aleut culture. The ruff typically made of a combination of wolverine and wolf fur which represents the sun with the silver strips of wolf fur emitting outwards to represent the rays. Although not many people of the younger generation own a full qaspeq we still hold up with the tradition of adding a fur ruff to a more modern jacket or parka for added warmth.  

Animals are held in high regard within our culture so waste of any kind is looked down upon. When an animal is sacrificed for human use, it is critical for every part of the animal to be used for good use and to be respected in every aspect so as to not anger the animal’s spirit. The meat is used for food, the hide is used for clothing ,oil for heat and the bones for shelter. 

-Ellam Yua

Have a Great Need for more Scenes with Allura and Coran being grossed out by human culture.

Especially stitches. I mean, sewing skin back together with a needle like they are piece of living cloth?! WHAT A BARBARIC TORTURE!  

Now imagine one of the paladin gets a bad wound while out scouting on a mission. They can’t get back to the Castle for a while. Luckily all of them have had basic Garrison first aid training and know how to do stitches. Allura is there and is absolutely horrified. Basically the Brooklyn 99 scene happens where the person being stitches up is the one comforting the unharmed person that’s supposed to be helping with the stitches. 

Bonus if it’s Lance being stitched up by Keith and Lance is both comforting Allura who is freaking out and berating Keith for not being kinder to poor Allura.

Allura: Oh my, this is disgusting! I can’t watch you humans torture yourself anymore! HOW ARE SO CALM ABOUT KEITH DOING THIS TO YOU, LANCE?!”

Keith: First the last time, I”m not torturing him! I’M SAVING HIS LIFE!

Lance: Allura, don’t worry. Everything is fine, you’re doing a great job. Keith, be nice to her! It’s her first time with stitches!



Lance: Keith comfort her!

Keith: Oh quiznak all of this. 

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I think the idea of skin sewing is a very artistic idea and I have tried it before. But my friends took it as a form of self harm and if my family found out I did it they would freak. How could I deal with these types of people?

I dealt with a similar experience when a cousin found out and their reaction kind of made me feel ashamed almost, after I was so proud of my work. The truth is, you can’t really force anyone to accept what they don’t fully understand. All you can do in the mean time is reassure those around you that you’re safe and you mean no harm. (Repetition may be necessary!) I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck! :)

Hamilton Yandere Headcanons

(I love Yanderes too much omehgowd!)


-Writes his victims an anonymous warning before his kills

-Befriends 90% of his Victims before the kill

-Almost always goes to the funeral and speaks

-Makes a public message about it and blames the killings on a sick freak

-Staged an attack on himself

-Kills by using a pistol or strangulation

-Uses Jefferson’s cane as a weapon very often(Only For Jamilton)

-Doesn’t have time for long kills but enjoys them

-Writes in his victims blood from time to time

-Says its red ink from France


-Stalks his Victims

-Sings/hums before his kills

-Rarely is seen with his Victims before their death

-Never talks to his “Senpai” willingly

-Lets his Senpai’s best friend live but scares them horribly(Only Burrmads)

-Buys his Love endless gifts

-gives the gifes to his love but says it from some serect admirer

-Kills with a blade

-Frames others

-during his years as a laywar he had three or more men jailed for his crimes

-makes kills as long and painful as he can

-“Want to just end it? You have to wait for it”

-Plans out everything


-Will go as far as too fly you out to France just to kill you

-Has a blade hidden in his cane

-Kills only using his cane and bare hands

-Plays endless mind games

-Talk shit about Ham? He’ll bury you alive(Jamilton…..Clearly)

-Isn’t only protective about his love. He’ll kill for his friends too

-Moans his love’s name during the kill

-Has used the blood of a victim in Ice cream he made

-Feed it to the victims family

-Has done the same thing with his blood but he feed that to his love

-Will hide the body under his own bed if he has too


-fakes being sick 50% of the time to appear weak

-Gives off a sickeningly sweet smile before his kills.

-Normally used a chainsaw for his kills

-after killing, he normally sneaks into Burrs house and steals something(BurrMads…….Again clearly)

-Writes in a diary about his kills and his Love

-Refers to his Love as Daddy/Mommy

-Keeps the body around for a few days to defile it

-Has a whole room filled with anything and everything about his Love


-Protects Laf and Alex Like its no body bitness to be honest(Washette/Father-Son Whamilton)

-Is protective of his love and close friends

-Kills with a shot gun

-Will cut his Victims up and feed it to his dogs

-Has send body parts of his victims to his Love

-“If I find you anywhere near my son…..I mean Alexander I will personally end you”

-Is mostly likely befriends with his love(Think of that song “Jenny”)

-Is loud all the time but when killing you never hear him

-Uses simple things like darts to kill

-Will sew your skin into a dress

-Attacks with darts and needles

-You’ll hear him coming (Trust me you will)

-Will Befriend you to make you not be cautious

-Seems like a loud sweetheart with dreams

-Actually is very cold inside…..still loud though

-Actually has a backstory as to why he’s a Yandere(Idk yet give me a day or so)

Two Keys

Title: Two Keys – Warmth Series Part Three

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2100

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: The reader is injured, stitches, mentions of a body, blood, some swearing.

Summary: The Reader comes home from the hunt injured and Dean stitches her up.

Author’s Note: Woohoo, part three! I’m still blown away by all the lovely comments you guys are leaving about this series, I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! And before you read this please remember that there’s still one more part (that might be out this weekend?) before you freak out *slips ominously into the shadows*

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     Eventually you did get up, leaving the warmth and comfort of the bed – and Dean – and dragging two grumpy Winchesters out the door, resigning them to your same chilly fate. You made sure to be dressed and ready to go before Sam woke up, not wanting him to get any premature ideas about something going on between you and his brother - not when you didn’t even know if there was anything to get ideas about. You didn’t even know if you wanted there to be.

     You still held strong in your belief that getting involved with a hunter was a bad idea, that it would only end in heartbreak for both involved. But despite that, despite the fact that you’d consoled friends more times than you could count after the loss a loved one on a hunt gone wrong, you couldn’t shake your feelings for Dean. Couldn’t shake the idea that he might feel the same way.

     And if he did, didn’t you owe it to yourself to try?

     At any rate, you had more pressing issues at the moment – like, for example, the four long, bleeding gashes running down your leg.

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Tag warnings!

  if you guys are squeamish and the thought of skin sewing and stuff make you ick out , go ahead and blacklist the tags #ボディステッチ  #body stitching #skin stitch #skin sewing .  ive got a weird hobby. and i dont want anybody to freak out over it if they see me posting it . also if you think this is cool then you can try it on your own . but make sure you be safe about it! theres a right way and a wrong way