skin tight jeans ha

McHanzo Week 3


kind of only tangentially related but it’s good enough and you can’t stop me

“Hey, sweetheart,” McCree’s voice murmurs, and Hanzo all but melts at the sound.

“Hello, Jesse,” he replies as he shuts the door to his motel room behind him. He double-checks the locks, though so far he has not been in any danger, and sits on the edge of the flimsy bed. Every muscle in his body aches in ways he had not previously thought possible, and fatigue weighs heavily down upon him life a suffocating blanket. He had not expected bartending, of all things, to be so hard on him.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering why Shiro was such a thot and wearing those tight ass pants and the only thing I could think of is he either had to borrow Keith's pants when he got back on earth or for some reason Keith kept shiros clothes but shiro just got too Swol smh shiro has to defend the universe in skin tight jeans cutting off his circulation no wonder he's the top half of voltron he can't even feel his own legs how he gonna polite a leg

i read the words “i was wondering why shiro was such a thot” and immediately decided this was the best ask anyone will ever receive

New Kids

Pairing: Michael, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Y/N.

Word Count: 2,122

Requested: Anonymous - “Could you do a AU imagine where they are the new kids at your school and you need to show them around and help them in classes and stuff?”

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks to alyssatrevizo for suggesting I do a mixture of the bad boy, jock, and nerd au! Also, I know that gif doesn’t really have jock or nerdy, but I really love it, so just pretend and enjoy.

Part Two

You walk down the hallway of your school excited to meet the new student you will be helping around today. Ever since you moved during the middle of your freshman year you’ve volunteered at your school to help new students learn the ins and outs of your school. You loved the program, because it helped you come out of your shell and meet so many unique people, and was in fact the reason you had met so many of your close friends. You finally reach the principal’s office where you always pick up your new student, but stop dead in your tracks when you see four boys standing in her office. You assume she’s in a meeting, because there’s no way you’re expected to help around all four boys. You notice two jock looking boys. One with floppy golden curls hanging loosely on his forehead, immensely defined arms showcased very nicely in his Chicago Bulls jersey with his toned legs in black skin tight skinny jeans. The other has a soccer jersey on showing his tan skin littered with tattoos. His jawline is so chiseled you swear he can’t be a day younger than 25. You notice a pale boy with jet black hair with a few colored strips wearing a Metallica shirt showcasing his tattoos along his arms. He has black, ripped skinny jeans with untied combat boots. Lastly you see a tall, thin, blonde boy with a lip piercing, wearing black rimmed glasses, black skinny jeans and a button up shirt. They all turn around as they notice your presence and the one with the soccer jersey gives you a flirtatious smirk causing you to look down bashfully.

“Uh, s-so sorry Mrs. Smith. I-I thought you wanted me to meet the new student. I didn’t meant to int-“

“It’s okay, Y/N.” She smiles softly, and waves you into her office. “These are the new students that you’ll be helping around actually. I couldn’t get any of the other volunteers to help, so I need you to take on more than just one student this time. I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course.” You smile politely.

She turns her body towards the four boys and claps her hands together with a smile on her face. “Okay, boys. This is Y/N Y/L/N. She is a senior here, so you’ll all have similar classes together, and she’s been a volunteer for this group since her freshman year, so you’re with one of the best!”

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[FIC] these things take forever (i especially am slow)

pairing: jikook
genre: tooth-rotting fluff omg
wordcount: 4k
summary: jungkook is just trying to be a functioning person, then jimin comes to school in the World’s Cutest Sweater™  and it all goes to shit
crossposted to AO3
a/n: my first bts fic, i hope you all enjoy it!

It’s 10:23 am. Lecture starts at 10:30 and Jungkook’s hands are starting to sweat from the two steaming cups of coffee in his grasp, but a text from Jimin while he waited at the coffee kiosk reading “FUKC OVERSLPET WAIT 4 ME ” keeps Jungkook shivering in his spot outside the Music Building, watching his breath puff into steamy clouds in front of him as he wiggles in place to keep warm.

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Hi. Have you seen my boyfriend, Kieren Walker? He’s made of fucking sunshine and has two huge, gorgeous pearl eyes and golden hair. He wears soft, long-sleeved things with skin-tight jeans and clunky combat boots. Kieren has delicate baby deer legs and doesn’t quite know how to use them. His lips feel better than heroin. He’s not missing, I just wondering if you’ve seen the walking work of art that is Kieren Walker.


a post-Sugar drabble in which Grace is having too much fun at her hen do and Harry has no choice but to pick her up

Harry Styles is laying on the couch when he gets the call. He’s half annoyed that his viewing of Footloose is interrupted (don’t tell Grace) and half curious about why his fiancee is ringing him when she’s supposed to be at her hen do.

“Hey, baby.”

“Ew! Don’t call me that, you pervert.”

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