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Sacred Ink - Roman Reigns x OFC

Author’s Note: Hi beautiful people! This is my entry for @thewriterformerlytaggedas & @fan-fiction-galore ‘s 31 Little Wrestling Fic’s October Challenge. It’s my take on some of the Native American stories that I grew up with, with some changes to fit my concept. I’m focusing mostly on Navajo myths, but there’s a mixture of tribes all over. I hope you like it!!

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Teamiplier as Myths

♤Shape Shifter!Ethan

¤¤Can’t shift into anything other than animals, even ones that can go underwater.

¤¤¤can shift into dinosaurs and almost got himself killed when he forgot he was a t-rex

¤when he has too much energy, he will shift into a dog and play with Chica

¤will shift into a bird so Mark can strap a gopro to him so they can get some cool high up shots for some sketches

¤¤when someone in the Iplier house feels down, you can always count on a blue lion to help you feel better


¤once she almost hit Tyler threw a wall when she wanted to playfully punch his shoulder.


¤¤¤Queue Ethan having to shift into something with thick skin so he won’t get hurt when she punches him

¤when she gets antsy, she wants to chase something, but Chica is slow compared to her.


¤like, Luke Cage. Nothing can penetrate his skin or harm him

¤will let Ethan chase and attack him when he has too much energy to play with Chica

¤feels bad when it’s just him and Kathy and she hasn’t fed in a few days and she gets a bit snappy

¤he’s the one that goes check out the noises downstairs in the middle of the night.

¤¤"Alright. Third break in, this /week/. Let’s get this over. I’ll be like ‘yo, what are you doing?’ And since you don’t want any witnesses, you’ll try to shoot or stab me, then you’ll be utterly terrified that I’m unkillable, and by then the cops are already here. They know what I can do, and I put the fear of god into them if they try and turn me into the government.”

¤¤¤in that time, Kathy appears behind the robber, and sinks her fangs into their neck and drinks them dry.


¤Fell hundreds of years after her brother, Luci.

¤¤Didn’t want to treat humans as if they were above angels. Got casted out, but ended up falling anyway.

¤Met Mark and The Gang™ and she didn’t tell them anything incase of they try to kill her for her wings.

¤¤Tells them when she finds out nobody in this group is normal, and she tells them.

¤¤¤her feathers are special, like really special. When someone finds one of the feathers laying around, they’re granted one minor wish. Like, thirty dollars, a blanket, things like that.


¤God of Thunder/Lightening and Life

¤¤He’s like an irl Thor, except not as intimidating.

¤Can grow crops with just a touch of his finger.

¤¤Single handedly saved the entire species of bananas long enough for them to make a genetically modified version.

¤When the lights go out, he flies up in the sky to see how many other house’s that don’t have power, then gives them power via lightening

¤Once accidentally hit a kid with his car, sobbed for hours before he realised he’s the God of Life™ and healed her up

¤He helps Amy during her molts when she looses all of her feathers to get cleaner, healthier ones. He keeps her alive because she almost dies everytime it happens because it’s too painful.

¤¤She thought it was painful up in Heaven, but that was were pain very rarely existed


¤Chica is a long descendant of cereberus, so she’ll occasionally spit fire and eat souls!)

Shifting Friends

Summary: You’re on and off again with Sam, but the elder Winchester always butts heads with you. What happens when you’ve finally had enough?
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Shapeshifter!Reader, Dean Winchester
Word Count: 1597
Warnings: Language, sexual situation, bit of angst, fighting, sassy reader
A/N: After watching the most recent episode, I had this dream. I write down all my dreams and sometimes they turn into fanfics, like this one. Based on the several episodes we’ve had with shapeshifters, I’ve deduced what I believe happens when they shed their skin. I know it might not be accurate, but it’s personal interpretation. Beta’d by the lovely @saxxxology!

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

“Really, Y/N?! In the bathroom?” Dean’s voice echoed through the halls of the bunker, reaching you and Sam in the library.

You let out a heavy sigh and locked eyes with Sam. “Why can’t Dean be more like you, baby? It never bothers you.”

