skin project

I did go Monsterpalooza yesterday, and I scored some fun Dead Meat stuff. This mask will eventually be worn by a silent, infamous character. Like everything Matt Gonos does, it’s made of leather. The guy even made a comic book out of leather! Well, not the pages. But he made the characters out of leather and photographed them. Pretty nuts! He and his family were super cool. Check out his stuff at!

Even the cuttle-iest of animals get hangry! This young stumpy cuttlefish instantly transformed from a sheepish cephalopod into a monstrous agent of shrimp mayhem the second its food hit the water.

Stumpy cuttlefish, like many cephalopods, have ink-redible shape-shifting and color-changing abilities. Pigment sacks expand and contract to produce color patterns, while tiny muscles pinch and pull on the skin to produce spiky projections. Cephalopods use these body-art super-powers to communicate and camouflage in an instant. 

inu-spike  asked:

Omg have you seen the new Reaper skin?! It reminds me so much of your art~ The colors just pop so much and it looks so cool. I would love to see your take on it~~♡

yes!! i love it!! the fact that it looks like his head is floating is 👌