ok let’s talk about six of crows. of the main characters alone there is:

- a physically disabled boy who suffers from severe PTSD
- a dark skinned middle eastern-coded girl who was a victim of sex trafficking but escaped and vowed revenge on all sex traffickers
- a bisexual-coded girl who is explicitly described as being larger and not stick-thin but is still described as beautiful, sexual, and incredibly powerful
- an explicitly bisexual dark skinned POC boy who ends up in a m/m relationship
- an explicitly gay boy who is looked down on by his family for severe reading and learning disabilities but who instead becomes and incredible scientist and musician
- and matthias

basically please read six of crows & crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo if you want your faith in the future of YA lit restored

anonymous asked:

Why won't overwatch give us a black female character? We have two black male characters already :( why do they hate us?

Hey anon,

I understand your frustration. It really feels like the game industry excludes black women from working behind the screens and appearing as major characters (not DLC or background). And when we *do* show up, the other players will suddenly get abusive and *hate* the black female character. As a black female gamer I get how hard it is to do what we do because we either have people actively hating the characters who share our heritage or they’re justifying why we shouldn’t exist at all. And it feels like game developers hate us because they always seem to drop the ball when its time to include us.

I don’t know if they *hate* us but I know they think that having a couple black men is enough diversity for all of us, and they’re not hiring us to make or voice these characters most of the time. I know I’ve seen fantasy counterpart races have more “black women” than games set in our reality and that’s a problem. There’s no reason why green skinned and blue skinned women should be “coded” as black women more than humans are.

The Overwatch issue is especially annoying because they have been lapping up that praise for their diversity and do a lot of pandering. So what could be an annoying oversight for others seems like something done on purpose with them. They seem to have no issue including women from other groups and having them be attractive and cool, and we have that same “childlike, non-threatening, black kid we can ignore” stereotype in the same game and we’re supposed to just be okay with it because having a robot as a stand in for a visible black girl isn’t a “cop out” since it only erases black women. And yeah a black genius is great no matter what but I don’t see why they couldn’t have her be an adult woman. I think having a black “child” in this kind of game, with this kind of fandom, is such a cop out!

But I don’t want you to be discouraged or feel like you are being excluded to the point that you can’t enjoy these games or participate in the fandom. There are a lot of black women working to change this and there are a lot of black gamers who know exactly how you’re feeling and we usually use fandom to fill in the blanks till these people get their shit together. You can definitely reach out to me if you want to vent about these issues further because I definitely have been there.

Discussion about Jazzy Lucio Skin...

So I’ve been getting a lot of messages in my inbox about Jazzy Lucio. Some really like the skin and others have some criticisms about it. While I adore the skin, I do have to agree with the critics about Blizzard’s choices on Lucio’s skins. Blizzard is definitely treating Lucio more like an African American than an Afro-Brazilian. Jazz is an African American invention of music, not Brazilian. I sympathize with some Brazilian Overwatch players frustrations that Lucio’s skins aren’t really representing his country. 

Another reason they might be frustrated is that it’s a problem that can be easily fixed. Being Afro-Brazilian means that Lucio is more than likely a descendant of the people brought over from the Portuguese Slave Trade. Displaced Africans (like the Africans in North America) were punished if the played music of their home. So to get around it, they integrated it with New World’s music creating a new genre. The most famous in Brazil is Samba

Enslaved Africans in Brazil created Samba by mixing Latin music with African music. In fact,  the samba is most frequently identified as a musical expression of urban Rio de Janeiro AKA Lucio’s birthplace. Samba is often played and danced during carnival, here are some examples:

However the fact that Lucio is wearing a Trilby isn’t uncommon either:

But the fact that Blizzard named the skin Jazzy, distinctly codes the skin as African American culture instead of Afro-Brazilian. What’s more of a crying shame is Blizzard could easily do a re-color similar to that of Samba like the examples above. Unfortunately this shows ignorance on Blizzard’s part about Afro-Brazilian culture and instead lumping  African Disaspora culture together as if they’re one entity: which they very much aren’t. So yes, Brazilian Overwatch players absolutely have a right to be annoyed and P.O.’d about the misrepresentation through Lucio’s new skin. Please be more understanding and willing to listen to their criticisms 

spookyandsleepy  asked:

I write rather grim s*it/horror/dark fantasy, and I like my characters to be pretty diverse. This makes it impossible to avoid situations when a member of a marginalized group is a villain or at very least problematic/goes through tragic things. I don't want to write fluffier stuff, and making every able-bodied/neurotypical white cishet a kitten-kicker doomed to a horrible fate to turn up the contrast would be awkward. Any advice?

Writing “Diverse” Characters as Villains

When marginalised characters are made into villains or to suffer, it’s usually a problem because:

  1. Marginalised characters, often dark-skinned or queer-coded are only ever portrayed villains.
  2. These villains are one-dimensional and never fleshed out, while white villains are.
  3. These characters fall into a harmful marginalisation-specific trope.
  4. The pain of these marginalised characters always revolve around a non-marginalised character.
  5. Marginalised characters consistently suffer more than non-marginalised character.

No one is saying that villains being from a real-world marginalised group will give your story an automatic stamp of problematic, it’s just that marginalised characters are so rarely allowed to be the heroes, and/or allowed to be happy. Diversity is a good thing, just make sure you do your research and don’t treat your marginalised characters any differently from the non-marginalised ones.

After you’ve created all your characters, take some time, and look at which characters are villains, which characters suffer more, and see if they are disproportionately marginalised characters. 



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It was until my third Jaws of Hakkon playthrough that I realized that the Augur of Stone Bear Hold was dark skinned, most likely Black coded. It was surprise because usually anytime Dragon Age presents someone of importance, especially of a different culture outside of Andrastian Humans, they’re almost always pale skinned. Maybe one day, I’ll get to see a Black coded Elf or Dwarf besides the one I make myself

anonymous asked:

What would be the not racist way to include currently existing ethnic groups into a fantasy setting for different groups/species? Is there a way in a fantasy setting to give someone an ethnic identity without resorting to using modern words to describe them without being racist?

So I’m not really clear on if you’re asking about having, say, Japanese-based people and Bengali-based people and Navajo-based people, etc. or people who look Japanese or Bengali or Navajo etc. And there is an important distinction.

My first recommendation would be to check out @writingwithcolor‘s fantasy and fantasy race tags because they have a ton of fantastic information about that.

If you are trying to write about fantasy races or species (which are two very different things) based on existing ethnic groups with their culture and everything involved in that, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Culture is a product of history. Korean culture didn’t spring out of existence as-is. Oaxacan culture didn’t spring out of existence as-is. If you’re pulling cultural aspects from an ethnic group, consider how that group got there if they had a different history than in the real world.

Diaspora groups have diferent cultures than non-diaspora groups. This is just a function of the process of them having been part of a diaspora and having lived for some number of generations in a different location. Consider the differences between Irish-Americans and Irish people who live in Ireland. If you’re trying to pull a culture, don’t assume it’s all the same even within an ethnic group.

Religion plays a large role in many ethnic groups. If you don’t have the same religions in your world, the culture shouldn’t be the same. If you do, why?

Intermarriage exists. If they’re different races, there should be some intermixing and so some mixed-race children, just as there are in the real world. Consider how those fit within your world.

If you’re trying to write about people whose physical characteristics match those of currently existing ethnic groups, here are some things to consider:

Avoid stereotypes. That’s the main problem that a lot of fantasy/sf writers tend to fall into. Don’t use the stereotypes that exist for people who look like that. Don’t make all dark-skinned people brutish, violent, and uncivilized. Don’t make all pale/white people elegant, cultured, and refined. Don’t turn your characters who look like Native Americans into a caricature of Native Americans.