Sam shrugged and flipped the top of his laptop closed. “I know your schedule, so I avoid the communal bathroom, skip a shower, and use the one in my room.”

“It’s only once a week. Maybe I should just start going outside when it happens,” you said, wrinkling your nose in thought.

“As considerate as that might be, a pile of shifter skin near an abandoned water treatment plant might raise some questions.” Sam sat back in his chair and crossed his arms. “The last thing we need is people poking around because someone is skinning people and they end up finding the bunker.”

You were about to reply when a very stern-faced and angry Dean stormed up the stairs to the library. You had this argument at least once a week with the eldest Winchester, and it was getting pretty old since you’ve been living with the Winchesters for over a month now. You and Sam had a purely physical relationship that started less than a week after you moved in, much to Dean’s displeasure.

“You need to do that shit somewhere else, Y/N. I stepped in it!” Dean shuddered in repulsion at the memory. “Do you know how disgusting it is? It felt like I was walking on soggy tofu covered in lube.”

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Creepypasta #1145: The Devil Is In The Details

Length: Short

The thing about shape shifters is that they are easy to spot if you pay attention. Being mere copy cats of the forms they inhabit, they always get something wrong. It may be a small detail, but to the observant it is obvious. A mole is forgotten, a pierced body part over looked. No matter how good they are something is always forgotten.

That is why when he stumbled through the door a few hours later than normal, I knew he was not who he seemed. Gloria perked right up though, squealing as she ran to his legs. Something inside me told me to grab her and remove her from this monster pretending to be father. Yet I was so sure that if I moved to get her, he would that know his disguise had not worked and would begin devouring the family early. I needed time to deal with this, so I did nothing as she squeezed his calf with her tiny arms. 

Though I hate to admit it, this one’s acting was amazing. He quickly leaned down and picked up the giggling three year old and kissed her on the head. Nothing seemed amiss to her. You know what they say about ignorance.

From the kitchen, mom asked where he had been. She had been worried about him, but sometimes he had been late from work before. Dinner did not make itself, so she had busied herself with it to keep her mind off of her husband. 

“Business with a new client.” His voice was the exact same one I had heard this morning before he left for work. This one though, he got almost everything right. I had to admit I admired the attention to detail. 

Some of them were just so lazy. The salt and pepper black hair, a day’s worth of stubble on the chin. Hell, they even included the odd scaring on his right ear from where an earring in his youth had been torn out. But as always, one detail is off.

His eyes. This morning they had been a piercing blue but now were a dull grey. I doubted anyone else in the family would catch on before this creature managed to devour them all. This one must have known the eyes were the defect as he was careful not to directly look at anybody. I myself had to catch a few glimpses of his face to notice.

“Jordan, take your hat off and come to dinner.” Mom did not come into the room but raised her voice just loud enough for all of us in the room to hear. A clatter of plates and other cutlery was slightly muffled as she set the table.

“Ok, ok.” I took off the baseball cap and ran a hand through my light brown hair. It had become ruffled from the cap I had been wearing for a few days.

Dinner was uneventful, but the creature pretending to be the family man did not eat anything.

“Ate at work” was his excuse. Good one. He busied himself looking at his papers and kept any talk to a minimum.

“Jordan. Eat your food.” Mom frowned at me as she cleaned Gloria of the mess she had made with her dinner.

“Oh, sorry.” I muttered, pushing the food around. I was distracted by the creature stealing furtive glances at Gloria from behind his papers. He wanted her first, I just knew it. So young, so tender. Who could ever pass up a meal like that? I had to act first. The question was how. How indeed.

After dinner Gloria was put to bed, mom reading her a story before she would leave her for the night. I was in charge of the dishes but I left them to check on the creature parading in the skin of father. 

The shifter had taken up residence in the study, stating before he left the table that he had more work to do before bed. An excuse for sure. He would most likely wait until everyone was asleep and then slip into Gloria’s room and devour her before she could scream. Then he would make his way into each of our rooms. I shook my head, this one must be relatively young. The older ones know to settle into the family before you ate them all. Makes it easier to catch them off guard.

I was sneaking up to the door when I heard him call for me.

