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IG: @bymccloud

Overwatch: What’s next


Sombra: Master hacker. Identity unknown. Young Sombra was taken in by Los Muertos. One of her legendary skins is Los Muertos gang member. Gets neon green skeleton paint.

Had a lot of early designs. What became Genji was early Sombra. Ana’s design similar to Sombra, forced Sombra’s to change.

Sombra stole Winston/tracer’s work (her teleporter similar design).

primary attack has a large magazine.

200 health

Can detect enemies lower then half health through walls.

Arcade mode:

Instead of weekly brawl you get to see arcade. Has a bunch of different tabs.

things such as 1v1, 3v3, the normal brawl, crazy 6v6. Lots of variety.

Example: 1v1 mystery duel. Best of 9. Each round you get a randomly selected hero. You both get the same hero.

9 wins a week goal. Every 3rd win of those 9 gives a loot box.

Playing a game mode once a week and winning gives 1 loot box.

Echo Point Antarctica: For 1v1, 3v3 and some 6v6 matches. Smaller size.

Quick play is getting single hero limit. To compensate, new arcade mode that allows as many stacks as you want.

All brawls available in a mode called “All Brawls.” Basically a shuffle mode of brawls. new brawls including “This is Illios”, which is Roadhog and Lucio only on the well part of Illios.

New map

New control map/King of the Hill.

Called Oasis. Trying out a new mechanic on it: Jump Pad.

Set in Arabian desert in the Middle East. Was terraformed by scientists looking to push the boundaries. All the art is WiP, map isn’t finished quite yet. Planned for PTR in December. Release in early 2017.