Kim Jongin looking glorious in a suit

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Hello everyone and good evening!

I’m working on my post lab and its been a long time since I used landscape for data charts and graphs. I feel awesome (actually I’m sad and stressed inside but I have to pretend I’m having fun lest I will fail). 

I think I’m a perv. But a perv should not think he is a perv. Like a madman must not think he is mad because that destroys the whole point. 

The tough keratin covers of previously damaged fingers are falling off. My left pointing finger regained its sense of touch. Rejoice. 

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burn unit

I recently was put on new medication that they have to carefully and gradually increase the dosage. If I take too much, too quickly, my doctor said I could develop an allergic reaction, which could turn into a life-threatening skin rash that could result in visits to the ER or Burn Unit…

Last night, the first signs of a rash popped up. All over my face. Call me Blotchy-Red Face. 

This morning, still Blotchy-Red Face, but now I have little red splotches on my arms and chest. I think I might be having a reaction. 

Called the doc, she said to stop taking the meds and to come in and see her ASAP. 

Get ready to visit me in the Burn Unit, friends…I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to recognize me :( 

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What type of cigs do you smoke? I'm just curious and love people's answers idk

I don’t!!!! I’m not sure if it’s the tobacco or the nicotine itself, but it will prevent proper healing and skin grafts could easily fall off. Marlboro lights were my shiiiiz, and I got lucky my nips didn’t fall off, cause I only quit for like a week and a half. But I’ll be damned if my dick falls off over smoking ciggs! I vape now, and I feel sooo much healthier, not to mention smell better! I used to think smoking ciggs was about the coolest thing someone could do, but I’ve seen and lost people to cancer now, and now, I think living to 100 is the coolest thing ever.

Dear parents,


were never a truly happy child. Remember all those fights over what to wear and when? Like all those dresses you forced your child to wear to all the last days of school at the end of the school year? All those easters you forced your child to wear a dress ‘cause we were going to visit grandma? Who, by the way, lived on the property. Remember those days.

Now, remember all those other days during the years where your child ran around in PANTS, SHORTS, SHIRTS, SWEATERS and TANK TOPS. Climbing trees, disappearing underneath bushes eating berries, crashing the bike into trees, skinning his kness falling off the bike… Those were the truly happy days. That’s when HE felt like HIM. Not like the girl you wanted HIM to be.

Now, remember that day when your child told you that he rather be a boy than a girl? ‘Cause your child truly does. HE does. And he still wants to be. IT’S. NOT. A. PHASE.

Now, remember those few days during high school you saw your child wearing a dress and how miserable your child was. Remember that? ‘Cause HE does. HE never wanted that dress. HE played a roll you as parents and the society forced upon him. HE wanted to be himself, not some dolled up character in your play. HE wanted to be HIM and HIM only.

For 10 years, since he was 14 years old, your child has been shoved into the closet and forced to play a roll that was forced upon him. By you, his parents, and by society. Just because of a set of genitals. NEVER did anyone ask your child what gender he identified, and identifies, as. Because the ONLY thing that apparently is truly important is was gentials your child was born with and what fucking letter the doctor put on the birtcertificate. 

Now, remember when your child announced at 24 years old that they were a he. Remember that? Remember your reaction to it? ‘Cause he certainly does. He knew there would be some sort of reaction, but not the one that came.

Now, again, remember it’s been a year since then? Do you? Good. ‘Cause your child is still a he and always will. 

Dear parents, I know there will be a reaction to my letter. It’s fine if you don’t want me to live in your house any longer. Just give me some time to find my own place and I’ll move out right away.

If you truly love me, you accept me for who I am. 

This is the second time I come out. Don’t push it away like last time. It’s not going to change. I’m not changing as a person. I’m growing as a person. I hope you will grow with me in this. 

I am much happier now than I was a year ago. Isn’t that what you wanted?

I might have to face the man who dared call himself my father, the man who made my skin fall off, who forced me to strip completely naked until my bones were showing, who penetrated the deepest parts of my soul. I might have to face this man in court, because everybody has the right to face their accuser in the court of law. I might have to see this man again and I don’t know if I have the strength to try to convince a room of people of the things he knows he did to me.
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heh … thats a good post *another hunk of skin falls off of my face*    … *reblogs*  …    haha good post *reblogs*     *another hunk of skin falls off of my face*  *scrolling* this is a good post

apink would never do this to me

District 3 Commentary
  • Caesar:Here's District 3, Naxos Cadfan and Meredith Wilk...Oh, it seems as though the stylists have decided that they're going minimal...
  • Claudius:And I don't have much to go on from notes.
  • Agnes:Eww...Gross. Their skin is falling off. I didn't know that District 3 was diseased!
  • Claudius:Calm yourself child. It appears that the tributes are revealing the machinery underneath!
  • Caesar:A stroke of genius if you ask me, if not a little grotesque.
  • Claudius:There are those in the Capitol that will love that though, seems as though Miss Wilk isn't very happy to be there.
  • Claudius:Naxos on the other hand seems to be enjoying himself, and *swoons* look at that flex! My My My.
  • Agnes:I wonder if they're going to be able to keep solid insides while they're being hunted down in the arena though.
  • Caesar:Well off they go, District 3 everyone!

because of accutane my skin is so fucking dry my make up must of started to flake and this boy at school said “your skin is falling off right there” and pointed at my cheek. so im like ready to go off like excuse me dont even look at me and keep your onions to urselfff!! but then i checked myself quickly in my phone reflection and yes, my skin was falling off so i just whispered “you are right” and walked away omg 

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The blog aesthetic thing sounds really cool. Can I get one?

cherry red lipstick stained on striped drink straws, hair stuck to the back of your neck after a sticky summer day, honey and yogurt down a dry throat. giggling so hard that your cheeks feel sore afterwards, nights spent with dear friends, lips in tangled hair and warm whispers breathed into ears. plunging into a pool of cool water, hair floating like seagrass, goosebumps on soft skin. falling off bikes and knees red like cranberry juice. eyes like the infinite cosmos. a voice like waves crashing against the wooden hull of a ship and and a laugh like the rolling tide slamming into the breakwater.