Avoid animal comparisons for characters of color. Writing With Color talks a lot about why that’s a problem, and they do it much better than I’ll be able to, so I suggest checking that out.

Avoid the same problematic descriptions as you would for non-fantasy. Don’t describe POC’s skin with food words. Coding Jewish features for antagonists. Writing With Color’s description tag has a lot more.

Either way, one main thing to remember when you’re writing fantasy races/species is that there must be diversity. Just as how not all black people (or Chinese people, Christians, Muslims, etc.) are the same, not everyone in your race/species should be the same. There shouldn’t be one species-wide interest. There shouldn’t be one species-wide tradition. There shouldn’t be one species-wide culture. Diversity is realistic.

you know what i hate the most? posts demonizing white people and othering them. It’s basically making racist non-whites (who probably call themselves social justice warriors) think they can get away with being racist 

Example how non-whites can be racist (especially in a US-centric site like tumblr):

  • Expecting people who live outside of America to understand PoC History in America while they don’t even know the history of racism in other countries or that the term PoC is more suited in places with huge white people population than say, Asia
  • Telling someone they whitewash a donut shop gijinka because it was based in Indonesia, meanwhile I’m not sure how many Indonesians on tumblr actually feel offended, if at all.
  • Calling non-white person PoC instead of their actual nationality/ethnicity even though as I mentioned before not every non-white is PoC
  • “Every dark-skinned character is black-coded and if you think otherwise you are racist!” even though there are other dark-skinned people in the world beside African-American
  • Demonizing people for their whiteness even if said whiteness is harmless and something other people that isn’t white also do like putting tomato sauce in their instant noodle broth

but sure dude, white people are the devil and poc are angels i guess

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favourite disturbing/depressing movies?

Keep in mind that many of these movies could count as both depressing and disturbing, but I’m categorizing them based on how I felt once they were over!


In a Glass Cage, Pi, Salo, Irreversible, Elephant, Benny’s Video, Miss Violence, Catch Me Daddy, Man Bites Dog, Martyrs, Fat Girl, Zero Killed, I Stand Alone, I Spit on Your Grave, Gummo, The Snowtown Murders, Red White and Blue, Baxter, Der Todesking, Deadgirl, Compliance, Bully, Pig, The Bunny Game, A Serbian Film, Inside, Funny Games, Nekromantik, August Underground Trilogy, Audition, The Human Centipede Trilogy, 90 Minutter, Stoic, The Killer Inside Me, Dead Man’s Shoes, Twentynine Palms, Schramm, Angst, Ken Park, Baise-Moi, The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes, Stoker, The Girl Next Door, Eden Lake, Under the Skin, Cannibal Holocaust, Blue Velvet, Dog Pound, High Tension, Antichrist, Subconscious Cruelty, Happiness, A Clockwork Orange, Frontiers, Hard Candy, Red State, Excision, Hostel, The Devil’s Rejects, Megan is Missing, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Aftermath, Se7en, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Last House on the Left, An American Crime, Fish Tank, Kidnapped, and Kids.


 The Road, Into the Wild, Sleepers, The Place Beyond the Pines, American History X, Sling Blade, Requiem For a Dream, Titanic, A Single Man, Dogville, Blue Valentine, White Oleander, The Virgin Suicides, Melancholia, In Her Skin, Klass, Twilight Portrait, Code Blue, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Love Eternal, Victoria, The Duke of Burgundy, The Piano Teacher, The Fountain, Amour Fou, Black Metal Veins, Love, Przypadek, The Seventh Seal, Enter the Void, Naked, Synecdoche New York, Clean Shaven, Romeo & Juliet, Paha Maa, Suicide Room, The Sunset Limited, The Pursuit of Happyness, Leviathan, Come and See, Boys Don’t Cry, Dancer in the Dark, Lilya 4-Ever, Filth, Boy Meets Girl, Don’t Let Me Die on a Sunday, One Day, Moulin Rouge, Heaven Knows What, Bang Bang You’re Dead, Nymphomaniac, Walkabout, Force Majeure, Dear Zachary, A Coffee in Berlin, Un Homme Qui Dort, Boy Interrupted, Reign Over Me, Into the Abyss, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Ben X, Blue is the Warmest Color, April Showers, Taste of Cherry, Detachment, The Butterfly Effect, How to Die in Oregon, Leaving Las Vegas, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Taxi Driver, Trainspotting, Hide Your Smiling Faces, Girl Interrupted, The Tree of Life, I Origins, The Double, Gimme Shelter, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, Dead Poets Society, Another Earth, Lake Mungo, Beaches, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Fault in Our Stars, Mysterious Skin, and the House of Sand and Fog. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you believe there are some people out there that actually believe Allura isn't black???? Like what y'all doing smh

