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What to expect from Nyx Lip Lingerie… If you have brown skin. 

I finally had the time to swatch all 12 of the Nyx Lingerie Lipsticks :) 

I am not going to lie… I was really excited for this line to come out. But it has very few options for WOC. I know that I could “make things work” by applying a lip liner for the pale colors…. but I’d honestly rather return these and go buy Kae Pop. 


Super smooth application

Set very similar to Nyx Liquid Suede (soft setting) 

Not as drying as ColourPop (they don’t apply like a liquid paint)

My Favs:

Ruffle Trim (04), Beauty Mary (05), and Exotic (12) 

Dupes to beware of:

Teddy (10) is honestly the same as ColourPop “Kapow” Liquid Lipstick 

Bedtime Flirt (08) looks very similar to Nyx “Abu Dhabi” Soft Matte Lip Cream 

so this thumbnail sucks but….. i love @chisimi‘s blush so much, (ever since @blarffy showed me it) and i have been using it on ALL OF MY SIMS. but i got kinda annoyed having it as a blush, so i converted it to a skin detail! 

you can find @chisimi‘s blush here, but you dont need it for this to show up in game

All textures and credit goes to @chisimi because they created it! all i did was convert it to skin detail!

- 4 swatches

- disabled for random

- bcc

- all ages and genders

download here


Repost from @ellarie 💋
She used @ColourPopCosmetics Avenue #UltraMatteLip liquid lipstick and her Ellarie lippie pencil.
🎶 Trey Songz - Boss

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  • 30 swatches (2 type of eyelids, 15 colors for each) 
  • teen+ , males only
  • HQ compatible
  • custom thumbnail
  • found in skin details



  • 15 swatches 
  • teen+ , males only
  • HQ compatible
  • custom thumbnail
  • found in skin details


previews were done with HQ mod and without editing

Huge thanks to these people for amazing tests, go and check it out
X by @plushxsims​, X by @varden-golzen​, X by @daerilia, X by @sims3melancholic​ and X by @ddarkstonee

Reyes Vidal: skin tone palette

I’ve been seeing some art of Reyes that just pales in comparison to the guy himself, so I made a palette for Reyes’ skin tone to get you started. 

Writing with Color has a great post to help with describing skin tones, and while it might be aimed more towards writers, there are some really good visual aids - it’s also an excellent resource for artists wanting to draw a fictional character they have a written description of but nothing visual to go on. There’s honestly a ton of good stuff here, and I’d really encourage you to follow this blog, even if you’re not a writer!

I get that selecting the right tones can sometimes be tricky and sometimes different lighting can make things even trickier - but if you look at the swatches above, you’ll notice that even the lighter tones are a kind of tawny orange-brown. It’s really important that we look critically, both at our own work and the works of other artists, and try to get it right.



  • 8 swatches
  • teen+, males and females
  • HQ compatible
  • custom thumbnail
  • found in skin details



  • 9 swatches
  • teen+, males and females
  • HQ compatible
  • custom thumbnail
  • found in skin details


previews were done with HQ mod

ColourPop Matte Lip Swatches // Dark Skin
Music // Fallen by Naji

YouTube // Aluel Bol Kuanyin
Instagram // aluelbolkuanyin

foreignnprincess  asked:

Hello! Maybe this has been asked before. But any tips on figuring out your foundation color? I can never seem to get it right.

Ahhh, the good old annoying foundation dilemma. It’s either too dark, too light, too yellow, too pink, not pink enough, doesn’t give enough coverage or looks cakey. Finding a foundation that matches your skintone perfectly sometimes seems impossible. If you’ve been applying foundation on to the back of your hand to see whether or not it matches your skintone; you’ve been doing it wrong.

First of all, I recommend when colour matching that you wear no makeup, have your hair tied back and wear an outfit where your chest/decolletage is visible, this will help you match the colour accurately.

Makeup Counters

Sometimes (although not always) a makeup artist/consultant in a makeup store or at a makeup counter will be able to match your skin tone to foundation, whenever I’m looking for a foundation I usually ask for a sample of the foundation in the shade I’ve been matched to and also a shade that is similar, but slightly lighter or darker, this is because: A. Under store lighting foundation may appear to match you perfectly, but look orange the moment you step outside into natural lighting and; B. because certain foundations (especially those of the oil controlling variety) can oxidize and change to a darker colour or different undertone so you may actually need a lighter shade. Once you know your foundation match in one brand or product, it is much easier to find other matches.

Online apps

Which brings me to my next point; once you know your foundation shade in a couple of brands you can start taking out some of the guesswork and get to know your skin better.  Websites like help you find foundations that will match your skin-tone based on the current shades of foundation you use and are especially helpful when buying a drugstore foundation or ordering a product online. Temptalia also has a great reader generated tool called the “Foundation Matrix

Display Testers

Display testers aren’t the best or most hygienic option when it comes to testing makeup, but sometimes they can be the most convenient. I’m not an advocate for using testers on your skin/face/eyes/lips, but this is one exception. Having a play with the testers in store can help you get a better idea of what texture and tones you like in your foundation.

The Test

When testing foundation I recommend that you take three shades that you think are close to your skin-tone and “swatch” them on your decolletage. Blend them in slightly and whichever shade blends in is your ideal shade. As a general rule your foundation should match your body but also not look obvious on your face or neck (or you will get the dreaded tide line) If you haven’t found your perfect match with the first three swatches, try some other shades and also consider looking at other brands. Not every brand and every product is suitable for everyone.

I also recommend taking a compact mirror, heading outside and checking that the shade matches in natural light before committing to purchase. If the foundation matches in natural light it should look seamless in every light.

Also check out the following resources:

How to Apply Foundation

How to Prep Your Skin For Foundation

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