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Bad Boy BTS- Shades of Grey (part 13)

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The drive to the hospital was definitely not the most cheerful ride you had had in your life. You could practically cut the tension in the air with a knife. Suga drove the car this time, since Jin’s eyes were beginning to swell up, impairing his eyesight. You had to admit, you preferred Jin as a driver, Suga was absolutely reckless, and had no respect whatsoever for traffic signs and directions.

Taehyung was squeezed between you and Hoseok, his arm dripping with blood. He whined, and hissed at the immense pain he felt, and you could see his skin decolorize, caused by the blood loss. Taehyung clutched at his arm, trying to stop the bleeding by applying pressure above the cut, but his strength was fading fast.

You knew if he kept on bleeding like that he wouldn’t make it to the hospital. His lips were becoming white too, and you could feel him sway, as dizziness took over his body. You were no doctor, but you had seen plenty of shows and movies, and you attended that fist aids lesson at school, so you did the only thing you could think of. You ripped a piece of your shirt, and tied it tightly above the cut on Taehyung’s arm.

You pulled his face so he would look at you, as you pressed your hand onto the wound. You knew touching someone else’s blood was not exactly the best idea, but it was the only hope you had.

“Look at me Tae, Look at me!” you yelled at him, as you shook his head slightly with your free hand, so he would face you. His eyes rolled slightly, as they went in and out of focus.

Taehyung tried to focus on you, but he was struggling, the blood loss and the pain making his body go into shock.

“I’m tired Y/N…” Taehyung told you, his voice barely above a whisper. You felt tears begin to sting in your eyes from the desperation and helplessness you felt.

“No! Don’t fall asleep Tae, you can’t fall asleep. Don’t leave me… You are my only friend.” You told him, your fingers squeezing his cheeks as you shook his head more violently.

“Ah, you are so blind Y/N. I’m not your only friend. You have Suga hyung, and Jin hyung, and Namjoon hyung, and Jimin and Jungkook… And of course you have Hoseok, he is a friend too. We all are your friends. We care, that’s why we came with him to save you…” Taehyung told you with a feeble laugh, his whitening lips twisting in what could have been a smile.

The tears began rolling down your cheeks, as you desperately tried to get him to cling onto life. Suga pressed down on the accelerator faster.

“What are you talking about Tae? What are you trying to say?” you asked him, your voice shaky and strained. You felt the tears begin to blur your sight.

“Ah… You don’t need me anymore. You have lots of friends now. But get back with Hoseok… I think he deserves another chance. He is stupid, but he loves you.” Taehyung spoke, his voice weaker than you had ever heard.

It was almost ironic, the one out of the group with the most powerful voice, was whispering feebly now, unable to speak properly.

“Hoseok hyung!” Hoseok corrected him, pressing his hand over the wound too, squeezing down harder than you could.

“I’m in my death bed, let me be informal” Taehyung replied dramatically, and you were sure, if he had been in a better condition, he would have accompanied his words with a dramatic flip of the hair and a fake faint.

“Yah! Stop speaking as if you are about to die! This is not goodbye Taehyung, I’m not letting you die.” You snapped at him, making him laugh.

“I knew I could get you to love me” He spoke with a smile, before adding. “I’m tired Y/N…”

His eyes began rolling back, blood covering the backseat of the car completely.

Suga yelled in frustration, as he sped up just that little bit more.

You arrived at the emergency door of the hospital, and between Hoseok and Namjoon, who had parked beside Jin’s car, they grabbed the limp boy, and dragged him inside.

The moment the doctors saw the 8 of you walk in, they were all over you, like a swarm of bees surrounding their queen.  A couple of them immediately put Taehyung on a bed, and took him away, and you wished you could have at least told him to keep fighting, but you had no time.

Soon after, you were being separated from the boys, and taken to another room, as a couple of nurses looked over your body. You hadn’t realized until then what you all looked like. The doctors must have been horrified by your state.

You heard Suga yelling at a doctor that he didn’t need to get checked because he felt perfectly fine, and your head snapped in that direction, ready to go out to help him, but the nurses held you back.

They examined your body, and gasped at all the signs of violence. Bruises covered your ribs, stomach, arms and legs, and one side of your face. Cigarette burns were spotted all over your body, like the dots on a Dalmatian. Your mouth still tasted like blood, from when you were slapped across the face, and you accidentally bit the inside of your cheek.

“What happened to you?” One of the nurses gasped, completely horrified by the state of your body. You looked down at your feet, and tried to figure out a way to explain what had happened without getting the police involved, or your boys in trouble.

“We got attacked by some guys… We fought them off quite well, but, well, fights have consequences I guess…” You explained, still looking down, and the nurses looked at each other, doubting your words completely. They were used to people telling lies when asked questions like this, often making up stories, or excuses. They both silently agreed to questioning the boys later.

“Did those men… do other stuff to you? Besides what we can see now.” One of them asked you, a little awkward, not knowing how to phrase it without sounding too blunt and insensitive.

“They didn’t rape me, if that’s what you mean. You can check if you want… but I’m still a virgin.” You told them, blushing at the last statement, remembering that conversation you had with Hoseok, the morning after he saved you for the first time.

After a few more questions, and gathering your personal information, they let you go out again, to the waiting area outside of the room that Taehyung was being taken care of.

You walked up to the guys, and chose to sit on Hoseok’s lap due to lack of space. You really didn’t want to be on the floor again. Suga’s hand was in a cast, he had apparently broken two knuckles during the fight, and hadn’t noticed the pain due to the adrenaline rush. Kookie’s lip seemed swollen, and he told you he had to get stitches on the inside of his mouth, however you kindly rejected his offer to show you. Jin looked alright, he just had a vast amount of bruises, and Namjoon too. Your boyfriend had stitches on his eyebrow, from where it had apparently split at some point during the fight, although you couldn’t quite remember when.

Time seemed to drag, for every minute you spent in that waiting area, it was like a year had already gone past in your mind. You fidgeted, your eyes glued to Taehyung’s door.

Hoseok snaked his arms around you, holding you close, while one of his hands found yours, and he laced his fingers with yours.

“He will be okay, don’t worry. It’s Tae we are talking about, he isn’t even human. I think he is an alien.” Hoseok whispered in your ear reassuringly, but you still bit your lip nervously.

Taehyung was right, you had grown to love the big child, he had found a way into your heart, something you thought was impossible for the boy. You were thankful to him, for having been there for you when you most needed him, for coming to save you with the rest, for warming up to you so quickly. He had become a brother to you, someone to rely on, and at the same time, someone to look after and keep in line, for he seemed to need that little guidance that Suga and Jin just couldn’t provide.

Your eyes widened, and you sat up straight immediately the moment you saw a doctor walk out of the room. The man looked at the 7 people gathered in front of him waiting for him to give them news, and suddenly became a little nervous, he wasn’t used to surge large groups of people waiting for someone like Taehyung, especially people like you lot. He cleared his throat, and opened his mouth to speak…