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93 on the prompt list for tom holland please? thank you 🌟

I hope you don’t mind that I wrote this as a hc, if you want it different let me know and I will gladly do it for you :)

  • Tom decided to take you to the GQ shoot, as we all know homeboy was serving fucking looks
  • You being his girlfriend of course were extremely attracted to the appearance of your boyfriend, especially in that all blue outfit he had on
  • Tom caught you biting your lower lip on several occasions, but he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to embarrass you
  • Homeboy knows he would be doing the same thing
  • He would be doing the video at this point and your eyes would just burn into him, bc he’s out here serving looks 
  • He would look at you and smirk causing you to softly bite your lip as you continue to look at your sexy boyfriend
  • Once he finished the shoot and video he instantly walked over to you and grabbed you by your waist and mumbled in your ear “stop biting that fucking lip, darling.”
  • But this also happened at the Spider-man: Homecoming premier
  • Although the tables turned in this case
  • At the S:HC premiere you were wearing a dress that killed Tom
  • You had kicked Tom out of the bathroom while you did your makeup and hair and then you had him bring you your dress and heels which were still all wrapped up in the bag and box.
  • Once you walked out from the bathroom fully dressed and all dolled up Tom’s jaw dropped
  • You swore you saw drool
  • The dress you chose complimented your skin tone and the heels of course matched the dress
  • Tommy boy biting his bottom lip almost every time he looked at you and your beautiful self
  • Tom pulled you to the side for about 45 seconds to tell you that you looked gorgeous, and placed a small kiss to your soft lips
  • Not even 10 minutes later you were sitting next to Tom watching the movie
  • He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, and he couldn’t help but bite his lip
  • You saw him do it out of the corner of your eye so you turned to him looking from his eyes down to his lips and back up, “ stop biting that fucking lip tommy” you would whisper to him with a small smirk on your face.

Those marks above Alan’s head always seemed to shadow him. No matter what he did, there would always be four others who had been marked against before, four brothers who had been that age, been that height, been there, done that. He would never exactly equal any of them, but he set his aspirations high.

The day he measured himself up against the kitchen wall and realised he was a whole inch taller than Gordon, he was satisfied. He might never match the others in height, but at least he wasn’t the shortest.

Gordon didn’t find it as satisfying, strangely.

laylaanne I’m filling that prompt, kinda, with a drabble and companion art pieces! It’s not all the boys, but I was having a connection with Alan today. 


A/N: Hello there, this is my first fan fiction on Tumblr, I do have some stories on websites like Wattpad. This is the first part of I think should be two, it is slow but will pick up, hopefully in the next part.

Summery: Y/N is a mutant that has the power to control people by singing, so Cyclopes and  Storm try and recruit her but things don’t exactly the way they plan so Charles gets Logan to try an recruit her.

Word Count: 1582

Warnings: Swearing, nothing too major.

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You walked onto the small stage in the grubby little bar. It was the same bar you sang at every Thursday night. You stayed at the same bar until something bad would happen, even a small bar fight, but then again you were normally the reason they started. It wasn’t for the fact that you wanted to watch men fight over you, it was because you knew someone in the crowd was going to approach you about you mutation, offering you a job, trying to get you to side with them, even threaten you.

“Hi everyone, your those who do not know me my name is Y/N.” You smiled fake smile at the distracted audience, you listened to the intro and started to sing when the cue came. You sang a different artist every night, you didn’t write your own songs, you only sung covers. You started to zone out, but then someone’s thought caught your intention, when singing you could hear people’s thoughts and  control them, it was your mutation.

I wonder why Xavier wanted us to recruit this girl so much. 

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