skin cross section


This is as complicated as it gets with my notes. No frills, and I minimize work that isn’t necessary or doesn’t help.

Everything is indexed, and the only pictures I draw are the ones that help me memorize. The rest I simply photocopy, cut, and paste. There are dozens of anatomy flashcard photocopies in my binder notebook, because drawing a skin cross section complete with, say, Pacinian corpuscles, just WON’T HELP ON COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS! *sorry*

Also, I try to limit the use of colors. Black, red, and blue is basically the only colors I use, aside from a few instances where distinctions must be made. Three colors is just right to catch your attention AND not be distracting at the same time. Too many colors in your notes could give rise to the illusion that you’ve studied hard enough. Also, (obviously), the notes would take a lot more time to make.

Use flow charts and comparison tables whenever possible. Don’t copy straight from the book. Try to write in your own words and arrange your newly-acquired knowledge in the form of outlines, charts, and graphics.

Pretty notes might give you a good mood, but always remember that the most important thing of all is to actually read your own notes.

Happy studying!