skin tags

i was tagged by @mustafahr to list my top 10 favorite fictional characters! thank you <3

1. padme amidala (sw)

2. isak valtersen (skam)

3. adam parrish (trc)

4. ahsoka tano (sw)

5. andrew minyard (aftg)

6. cassian andor (sw)

7. ian gallagher (shameless)

8. jesse pinkman (breaking bad)

9. lydia martin (teen wolf)

10. cook (skins)

i tag @vildeleins @hanksmcoys @evaschistad @marcuskiplng @williammagnusson @sanasbakkcush and whoever else wants to do this :)

Im tired of skinny white boys being the only gay couples in anything, like give me some black boys in love, give me trans boys of colour holding hands, give me dark skinned asian boys in love, give me some chubby boys holding hands, give me gay relationships where the boys have something other than a chiseled face and clear skin, give me gay relationships with boys who have acne and freckles and stretch marks, give me something else than skinny white boys making out shirtless p l e a s e


MARCHING BAND…LUCIO ??? his gun thing is a poorly drawn mellophone and his backpack would be a cute drum..speaker

i know nothing of band, i took home econ