skin scape

It was early in the morning but you were already up, well not exactly up, you were still in bed checking your phone while Luke was in his deep sleep.
You were getting bored so you decided to have a bit of fun with your sleepy boyfriend. Carefully straddling his lap you took your phone and started to make a video.
Luke had an arm over his head, covering half of his face, eyes closed and relaxed and a mid open mouth. You smiled to yourself and slightly started to poke his side.
“Hey, hey. Babeee.” You whispered “lukey pookey, sweetheart” you let out a hushed giggle.
What you didn’t notice was a small smile that lasted a second on Luke’s face.

Just when you were about to poke his cheek he jumped.
“AAAAHHHRRRR” Luke screamed while he incorporated in the bed.

It took you totally by surprise and a loud scream left your mouth while you fell on your back. Leaving Luke between your legs and him hovering over you.
He started to tickle you and pretend to bite your neck making you laugh hard and wiggle beneath him.

“Luke! LUUUKEE! I can’t breathe! !!” You said between giggles. Your phone now laying on the floor but still recording it all.

Soon Luke started to kiss your neck and you both started to calm down. He made his way to your chest still kissing your skin and a moan scaped your mouth.
He let out a raspy low laugh at your reaction and lifted his head to look at you.
He then pecked your lips but you put your hands around his neck to deepen the kiss.
It all got heated in a matter of seconds and Luke found himself grinding on you. Your small moans encouraging him to keep going.
You griped his hair in an attempt to pull him even closer to you while your tongues danced against each other, passion taking over the both of you to run through your veins.
You were undressing each other without even realizing it, being too focused on the other.
The act was messy and wild yet loving and passionate.
Let’s just say that, when you were gaining your breath from the previous act you remembered your phone and started to look for it.
When you found it, it was still recording.
“Omg Luke, I think my phone recorded… welll… everything…y'know”
“Well… now we have some good material for when I’m on tour” Luke said with a cheeky smile.

A/N: omg I’m sorry if this is bad, I just wrote it within 20 min and didn’t check it. I promise I’ll be posting good stuff soon. Let me know if you like it? Please? And if you have requests just leave me a message! Love ya all xx