“Jordan, can you come here? I would like to show you something.” You could almost hear him salivating as he schemed how he was going to eat us all. Perhaps he had caught me staring at him. Or maybe he was more perceptive than I had given him credit for. Eat the one that does not trust you first. Smart.

“Sure thing, dad.” I grinned. It was a trap for sure but I would let him lure me in. There was no doubt in my mind that this thing was a shape shifter. No doubt at all.

After all, if this was really the man he was supposed to be, wouldn’t he have noticed this kid’s hair was supposed to be black?

Credits to: silissane

Read on for an explanation: 

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Imagine shifter Dean talking to you.

A/N: This takes place during S1E6 Skin when the shifter looks like Dean and is talking to you and Sam.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

First gif is from & the 2nd image is from google

“Where is he? Where’s Dean?” You heard Sam asking someone while you were waking up. You opened your eyes but couldn’t see anything; there was a blanket or something covering your head.

“I wouldn’t worry about him. I’d worry about you.“ You heard Dean’s voice say, “Well look who’s up.” Suddenly the blanket was ripped off over your heard. You closed your eyes as they adjusted to the light and when you opened them you saw Dean standing over you and Sam tied up to a pole. You put two and two together to realize it was not your brother standing in front of you. You looked over at Sam and nodded your head, letting him know you were alright.

“Where is he?“ Sam asked again.

“You don’t really wanna know. I swear, the more I learn about you and your family—I thought I came from a bad background.“ The shifter said.

“What do you mean, learn?“ Sam asked, trying to keep the shifter distracted while you both tried to untie the knots keeping you tied up.

“He’s sure got issues with you.” Shifter Dean said while pointing to Sam, “You got to go to college. He had to stay home. I mean, I had to stay home. With Dad and the rugrat. You don’t think I had dreams of my own? But Dad needed me. Y/N needed me. Y/N always needs me, she’s 15 years old and I still can’t trust her to take care of herself.” The shifter turned his attention towards you, “You just hold me back.” He looked back at Sam, “Where the hell were you?”

“Where is my brother?“ Sam repeated himself, trying to not let the shifter’s words get to him but they were definitely effecting you.

“I am your brother. See, deep down, I’m just jealous. You got friends. You could have a life. Me? I know I’m a freak. And sooner or later, everybody’s gonna leave me.“ The shifter responded.

“What are you talkin’ about?“ Sam asked confused.

“You left. The kid will probably leave me sometime soon too. Hell, I did everything Dad asked me to, and he ditched me, too. No explanation, nothin’, just poof. Left me with your sorry asses. But, still, this life? It’s not without its perks. I meet the nicest people. Like little Becky. You know, Dean would bang her if he had the chance. Let’s see what happens.“ The shifter said while putting the blankets back over your and Sam’s head.

The funny thing is that if you’d asked me to write an episode which throws a critical light on Dean’s treatment of Jack and gets Dean to rethink his attitude, guess which monster I would have picked? - A shapeshifter.

Shapeshifters are probably the most tragic creatures in the SPN universe. Their monstrousness has again and again been presented as the result of being ostracised and mistreated from birth. The shifter in Ask Jeeves had been locked up in a dark attic all her life, the shifter in Skin describes his childhood as “hideous and hated”, and Dracula confesses to Jamie when she tells him that his movie fantasies aren’t real, “'Real’ is being born this way. Different. ‘Real’ is having your dad call you “monster” – it’s the first time you hear the word. And he tries to beat you to death with a shovel. Everywhere I ran, everywhere I tried to hide, people found me, dragged me out, attacked me. Called me ‘freak’, called me 'monster’.”

But what happened in The Big Empty? We meet one shifter who’s all good (expect for being a crappy therapist) and another shifter who’s all bad, no tragic backstory to explain how he became the psychopath he is now, nothing, it’s just what he is. If we apply that arbitrary logic to Jack, this means that if he’s good, he doesn’t really need support from Sam and Dean, and if he’s evil, he’ll turn evil no matter how much suport and kindness he receives. And considering how much the entire Jack storyline relies on convincing the audience that it matters who raises him and how, that’s hardly the message they were intending to send.

