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What Does Colorism Look Like?

- Songs that praise light skin by devaluing & disrespecting dark skin

- Telling children to “stay out of the sun” because you don’t want them to be darker

- “”“Preferences”“” for light skin 🙃

- People with light skin being listened to more often than people with dark skin

- Light skin being associated with beauty & intelligence in and outside the black community while dark skin is associated with aggression and ugliness

- Favouring family members with light skin immediately over those with dark skin

- Media depicting acceptable blackness as light skin

- When actors/actresses with dark skin are cast, their roles are often loud, aggressive, ghetto, etc

- Or casting actors/actresses with light skin to play characters with dark skin instead of just fucking hiring somebody with dark skin

- Dark skin being the punchline of shitty “jokes” about how nobody could love dark skin

- “We all niggas to the whites” being said to shut down conversations about colorism

- “I don’t realize that talking about colorism isn’t dismissing the struggles I face as a black person, so I’m going to derail conversations about colorism whenever I see them and not bother to learn about it” 🙃

- When the above thing happens people with light skin always think they in the right because colorism teaches us that we’re smarter than people with dark skin and by default right

- Tbh somebody with light skin could just be breathing or doing something mediocre and they get praised to high heaven, which goes back to the idea of light skin being so over valued in our community

- Half of us ain’t even all that we just light

- Makeup catering to people who are white passing or have light skin

- People with dark skin being told they can’t wear certain colors/patterns

- I can guarantee we (light skinned people) salty when a woman with dark skin gets more attention than us because colorism is so pervasive it’s taught us that we’re better and deserve more attention automatically

- Language differences: in daily conversation people with light skin are less dehumanized and more respected than people with dark skin

- I really believe if I wasn’t light I would not be able to do this project because nobody would listen to me. I’m not even saying anything new or inventive, I’m just repeating what people with dark skin have been saying

- If any of this is outta line I’d be more than happy to be corrected by somebody who has experienced/experiences colorism 😊

anonymous asked:

Hello! First I wanna thank you for your "Magnus and Jewelry" gifsets, they are super awesome. Now, may I ask you if it's possible for you to share the psd you used here >> /post/150867071183 . Magnus skin looks the perfect color and I think it will help many people who have hard time with coloring POC characters. Thank you :)

I’m glad you like it!! I’ll share my base PSD since I don’t really work with fully colored PSDs. I color each gif individually; the lighting is just too different scene to scene. Like, the layers for this gif would make Magnus in this one as orange as the sun if I transferred them straight over.

Here’s the base PSD I’ve made that I use for everything:

☆ { DOWNLOAD }  ☆

You’ll notice it’s very dark/minimal; it’s literally just a base. The way I use it is that while I’ll always alter the individual layers of my base + build on them, the order they’re in rarely changes. Additional layers usually go directly above or under to brighten and color, but almost never in between. I have a color adjustment tutorial here.

I find more important than the PSD itself is knowing what your final outcome should look like. So I’ve made a palette for Magnus (using my base PSD) that should hopefully serve as a reference point:

[Note that this doesn’t include stylized colorings – that’s a more complicated topic and at that stage it really just depends on the individual set. Some are totally fine but others are more iffy which is why I encourage people to learn proper skin tones first before experimenting.]

thirtythirdmoon  asked:

I did some research and found a site that said the Sephora brand primer was silicone free, but the second ingredient I read on the product was dimethicone. Is there such thing as a good primer that is silicone free and more on the natural side? And is it too much to ask for it to be on the cheaper side?

Hey there!

Well firstly, Sephora did have their own silicone-free primer that was recently discontinued.  It’s unfortunate, because it was actually a really nice primer… probably the only one I’ve ever found that still performed like a primer while being silicone free (under $30 anyway).

Silicones are not necessarily bad for your skin.  The only negative to silicone in primers or other makeup products is that they can trap oil and bacteria in your pores while you have it on, which can cause breakouts.  Primer without silicone is hard to find for a reason - and that’s because silicone is the most important ingredient that makes a primer “a primer”.  Silicones fill in pores and lines, creating a smooth surface for makeup to blend onto, and they also help grip your makeup so it stays in place a bit better.  Primer without silicone is basically just lotion.  Personally, I usually just use moisturizer on my face instead of primer because I am very acne-prone.  A good moisturizer will plump up the skin, minimizing pores and rough texture to create a smooth surface similar to what you’d get with a primer!