Can you believe that those same people feel so threatened by a black woman shown positively within children’s media as a strong, powerful character they will do everything they can to discredit their blackness and try to take away what little positive representation a minority has and will write out whole essays on the matter when it costs $0 to just own up to your racism and shut their goddamn mouths.

And yes, for those in the back we can see your racism loud and clear when you try to say a dark skinned character coded as black and being voiced by a black actress isn’t black.

You were never fooling anybody.

Also, quick question…
Do y’all seriously believe ALL latinx are brown skinned? because i can ASSURE YOU, not all of us are.

Let me explain, and i’m going to go on a very long tangent here, because seeing people asking for brown skinned Taako because it’s the only way he can be latino makes me angry:
I’m latinx, and i’ve never really known what’s the vision of us that other countries and continents have had for years, at least not until like four years ago. And now, every time i see some latin character being included in a piece of media i’m faced with the same physical features: skin in some shade of brown, brown or black hair, mostly dark eyes. And every time i see it i’m like “oh hey, that looks like me!”, but i also go “but it doesn’t look like my friends”
I’m only 20 years old, and that’s not much. I’ve only ever studied in one school. I’ve never gone out of my country to other latin or south american countries in general and again, maybe that’s not much. But never, EVER, in my life have i been in a place where there’s more than 10 people and every single one of them has brown skin.
In my last year of highschool we were only 48 people graduating and we went from a guy who we all referred to as “el negro” (the black guy) in a friendly manner to a guy who was white as fucking sheet of paper and had ginger hair; we went from three dark skinned/dark haired girls all called “Daniela” -with diferent last names that ended up being more their names- to another Daniela who was blond, fair skined and had blue eyes.

Latin America is a continent that thrives on it’s story of mixed cultures, we even have a word for that that -as far as i know- has no translation in english: Mestizaje. We thrive in the knowledge that none of us is ever going to be able to tell you “yes, i’m completely white”, to the point that we dont call people “white”,
 i’ve honest to god NEVER heard anyone talking about someone and say “ah, ¿José Miguel? él es blanco” (ah, Jose Miguel? he’s white), tbh, if we talk about something is the country they’re from “la panadería de los portugueses” (the portugueses’ bakery)  “ah, los italianos de la otra vez, ¿no?” (ah, the italians we saw before, right?).
WE dont care about the color of our skin. At all. You were born in a Latin country? congratulations, you’re a latinx -yes, even if your parents arent from here. Were your parents or grandparents born in a latin country? congratulations, you’re a latinx -yes, even if you dont get your nationality to be from here.

So can you all like. Fuck off and stop making Taako’s possibility of being Latino shrink down to only the color of his skin? 
I dont give a fuck if your American or European, or even Asian ass cant comprehend the idea of “latinx can have any skin tone”, because this isnt about you.
Taako can have dark skin or white skin and still be latinx, if that’s what yall want so much. He can have green skin and still be coded as a latino. 

And that’s all there is to say to the matter.
- Att. A Latinx Non Binary Taz Fan who its honestly done with all of you guys’ shit.