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  • be prepared to have him in your face. not all the time, mind, but definitely more often. he’ll invent reasons to see you, and he won’t always be subtle about it
  • cocky teasing and a lot of heavy-handed flirting. is he serious? who knows! but the innuendos are almost too well-thought of to be jokes … right?
  • handsy. he’s going to be leaning against you, resting on your shoulder, slouching against you while he works on something     be prepared to have him a little closer than normal
  • he gets distracted a lot more often if you’re in the vicinity. roadhog is gonna start grumping about all the bombs he’s had to defuse at the last minute, because junkrat simply can’t focus
  • don’t be surprised if, in the middle of a battle, you’re a little more defended than usual. junkrat guards his treasures, after all
  • petnames / nicknames galore

Lup dabbing at her brother to show him she was still lucid and then freefalling off the Starblaster to go apeshit on the hunger cleared my skin and cured my anxiety tbh

On the same note Taako being 100% supportive of his sister and giving her the greatest day ever and going to be there at the ceremony with a big smile on his face despite being fucking TERRIFIED for her safety and sanity watered my crops and fixed world hunger

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Do you like animals? If so, what's your favorite animal?

Korekiyo: “For a favorite animal, I must say that I love dogs. 

Korekiyo: They’ve been through so much with humans, basically since the dawn of time.

Korekiyo: That’s why they’re man’s best friend, yes?”