There’s really no drugstore silicone-free primers out there (and if you guys know of one, message me and I’ll update this post!).  If you really want an actual primer, look for one where silicones are near the end of the ingredients list instead of near the front.  If a silicone derivative is in the first four ingredients, it has a high concentration of silicone and will be more likely to block pores.  For those of you who don’t know, anything in the ingredients list ending in -cone is usually a type of silicone!

If your skin is sensitive, try the Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer - $12.  It’s a color correcting primer with swirls of purple and green (but don’t worry it blends out clear!)  The reason I like it is because it actually has a ton of ingredients that are great for your skin!  Glycerin is the second ingredient, which is great in a primer because makeup will stick to it and last a lot longer; it also has hydrating ingredients like squalane, ceramides and sodium hyaluronate, which helps the skin hold onto moisture.  Most primers, especially ones from the drugstore, don’t have great ingredients like that.  it’s also oil free, dermatologist tested, and made for sensitive skin!  (And silicone is the sixth ingredient).

I hope this helps you out!  Good luck in your primer quest!


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Ask a Game Dev interviews Gameplay Programmer Amelia Von Haden

Apologies for the delay between interviews. Due to the amount of red tape my interviewees need to go through in order to get approval to do these, they may be more sporadic. I’m still waiting on a number of them to get back to me. This time, I’m interviewing Amelia Von Haden, gameplay programmer at Bioware, currently working on Dragon Age Inquisition.

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Amelia Von Haden and I am a gameplay programmer at BioWare.

What games have you worked on in the past?

I’ve worked on Madden ‘11, Prey 2, a couple of unannounced titles, and most recently Dragon Age Inquisition.

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My opinions on the whole anti-recoloring topic and why the “do not edit” rule is bs:

Before you read this, know that I’m merely speaking on behalf of myself and maybe a few other restoration blogs. I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone else, meaning that the following is purely my opinion and not set in stone. Majority of it will also be in my point of view.

Apparently people are taking the whole “do not edit” rule awfully seriously when it comes to fansite photos; photos that have been tampered with to make subjects look lighter (before I get a bunch of assmangled pissbabies in my inbox I should specify that this is targeting whitewashed photos only, so save your whiny messages because I’m not reading them anyway.)  Also, there’s a wave of people who are against the whole recoloring-process and blogs that do it, making me one of them. Since this applies to me I feel like I need to drop my two cents because it’s a very mixed topic. 

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missvllnv  asked:

Hey hun What is a makeup that you would recommend that isn't too harsh for everyday wear? I'm kind of required to wear makeup to work, a natural look but nonetheless I need at least powder. I usually wear Mac makeup but I know that long term that could affect my skin. Thanks love! :)

Try a BB or CC Cream! They are very light weight and a lot of the higher end ones have skin care benefits like color correcting spots, anti aging, etc. The drugstore ones don’t have as much skin benefits but they are still really light weight, won’t clog pores and natural looking! If you have oily skin i’d still recommend setting with powder or using a primer underneath :)

Some i’d recommend are

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream (got mine at Sephora) has a medium coverage (will still cover scars and such) and lasts longer than other bb/cc creams.

Garnier BB Cream for oily/combination skin. This one is a more long lasting version of the original version for normal/dry skin which is best for a long work day. Still moisturizing not drying although it’s more aimed for oily skin. Has GREAT coverage! 

After BB Cream and powder, just apply some mascara and a tinted lip balm, lip stain, etc anything to add a little color to your lips and you’ll look put together but not too done up! 

Some extra steps could be a light shimmery color all over the lid, a little blush or bronzer & brown eyeliner. These extra steps will just add a little glam but won’t look too harsh. Brown liner and mascara is a lot more toned down option than using black :)

imwiththeboys  asked:

hi I just saw your post on green primer and I recently bought both green and orange primer just to try. how exactly will the orange work on the skin ?

Hello!  Orange color corrective products are much more rare than green or purple, but they do serve a purpose (and they are totally cool.)  An orange primer, when applied to the skin, will actually brighten up your complexion, giving you a more radiant glow.  It will also diminish the look of ashiness in the skin and make your skin appear healthier and more hydrated.

Hope that helps!  Have fun playing with them :)


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