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Tom Ford’s Complexion Enhancing Primer and Skin Illuminating Powder Duo

2 products that I was super excited to see this season were Tom Ford’s new “illuminating” skin products, the Complexion Enhancing Primer, and the gorgeous Skin Illuminating Powder Duo.

They offer different intensities of dewiness on the skin, so it’s really up to you what sort of effect you want. But both products are not very obvious, metallic products that look like noticeable makeup. The pearl pigments are so fine that even quite close-up, it just looks like you have a healthy glow. 

Complexion Enhancing Primer 01 Pink Glow

This is a pearlescent shell-pink beige which is quite subtle and will not go on very metallic on the skin, so I personally prefer to apply it AFTER foundation, even though it’s a “primer”. I never see the point of applying illuminating primers before foundation cos you have to use a lot for it to show up under makeup, and applying it all over just emphasizes pores in areas you don’t want.

What I do is rub half a pump on the back of my hand so I have an even coating on my fingers, and then press it on over my cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow, and in the center of my nose-bridge.

Skin Illuminating Powder Duo

This baby is a must-try for those of you who are addicted to high-end highlighting or illuminating powders. How it differs from other powders we find from MAC, Lauder, etc is in how fine-grained the powder pigments are and the multi-dimensional tones. Once it’s on the skin, it doesn’t look sparkly, doesn’t catch easily on fine lines, and doesn’t make the skin look leathery.

It’s actually a fantastic highlighter for mature women, even though it would look beautiful on everyone. On first look you get an ivory and a soft chai latte color. But once swatched you’ll see they are both multi-dimensional. The ivory has subtle gold and opal pink tones, and the creamy chai shade has bronze tones. And they go on translucent so even if you have very dark skin, the pale shade does not go on chalky. You just get a beautifully natural look, like great skin.

I personally consider the powder duo a must-have in my collection, and the liquid primer good for those who want a softer glow that isn’t detectable even on HD camera.

Makeup notes:

  • Eyes: MAC Julia Petit Eyeshadows x 2 in Sagu (Druzy Luster shadow and Black Plum Matte shadow)
  • Physicians’ Formula Nudewear Blush in Natural
  • MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick

Parapluies’ Neon Berries Skin: A Simple Flag Edit.


This is a simple flag edit of Parapluies’ skins to be enabled for aliens, and for aliens & humans. The original amazing human-only version has been made by them. All credit goes to them. All I did was change the occult flags of the skins. Swatch can be found on their post, found under the downloads section of this post.


Parapluies’ TOU stands most importantly.
If you also wish to follow mine, which is completely unnecessary because I did nothing but change flags, it’s pretty simple and consists of don’t reupload without permission, don’t reupload, and I’d love to be tagged in pictures.


- @parapluies-sims​ for the original skins! <3
- CmarNYC for the Skininator programme.


Parapluies’ Human Only Originals | Human & Alien | Alien Only

anonymous asked:

will the default versions of your skinblends have the gear icon (the one that most cc has) on the skin color swatches or is the skinblend just *there*? i wanna make sure i installed it correctly.

The skin colors swatches won’t have the gear icon. As you said, the default skinblend will just be *there*. If you installed it right, you’ll notice that the sims’ face texture changed.