Badly done, Dabb. Badly done indeed.

The Ohio Wolfman: A Real Werewolf Terrorizing Residents of Ohio

Ohio, a state forgotten by many, keeps within it a surplus of ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. But could it’s vast forests and rural communities be hiding something sinister?

Defiance Ohio is a small town that sits along the border of Michigan. In August of 1972, three residents were attacked in the early morning hours between 1:00a.m. and 4:30a.m. The witnesses described the attacker as a person with “some kind of animal head.” The police thought rationally and assumed it was a person in a mask, but the witnesses assured them it was no man. Over the next few weeks, multiple people in Defiance witnessed and reported to the police a “Wolfman” or a “very hairy” and some even called it “a beast” with long fangs. They claimed it stood 6-8 feet tall, non human, aggressive and had hairy feet. The sightings eventually ceased and the case ran cold. The police will never know what was stalking the residents of the town. Nearby the town of Delphos reports simulator sightings as well as Eagle Creek of which native tribes speak of “skin-walkers,” men who could transform into a wolf by wearing it’s skin.

Do we truly live among what was thought to be no more than fairytales? Could the Michigan Dogman and Beast of Bray Road be the same type of creature spotted in north western Ohio? Was the Wolfman of Defiance just a man in a mask like the police believe? The truth may never be known. The police case is closed, but yet the animal roams free.

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

Skinwalker Ranch, named because of the Native American legend of the skin-walker (or shape-shifters), is a 480-acre compound located in Utah.

There have been over one hundred separate instances reported within the site, including vanishing and mutilated cattle; seemingly possessed, large animals with bright yellow eyes and unaffected by bullets; sightings of flying orbs and other objects; loud noises coming from underground; and disruptive magnetic fields.

In local Native American folklore, the property is well-known for possessing “dark energies.” Although a couple purchased the property in 1994, it has since been taken over by a paranormal research organization, the National Institute for Discovery Sciences.

Rogue Part 2

Dean Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: A request. Not going to state the request, it will give too much away!! But a hunt against Demon’s goes terrible wrong. What happens when Dean realizes that you are back.

Catch Up Here: Part 1

“Y/N.” I whispered, recognizing the beautiful face anywhere, even in the bad footage of the surveillance video. Watching closely, I looked for any sign that her body was being possessed. That, or for glowing eyes that stated she might be a shape shifter. Anything to explain why the girl I loved was in the video in front of me killing helpless human beings. That wasn’t the girl I knew, and it made my heart break even more.

“I wasn’t sure at first, but this second video confirmed it. Dean, I’m so sorry. But you know what this means.” Sam said softly as I could hear Cas pacing behind me.

“Damn it.” I muttered as I forced myself past Cas, pulling a new bottle of whiskey out of the cabinet. With this type of news I wasn’t sure there would be even whiskey in the world to take away the pain.

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FAHC Urban Fantasy AU aesthetic (11/?)

Trevor Collins: The Spy Behind Enemy Lines

With the creatures they allow into the city, the Supernatural Defense Council, or SDC as they more commonly known as, made a law that everything that wasn’t quite human had to be registered. Most just conformed and did as they were told but there was those, criminals and peaceful alike, that were not about to let some big council have the name and address of every powerful thing in the city, that just wasn’t smart. The creatures that got around this the easiest were the shape shifters, the skin walkers, the doppelgangers. With the power to take any form they wished, it was hard to pin them down with any one registration, the council obviously had safeguards in place for that, but they were easily bypassed. Trevor Collins, not his real name you see, stepped into the city and chaos spread like a plague. Stories of gang members stabbing each other in the back, lots of ‘I saw, she saw, he said, this and that,’ came spilling out of the underworld grapevine. At the tangled knot of it all was Trevor, drinking in the chaos and pandemonium he had caused. Using his skills as a doppelganger, he stole of the faces of whoever he wanted and used it to warp everyone’s perception. With Trevor around, old friends became bitter enemies, unassuming bystanders became incredibly lethal, and it seemed no secret was safe past your lips. The Fakes caught on pretty quick, seeing as they already had Matt and Jeremy on their side and the three had reportedly ran jobs together years back. Jeremy and Matt recognized the pattern as Trevor’s personal work, so they swept the kid off the streets and the Fakes offered him a job. He became their spy, the best spy in the entire city in fact. No secret is safe, no security system is foolproof, and tight knit group is as tight as you think with Trevor Collins around.

