skin sculpture


Hey anyone out there remember this cutie? Well guess what, now any of you out there have the chance to own her as a gorgeous and charming figurine! Myself, the peerless Kieran Mckay and the fine folks at Level 52 studio have a kickstarter going for her now, and if things are successful there are already plans for other adorable monster girl statues in the works.Check it out and buy one, or three!

Here you go! I really like your characters, btw. Noah is my favorite but Kit is cool too, I want to draw her when I have time ^^

Just Something I Can Turn To (Somebody I Can Kiss)

Summary: Maybe what Tamlin doesn’t see is her need to just talk to someone, to feel like an actual normal human being, to not feel trapped in a cage. He never sees it, and she doubt he ever will.

This stranger, though, seems to understand, and somehow sees through the image she’s expected to keep.

Rating: General Audiences

Fandom: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Relationships: Feyre Archeron/Rhysand, Feyre Archeron/Tamlin

AO3: Here

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Hot Water

Summery: If the Christmas party taught Lucy anything, playing games with a particularly sadistic Erza was bad for the nerves. NaLu OneShot. Light smut.

A/N: I’m not going to lie this was a little bit of fun on my part haha (it came to me and I had to write it). 

This was written very quickly compared to some of my other works so please be forgiving. I am hoping to improve my creative writing day by day since I have to write scientifically for university. So this is a nice break for me xD 


“What would you say is better than sex?”

Erza was feeling particularly sadistic today and it had nothing to do with Jellal being away on a long S-ranked mission. Absolutely not. The guild dared not speak his name for fear of being beaten half to death. In usual Erza fashion, she was not going to give the rest of the girls in the guild a free pass, that would be too lenient. Oh no, they would not act lovey-dovey in front of her and get away scot-free. A challenging gaze swept over every girl sitting at the table, the unspoken threat clear in Erza’s prostrating body language. Everyone would answer the question or suffer the consequences, which would be bad if the game they played at Christmas was anything to go by. Lucy wouldn’t mind answering the question so much if the boys weren’t sitting stuffing their faces opposite, so clearly within earshot and had suddenly got very quiet at Erza’s inquiry. If a hole in the floor could open, Lucy would gladly sink through it right now. Especially since she knew without having to look, Natsu was there and would be able to hear no matter how softly she spoke, damn dragon senses.

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