skin zine

Re-launch for submissions to the Skin Zine I’ve been trying to put together.

If you suffer from/have in the past suffered from any form of skin condition and would like to submit art or words about your experience please send them to

Submit anything you like. I’d love to have as many people involved as possible.

If you’ve already submitted, don’t worry I’ve still got all your lovely work saved on my computer.

Please spread the word. It’s an important but often taboo subject. I want to get conversations going and experiences shared. My aim is to prevent people from feeling alienated and to promote skin and body positivity.


You’ve got till March 31st to submit your words and images. Everything I’ve had so far is fantastic but I just need a few more.

I also need selfies for a collage to put in the zine, so if you could all send me pics of your beautiful selves!

Send everything/anything to:

Let’s get skin positive!