skin n bones

vaetus  asked:

" yer still a kid ta me , even when yer fifteh . " provides his back with a ( STRONG ) fatherly slap , " did yer mum not feed ye at all ? yer skin'n bones , no muscle , nuffin' . " casually always brings this up .

“ don’t talk about mom! she fed me enough! more than you ever did… 
      and I got enough muscle to beat you in a fight! 

   besides, it’s not all about being big, you know. I don’t need to look like you to be strong!
       not that you’d know anything about that. for the ‘Great Jecht’, it’s always about showing              off, right? ” 


Aaaaaah more alien stuff, here are typical face types and skin colors n whatnot.
Obviously these can vary in a zillion different ways, but TYPICALLY snow babies are fluffy, and it’s not uncommon to see fishers with no feathers at all

they all have dark skin n bones n teeth n…everything. their sun has some some higher uv junk goin on than ours. Nagula is kind of an oddball with how pale and featherless she is, and is certainly always well covered or sunscreened if she’s out in the day….
‘Feathers’…not true feathers obv, but theyre like…early dinosaur feathers?? somewhere in between the flying kind and Hair. They can move them though, and i’m sure they’re usually sleek and close to the body like..most birds, but i just like drawing them foofy……………
And these are all just. ~natural~ patterns, they style their plumage in as many ways as people do. long braided feather things, clipped, plucked if you’re a badass, etc etc etc

uhh what else..oh yeah, the red feathers arent pop out colors, theyre blending in colors. The plant life on their planet isn’t green, it’s red!! Well, ranges from red to a dark purplish to, in some areas, a very dark bluish black sorta color.

I’m sure they loooove green, kinda in the same way we’re like ooOOOOOoo red

C: I completely agree that everyone should love their bodies and both sides have struggles. It’s just that, since I’m skinny with no curves, I lose a voice in these kinds of topics. I feel like my opinions and experiences don’t matter because I’m not thick and my body is valued by society. I was bullied, beat up, and threatened just because I was skinny. Hell, people even threw food at me! But since I’m skin n’ bone, and try to speak my mind on these kinds of topics, I’m labeled as a “bitch”.