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Soft Peach Skinblend by Mohkii (700+ Followers Gift)

Here is just a simple skinblend I made. I’ve been wanting to make another skinblend for myself so I’m not having to use a ton of skin details etc so here we are! It comes in all ages and 4 separate packages. The female skin comes with a breast overlay as well.

tou; do not claim as your own, free to share in sim downloads

credits; heihu (face and breast) , ddeathflower (face) // additional creds; noodlesims, leh and pyxis

download - simfileshare

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I heard back from the lady off Craigslist and here is the majestic beeb!

He was in a 10g with dried out dirt and a metal dog dish for water, as well as having not eaten for a few weeks.

I bought him a fancy 20g with locking lid (it was on major sale thank goodness) and had to show him off at work. That’s where he is in the tub and what looks like glamour shots lol, I gave him a quick bath in RO water and he shed a TON of skin as well as seemed to get really into the whole bathing thing. Had to wrap him up in my scarf to transport him in the cold and the pics turned out precious!

He is bigger than my hand, and he seems really docile for a pacman.

We are calling him Froggo, which is short for Guillermo del Froggo.

I feel so bad for Ravi. He worked so hard on his solo album then had to apologize after releasing the MV because of some girls in underwear. Really? But it’s perfectly ok that he’s shirtless most of the time to see his abs. So it’s ok that a guy shows a shit ton of skin as a way to attract women and show sex appeal but having women in bikini’s is bad? That’s not how it works. If you’re complaining about the women showing skin but squealing over Ravi’s abs then you need to sit down and think over how stupid you’re being.

It’s one thing to say you don’t agree with it and complain about both Ravi’s lack of clothes and the girls, I can respect that. That make sense, saying that we shouldn’t use sex appeal as a way to get attention. However, to the people saying it’s wrong to have the girls in such revealing attire but drool over Ravi for that same lack of attire…that’s bullshit. It goes both ways and we tend to forget that. We can’t say, “Girls can’t be showing skin like that!” But then say it’s ok for the guys to do it.

It’s either ok to show skin or not ok. We can’t bend the “rules” just to make ourselves happier. I’m so confused and disappointed in people. BOMB was a good song, a good MV and now it’s being ruined by this.

I will support Ravi. I will support San E. I will support VIXX. Sorry guys that you all work so hard and get this kind of feedback. It’s unfortunate and you all deserve better.

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Good primer for big pores and oily/combo skin? Also good bb/cc/foundation that's light to medium coverage with skincare properties? Or at least won't break me out

Check out the Becca Ever Matte Poreless primer, I swear that primer keeps me Matte so well! Also, the Tarte tinted primer keeps my makeup Matte and it has tons of skin care properties
For foundation I say you check out the Tarte Rainforest of the sea foundation (it has Rainforest of the sea complex which are a combination of marine ingredients that benefit your skin) or the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation
I wrote a post on the products mentioned, I’ll reblog it so you can see❤️ you can get these products at Sephora!

Can we all appreciate the fact that the creators of Yuri!!! on Ice made Phichit Chulanont dark skinned? I’m not Thai but my mom and I are versed in Thai culture (I don’t know much but I know more than the average person) and I know Thailand LOOOVEESS skin bleaching. They sell tons of products to make their skin snow-white and dark skinned people are considered ugly. It really warms my heart to see a dark skinned Thai boy!!!

Monster High headcanon #66:

Cleo and Nefera, as mummies, are both cursed. Instead of normal breakouts, their skin will begin to “rot/dry up” like an actual mummy’s skin would. That’s why they have to wear to bandages: they cover up these “mummy skin” breakouts! Nefera spends tons of money on beauty products and potions to keep hers under control, but Deuce convinced Cleo a long time ago that she has no reason to be embarrassed. It’s just one of her freaky flaws!

Does anyone remember me?

I was a small angel with olive skin (with tons of freckles!!) and short, fluffy golden hair. I had one set of glittery wings. I was quite short aha. My name was Amnayel! Message me if you remember me!

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I've been using witch hazel for about four months and I have noticed that it helps to reduce the appearance of my acne scars. Also, this is really weird but it has helped me to is eating tomatoes. I read an article that tomatoes have great vitamins for the skin & if you're trying to get red of acne scars and also a brighter complexion eat 1-2 tomatoes a day. I eat 2 with sal, limon, and tajin every as a snack and wow my skin 👌🏼 tomatoes have tons of benefits that are amazing

that’s also super healthy and will benefit your body 💗

they’re gonna be a diverse cast in my fucking game yep, diverse as shit,

I’m not gonna pull one of those fucking ‘most characters are white’ bullshit, I’m gonna include as many cultures and skin tons as I possibly fucking can

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Sorry if i came off as rude, I'm just so disappointed. I definitely don't think he's perfect or like Bucky or his characters, he's a white dude and I won't always agree with him. But that doesn't mean what he did wasn't wrong and that fans can't voice their feelings about it. And there's the fans who kiss his ass and think he can't ever make mistakes, trying to keep other fans silent ugh. That meme was so ugly and Seb's 34 yo ass shouldn't even be liking underage fan's inappropriate posts anyway

Yeah he’s definitely on a pedestal. Personally, I think that everyone’s feelings are completely valid about everything. You really don’t know someone. Over the summer something was happening in fandom that hit along with trauma I’d been through in my life. I posted about it and got told “you’re overreacting. Get a thicker skin” tons of times. I don’t think people should have to. But I think we need to stop holding up people as anything besides what they are… people (who make mistakes, who are often dead wrong, who can be mean ect).

That being said, as much as I hope you’re the anon who insulted me as a mother, idk if you are. Regardless thanks for coming back and talking this out. Everyone’s voices deserve to get heard and respected, I think!

(Stan Twin Theory) Stanley is EVIL (well not really, he’s just trying to look loyal to Bill Cipher, but he is no doubt being corrupted by the evil sinking into his skin)

I have tons of comic ideas in my head on the possible Stanley return. He could be exactly the same person he was, eviiilllll, psychotic, depressed, ect. This is just one of these ideas that I like. (Should have kept it a sketch)