Farm of Nightmares

Summary: Y/N and the boys find themselves on a hunt a the haunted attraction Farm of Nightmares. It’s not the ideal place to hunt a shapeshifter, but they’ll do whatever it takes to stop the monster. But when Y/N and Dean get separated, she finds herself in the same position as the victims.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader, OFC’s

Warnings: Violence, torture, blood, language, angst, gore.

Word Count: 5,000

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

AN: This is my submission for @roxy-davenport‘s Halloween Writing Challenge. My prompt was #9. “Try the handle. We can’t be locked in here!” Thanks to @fuckyeahfeysand and @tom-is-in-my-tardis for beta reading this! Also if y’all would like a part two let me know!

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East Asian Shapeshifter Dragons

the-hungry-hungry-fannibal asked:

Part 1) I want to write a fantasy story about people who can turn into dragons. In my fantasy world the dragon people came from the East (fantasy lands inspired by China and Japan etc.) where they’re nobles into the west (fantasy Europe) hundreds of years ago. The Western people hunt them down because they think their dangerous. So the ones in the west go into hiding. When they are human the Eastern dragons have Asian features but with small clusters of scales around their eyes and are slightly taller etc. there are human people living in the East as well. Could this race be unintentionally offensive towards the Asian community?

Part 2) The appearance of the dragon people who traveled into the West evolved over time to help them adapt to their new surroundings. Their skin became paler as they live in caves and thick forests. Their eyes change to improve night vision and their human appearances are more dragon like than their Eastern counterparts so they can transform faster when they’re in danger. Their dragon bodies change too like the difference between European and East Asian dragons. Does this unintentionally make the Western dragons fall into ‘Beastly POC’ trope because of their heritage?

Part 3) By lightening their skin for biological reasons am I accidentally white washing my characters? Even though they’ll be different from the other dragons they’ll still be proud of their heritage 

1) I don’t think the inclusion of this race would be offensive toward East Asians on its face, but it all really depends on execution. You’ve mentioned there are East Asian humans, which is good, but at the same time, their treatment in the story, along with the dragon shapeshifters, is going to be a factor as to whether or not it’s offensive.

2) I think this trope could be averted with the inclusion of dragon people from the East, although I think you’re also running into a bit of a problem because technically the Western dragon people would be diaspora, and from my perspective as a diaspora Asian, you need to be careful not to perpetuate the dynamic of the Western transplant dragons being less “authentic” than the Eastern ones, or even disparaged because of their differences from the Eastern dragons because of adapting to their new environment.

3) Bear in mind that East Asians don’t necessarily have the same skin tone. There are pale-skinned East Asians (like myself) and dark-skinned East Asians. In any case, a lightening of skin tone doesn’t illustrate an immediate loss of culture.

–mod Jess

Way Too Many

Request by anon: Hiya! can you do a fic where Sam and Reader are twins (twin brother and twin sister). Dean is very protective when it comes to protecting his brother and sister. So when Sam and reader are taken or threatened by whatever evil that’s after them, Dean goes into a VERY overprotective older brother mode because nobody messes with his little brother or sister.

Word Count: 2386

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry this might be a little confusing. This was my oneshot trying to get out of my writers block, plus it’s just really hard to write a shifter story without it being confusing because there are so many duplicate people, you know?

“Gimme that remote!” Dean yelled, lunging for you. Your laughter bounced off the walls of the motel room, annoying him. He showed no mercy when he tackled you onto the bed and wrestled for the remote.

Both of you had been trained to fight practically your whole lives, but this feud was anything but graceful and refined. This was the sibling rivalry. A fight for honor. Elbows and legs were everywhere as you two grappled for the remote. Through it all, you were laughing. Even when Dean head-butted you in the stomach and you had the breath knocked out of you, you still managed to wheeze in laughter.

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