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Jihoon- Bubbles

Title/Prompt : “Bubbles!”

Prompt Description : “This is the most important decision you’ll have to make today”

Pairing : Sub!Jihoon (Woozi) x You


Word Count : 3, 195

Note from Bear: OMG THIS IS DONE WHAT. This is literally the longest thing I’ve written in a long long time. Its kinda awkward in some places and i think theres a few errors, but i have to go study now … I GAVE UP A LITTLE AT THE END BUT I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT :D


“Jagi, Im Home! Where are you?” A tired voice called out and the sound of a door closing and keys hitting the table were heard. It was late and Jihoon had just arrived home, eye bags having grown at least a centimetre since he had started working. He stripped off his jacket and stretched his arms upwards, letting out a groan as he heard his poor back crack. He took off his shoes and shuffled from the entrance way into the apartment. It was quiet but peaceful, the sun shining in through the window just slightly. Jihoon giggled to himself as he saw how messy the dinning room table had gotten, a certain someone seemed to have been studying pretty intensely.


Jihoon called out softly as he searched the apartment, feet shuffling over the wooden floor ever so lightly. He looked in their bedroom? nothing. The study? nothing. Maybe she was in the Kitchen.

As he walked back towards where he had come from, he heard the faint running of water coming from the bathroom beside him.


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Lavender Balm

Beeswax and cocoa butter form a good basis for a salve. They are rich emollients and will help to moisturize the skin. Wheatgerm oil is high in vitamin E, and seems to work wonders when applied to dry skin. Lavender is a good addition to a skin salve as it has antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender Skin Soother

  • 5 ml/1 tsp beeswax
  • 5 ml/1 tsp cocoa butter
  • 5 ml/1 tsp wheatgerm oil
  • 5 ml/1 tsp almond oil
  • Lavender Essential Oils 

Add the ingredients to a small bowl. 
Set the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir the contents until the wax has melted. 
Remove the bowl from the heat and allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes before adding 3 drops of lavender essential oil. 
pour the mix into a small, screw-topped jar and leave to set. 


The Aries Witch ♈️ Skin Care - Kitchen Witchin’
So I am quite a fan of creating my own skin care from natural products that are easily found around the house!
I’ve spent years throwing together combinations and have decided to post recipes and such for my favourite ones!
The product pictured above is a skin soother and smoother.
To make it I used a teabag of Lipton Chamomile tea, a teaspoon of honey and a small amount of boiled water.

All you need to do is open the teabag and pour the contents into a small bowl, add the honey and a little hot water - mix and wait to cool a little until you apply!
Makes your skin feel silky smooth afterwards and reduces redness ✨
Honey is a natural softener and antibacterial while Chamomile soothes

Eczema/sore/dry skin protip

Ohkay, so since I moved to NZ I’ve had a trouble with eczema. It’s not exactly cheap to go to the docs and get persecriptions and I know that it’s a lot worse for others, so I wanted to share a little thing that might help.

You will need:

  • Small handful of oats (just like the stuff you’d make porridge with)
  • About a tbsp of milk
  • tsp of Honey
  • A couple of ice cubes
  • 1x Small dish or container
  • 1x flannel or soft washcloth

Step 1 - mix oats with milk in the container, mash oats up with back of spoon (or a pestle and morter if you’ve got one) You want to make a sort of paste.
Step 2 - Add the honey and stir in well.
Step 3 - Add the ice cubes
Step 4 - Let everything get nice and cool from the ice, then soak part of the flannel/washcloth in the mixture. Dab (Don’t rub) lightly onto affected area.

It might feel a bit sticky or goopey, that’s good, thats the honey and the oats protecting the skin from drying out and the milk gently moisturising things.
The coolness should take away some of the redness and reduce the urge to itch as well.

Be aware that in some cases dairy products may aggrevate eczema, take into account any known allergies you might have. Test on a small area first before going gung-ho and bathing in the stuff. (If you have a tub and are not allgeric to any of the ingredients by all means do bathe in it, your skin will be very happy)
Eczema can be absolutley horrible and if you feel its getting unbearable then go to the docotrs, even if its going to cost you, you do deserve to look after your health. Untreated open wounds from scratching eczema can easily get infected, leaving you feeling worse than before and ending with a potentially higher medical bill. This is not intended as an eczema cure, but as a temporary relief whilst waiting for a docs appointment to to help manage discomfort.

There are lots of similar things out there on the web, this is just a little thing I whipped up after deciding I’d had enough waking up itching. I’ve been using it for the last day or so and it seems to be doing some good. Hope it helps!