skin job

things i wanna have in the future

good skin
a job in the career that i want not just something that i ‘need’
a wardrobe full of cute clothes so i can stop wearing the same 3 outfits
self confidence
killer makeup skills
someone….who ..loves…me would be nice…..but thats optional
depression to leave me tf OLONE !

Red days are when the wolves howl all night and in the morning the birds return with torn out feathers. The days are filled with ambulance sirens. My hair is on fire. Everything moves in slow motion. The flames, the heat, my body soaked in kerosene. The screams in the distance. The monster in the corner, gawking. The stripped birds. And then: the wolves. 

Blue days are heavy and I spend them speaking in spiderwebs. My reflection is clouded and the air is always too humid. The world does anything it can to make my bones weigh me down. My hands, a noose. My head, a haunted house. My heart, turned into a stress ball for when you needed it most.

Green days are spent wondering if it was painful when the sky had stars sewn into it. Wondering if the pain was worth it. Cactus spines stuck underneath skin when you try to drink the water. I am walking the precipice, one foot in the real world and one stuck in dreams. I am an inventor these days, writing fables for a childhood I can’t remember.

Purple days are murky and the owls have dangerous omens. I am on the tightrope. I am living out my childhood dream of being a ballerina. I am the circus act. I am the caged bird. I am spinning on my axis. The bystanders hold a collective breath. They are, after all, just paying for a pretty show. They don’t care about what comes after the fall.

Yellow days are a safe haze, coating my hands in syrup. My blood stays on the inside of my body. My skin actually does its job. Everything is safe and sultry. There is lemonade without sugar. There is your messy mouth again. Everything moves in reverse. There is my candy necklace. There are the sunflowers. There is the sunset we named after us.

Pink days are sunrises and fairy floss. I write about flowers and paint my face in watercolors. There are sugar angels on the counters. The spice containers are overfilling. I am happy and whole. I am kinetic energy and the explosion that comes with. I am rosy cheeked, and roses growing from my wrists. There is no pain. There is only the beauty I’ve torn myself apart to create. I am on the edge of a cliff. I have my wings. When I jump, I am a bird set free.

When you trying to get that tip VS. when you ready to clock tf out so you can finish watching your K-Dramas.


First day at my first full time job as an on site makeup artist at Face Thyme! An all natural, holistic skin care and beauty line boutique and the only US retailer for Living Natural cosmetics, based out of New Zealand! Had a great day making people feel naturally beautiful!

at blizzard hq
  • Jeff Kaplan: alright team they want us to get people to actually play heroes of the storm so i suggest we put out more overwatch skins locked behind it, any suggestions?
  • everyone else: how about a zarya skin? or an actually good lucio skin, or even a new sombra ski-
  • Jeff: another dva skin it is, good job team, we’re done here.

Voltron is getting a live action movie and this could either go really well or it could be atla. For the love of God.. Please.. Let the characters be diverse. Like the only white people are Pidge, her fam, and Coran. So please let for example, Lance who is canonically Cuban, BE CUBAN. I just ask that you keep the characters as they are. There are so many rising young actors who would be perfect for the roles and trust me, they’re out there so please, don’t be lazy and go look for them. They deserve the chance to play these fantastic characters.


AS A WHOLE: each has a clear silhouette, easy to remember and readable color schemes, and are very easy to tell the differences in class A+ AS A GROUP!!!

what a good taako!! the colors are nicely balanced, the poses and expressions are A+, and the faint sea foam skin does a good job of making it clear visually that taako is Weird and ver unique that his voice usually portrays in the podcast!! and purple is very his color! will the umbra staff be in his color scheme or will his color scheme alter over time?? WHO KNOWS IM FUCKIN HYPED A+ WHAT A SOFT BOY

the tiniest magnus

anyway look at this wonderful magnus! so muscley and lean, he really represents just a wonderful fighter in his earth tones. i especially like how not Super Big he is? because super big magnus is Super Super Good, but in a sequential art story like this, it’s more important to get across how magnus isn’t just a heavy hitter, he’s also a thinker and a brilliant tactician. (see the dire bear grounding trick for evidence.) however, i’m not used to a magnus having a moustache so minus points until i get used to it. A MINUS FOR THE ROWDY BOY!!!

AAAAAH LOOK AT HOW SMALL HE IS anyway, what a handsome merle?? guys?? am i right?? i am right. look at how good this merle is! he’s got a cleric-y robe, some tough and rumble shoulder pads, and a huge wack bonk hammer. he looks equal parts serious and hilarious, which is a great look for merle!! i usually prefer my merle’s with huge dork glasses but ive decided not to give merle any minuses for lacking them because LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS A+ GIVE PAN MY REGARDS

final notes

designs as a whole get A++, barry and the gerblins look super good to, and i cannot WAIT TO GET THIS HECKING COMIC IT’S COMING OUT FROM FIRST SECOND BOOKS THEY DO GREAT WORK!!! I AM FUCKIN THERE!!!