skin's shangri la

Lush haul! 

These are products from two packages I got today, one from a trade and one from a purchase from the Kitchen! 

I got: 

  1. (2) Lord of Misrule Solid Perfumes
  2. (3) Skin’s Shangri La “sample” tubs 
  3. Ultrabalm mini
  4. Fairy Ring Soap Sample
  5. Cosmetic Lad Sample
  6. Honey I Washed My Hair Sample
  7. Percup Sample

So excited - all products I haven’t used before!

anonymous asked:

Robyn I'm really hoping you can help me out. My mom has mature skin on the dry side, and she's been using Movis after it was recommended to us by a Lush employee. I completely forgot about asking what the best toners, moisturizers, and serums would be good for her. She definitely wants something with anti aging properties and anything that fights wrinkles. Can you recommend me a toner, moisturizer, and are there any serums lush carries for mature skin?

Eau Roma Water toner, Skin’s Shangri-La moisturizer, and Full of Grace serum bar.  Definitely the latter.  It’s my favorite, and it has anti-aging properties!  Also Ayesha fresh mask has a light toning effect!


Jake Bugg played his biggest NYC headlining show last week. Support came in the form of the brilliant Albert Hammond Jr and The Skins.

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