Hello everyone and good evening!

I’m working on my post lab and its been a long time since I used landscape for data charts and graphs. I feel awesome (actually I’m sad and stressed inside but I have to pretend I’m having fun lest I will fail). 

I think I’m a perv. But a perv should not think he is a perv. Like a madman must not think he is mad because that destroys the whole point. 

The tough keratin covers of previously damaged fingers are falling off. My left pointing finger regained its sense of touch. Rejoice. 

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burn unit

I recently was put on new medication that they have to carefully and gradually increase the dosage. If I take too much, too quickly, my doctor said I could develop an allergic reaction, which could turn into a life-threatening skin rash that could result in visits to the ER or Burn Unit…

Last night, the first signs of a rash popped up. All over my face. Call me Blotchy-Red Face. 

This morning, still Blotchy-Red Face, but now I have little red splotches on my arms and chest. I think I might be having a reaction. 

Called the doc, she said to stop taking the meds and to come in and see her ASAP. 

Get ready to visit me in the Burn Unit, friends…I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to recognize me :( 

An awesome Grime edit by psychiatrust on Instagram. She made a badass original and I just changed the color, and edited a bit. I love it though! <3 <3 

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anonymous asked:

Could you plz add Henry, Inigo, Owain, Morgan( so that he's of age), Brady, and Chrom to he drunken one, you can pick the ones you want to do.

The rest is under the cut~

Henry: He’s practically vomiting sunshine and rainbows. It’s one thing to see his sunny smile while he talks about risen guts and severed body parts. It’s another for him to talk about just how pretty your eyes are, how he thinks of daisies and animals and love. It’s not that he doesn’t like those things but it’s still off-putting.

He throws his arms around you and plants a big wet kiss on your cheek. “So soft,” he sighs and pokes your cheeks with his pointer finger in pattern. “So. Squishy.” He tugs them and you feel like your skin is going to fall off. “Nya ha nya ha nya ha~” Henry sings and once you push him off of you, he falls over while giggling. “Night night, ____…”

You gently prop him up and slowly trudge back to your tent, with him haphazardly balanced on your shoulder. “Night night, Henry.“

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anonymous asked:

Depending on what sort of vampire you are, I'd just love... /love/ to put you in some kind of iron maiden with religious paraphernalia embossed on the insides and watch your skin slowly fall off. And for that iron maiden to keep closing in until you were nothing but bones picked clean. Either that or exsanguination.






ask-keystar    Evil Keystar experiment #1

A poor alicorn warrior that was captured by Evil World Jess but given to Evil Keystar for her usual testing back before the tree was invaded. While he survived, he was tested on and became a monstrous creature before too long. He lost his eyesight, and his furred skin is now just black rough skin. His hoofed feet sunk into new clawed legs that had formed. His wings lost their feathers, too. He could easily feel pain as his once proud green coat was shredded away as he changed. He could feel bone starting to rip from his ears, the skin falling off. He couldn’t see anything, but his mind started to drift away from his memory of being a loyal warrior to the remaining ponies. It started to become misty and seemed to fade until he couldn’t remember anything anymore. Nothing remains of his former self now. He’s a mutated monster that holds no memory. He used to be green, but now he’s black and dark. Blind; But still to be feared.

(pic under read more)

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doctapuella asked:

I feel like this is super weird buttttt have you actually tried the baby foot peel thing? I just heard about it recently and I'm intrigued but also terrified...

I haven’t! It feels indulgent while I am hemorrhaging money, ignoring all my other daily indulgences.

But my friend whose url I cannot remember right now has! I think she wasn’t a fan? And another friend of mine (whom I introduced to the product) liked it.

I think I want to use it less bc I think my feet need to be smoother and more because I want to shed my skin like a snake. I just imagined experimenting with other skin areas like sticking my hands in and just having sheets of my hand skin falling off all week. I’ll have to wear elbow gloves.

anonymous asked:

Even if someone is always indoors there should be a ring mark on their finger.

I have a ring (a real one, not the Claire’s knock off stuff) in my middle finger that I never take off besides for medical procedures that require so. And I have been since November coincidentally. I’ve gone through bloated fingers, to the ring practically falling past my knuckle. And I have yet to see a Mark for on my finger from where the ring is, and right now, it fits perfectly by the knuckle, not digging into my skin nor falling off. And like BC, I have spent about 2% percent of this summer out doors, my skin can compete with one if a vampire, and still no mark on the finger. I could even post a picture later if any of you want to see.

BC might not have a mark on his finger because that would imply the ring stays in one place in his finger, one place for the tan line to settle in. When BC’s ring finds a new position on his finger every 5.65 seconds, or when ever he moves his hands and BC is know to be a very animated, gesticulative talker.

i’m watching the office with my roommate and pam just said, “i think when i like someone again i’ll just kinda know,” and my skin started burning and falling off my bones because i thought, “yeah, it just… kinda… happens…”

anonymous asked:

Dear Duchess, all my skin is falling off. I'm losing my sense of smell and my eyesight is turning bad. And, worst of all, I can't find a date to the prom! Is there any advice you can give to help me score the perfect hunk?!

Bad news, bud. You’re ghoulifyin’. Better go ahead n’ get used to it. Once ya do that, lower your standards. There are plenty of ghoul fuckers around, if ya go lookin’.

Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate spread
(healthy Nutella)

2 Cups Hazelnuts
4 level tbsp cacao powder (or cocoa)
¼ cup maple syrup
2 tbsp rice syrup (maple works)
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 pinch sea salt (like Maldon)

Lay the nuts on a bug baking tray and roast at 170 for 10-12 minutes until the skins start to change colour. Leave to
cool. On a tea towel rub until most of the skins fall off, they just shed, it’s not a fiddle I promise.
Place in food processor and whizz until they are really breaking down into nut butter texture. Up to 5 minutes
depending on power of machine. Add cacao powder and blend til mixed. Add in maple, rice, coconut oil, vanilla and salt and pulse carefully. Drizzle in some warm water til reaches required spreadable consistency. It will firm up
in the fridge afterwards, but don’t go too runny…..
Keeps in a jar in the fridge for weeks.

Hello from China

I’m chilling in Beijing right now. I have incredibly bad sunburn today and I think my skin is going to fall off. I’m also covered in nasty insect bites, wasp stings, cuts and grazes, and my muscles and joints are aching like I’ve never known, but my god the last seven days have been amazing. Today was my last day trekking the Great Wall of China, and I swear it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. It was a massive test of endurance, strength, patience and team work, and there were times I thought my legs couldn’t stand it. But I have seen incredible things, met wonderful people, and honestly I am so proud of us all for this achievement.

I should get ready now, we’re off for a celebratory dinner of Peking duck in the centre of Beijing, and then starting tomorrow we have some serious sight seeing to do!