Hello everyone and good evening!

I’m working on my post lab and its been a long time since I used landscape for data charts and graphs. I feel awesome (actually I’m sad and stressed inside but I have to pretend I’m having fun lest I will fail). 

I think I’m a perv. But a perv should not think he is a perv. Like a madman must not think he is mad because that destroys the whole point. 

The tough keratin covers of previously damaged fingers are falling off. My left pointing finger regained its sense of touch. Rejoice. 

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burn unit

I recently was put on new medication that they have to carefully and gradually increase the dosage. If I take too much, too quickly, my doctor said I could develop an allergic reaction, which could turn into a life-threatening skin rash that could result in visits to the ER or Burn Unit…

Last night, the first signs of a rash popped up. All over my face. Call me Blotchy-Red Face. 

This morning, still Blotchy-Red Face, but now I have little red splotches on my arms and chest. I think I might be having a reaction. 

Called the doc, she said to stop taking the meds and to come in and see her ASAP. 

Get ready to visit me in the Burn Unit, friends…I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to recognize me :( 

doodle dump of kallus wearing sweaters (including rebelswap), not-too-tol-not-too-smol kallus in CUP, and jovan + swain from the comics

Skin Pins

Have you ever wondered why your skin doesn’t just fall off? Binding skin to the connective tissues underneath are tiny ‘rivet’-like structures called hemidesmosomes – revealed here with brightly-coloured dyes under a high powered microscope. A slice through human skin shows a gap between the outer skin layers (top in green) and the connective tissue below (top in red). Using a different green dye, the bottom image shows a vital link between them – green-coloured blobs of a stretchy protein called BP230, a vital part of the hemidesmosome, dotted just above the connective tissue. Hemidesmosomes are built to withstand tough pulling forces, but they can also be destroyed by the body’s own immune system. A mysterious condition called bullous pemphigoid (BP) leaves nasty blisters between skin layers. As the causes of BP are currently unknown, a clearer picture of the hemidesmosome may help to figure out what’s going on under the skin.

Written by John Ankers

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Tell Your Husband When He Touches You It Feels Like You're Being Napalmed Day!

“Like,” he asks, “Like it’s really hot?”

Tell him yeah, dumbass, napalm feels hot.

“Jesus, read a book.”

“But like,” he asks, “Like your skin is falling off your body?”

With a deep sigh, open your laptop and bring up the Wikipedia page for the word “Napalm.”

“I’m going out to the bars,” tell him as you place the laptop on his lap. “Read this so I don’t have to answer any more questions when I get back. I’ll be too fucked up.”

When you get back at 4 am he’ll still be reading the wiki page.

“So yeah,” he’ll say. “Losing skin is part of it. But do you mean it like, I want you just to ravage me so hard until my clothes and skin are ripped to shreds?”

Murmur something non-committal as you pass out. He’ll move to pick you up and carry you to bed, but then he’ll look at the photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc again and he won’t know what to do.

Tomorrow he’ll ask you if gloves will help.

Happy Tell Your Husband When He Touches You It Feels Like You’re Being Napalmed Day!

anonymous asked:

i think you're absolutely gorgeous and it's saddening to see you put yourself down like that. you are not fat!! i hope one day you'll see just how important you are.

thank you idk i hate my own skin i wanna fall off the planet right now

you wanna know something kind of weird and maybe a little gross about me

well since you’re following me i’m going to assume yes

through some miracle of genetics i have never in my almost-24 years on earth had the privilege (?) of having a sunburn so bad it peels

now imagine my shock at watching flakes of skin fall off my tattoo

i assume this is what they mean by “should peel like a sunburn” but i can’t be sure


during my worst flares, my eczema has me feeling like a reptile

i spent two weeks damaging my skin, and after the exposure i’m oozing and raw and bleeding out of a thousand lil pores on my hands and arms and legs and neck

but today i woke up and that layer of skin finally died. a lil dry coat that started shedding with new fresh baby skin underneath and even tho i’m still oozing and bleeding, the bad skin is falling off and i can see healthy skin peeking thru

weird sentiment. i’m jetlagged and can’t stop thinking about my skin. i’ve been vacuuming skin off my furniture and clothes and floor since 6 am what the fuck iguanabea

Goodtime Jesus

Jesus got up one day a little later than usual. He had been dreaming so deep there was nothing left in his head. What was it? A nightmare, dead bodies walking all around him, eyes rolled back, skin falling off. But he wasn’t afraid of that. It was a beautiful day. How ‘bout some coffee? Don’t mind if I do. Take a little ride on my donkey. I love that donkey. Hell, I love everybody.

James Tate