skin chamber



Date:14th–16th century
Medium:Carved wood, skin, gesso, gilding
Dimensions:Height: 42 15/16 in. (109 cm)
Credit Line:Purchase, Clara Mertens Bequest, in memory of André Mertens, 1989Accession Number:1989.55
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Images and description from The Metropolitan Museum of Art:  “The ancient “silk route”, running from the Mediterranean to Sian in east central China, made Central Asia a meeting place of many cultures. This lute, an extraordinary example of musical exchange between East and West, is similar to instruments played by angels depicted in seventh-century Buddhist cave paintings. It offers some insight into the development of the modern sgra-snyan. The body, with two skin-covered chambers, is a rare example of an archaic transitional form that seems to point to the Afghan robab, and various Himalayan lute types. Decorative elements, such as green-colored skins, like those of the damarn, and the portraits of Buddha and musicians, rendered on painted ivory with gold leaf, are typical of fifteenth-century Tibet. The back, fingerboard, and pegbox reveal cartouches and palmettes reminiscent of seventeenth-century Persia. Tin leafing shows through as a silvery underlayer in a worn section of the instrument. Painted gesso adheres to the surface, the result of an ancient gilding process known as adoratura. Originally, there were six strings attached to this instrument, but the pegbox was shortened to accommodate five, with a possible sixth string attached to a side peg. Despite the appearance of Buddha and his musicians, the sgra-snyan was not used in religious settings, but accompanied secular song.”  

What Orisa reminds me of....

I know a lot of people are considering her the new Baymax but her design and skins remind me of other things. 

Like these two skins remind me of Chamber from Gargantia, which makes sense since they are both robots that protect the Humans in their care.

Also Chamber even fires green lasers and had a gatling or chain gun in the final episode.

Also she reminds me of Megakabuterimon from Digimon, again makes sense since both protect child geniuses.

And finally the  Vercingetorix from Code Geass but only in the horse design.

So either I’m jumping to conclusions or someone a Blizzard has been watching a lot of anime.

Skin Chamber - Wound [1991, R/C Records, Roadracer Records]

Blurring together elements of black metal, industrial, and doom metal, this side-project of Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty only lasted for two albums, despite (or because of) being a couple of decades ahead of its time.  Careful production work gives the music a cold and venomous bite, with buzzing voices, room-filling bass, and grinding guitar all dressed up in impressive synthesizer layering.  Rarely settling on a single one of their influences for too long, the album maintains a fluid momentum that works well for the duo and their attention to details.


Skin Chamber - Slice of God

“Wound”, Roadracer Records, 1991

Dragon Age gets REAL weird when you choose the older skin textures…

Especially when you’re a Trevelyan dating Cullen. 


No matter how serious life gets, you’ve still got to have that person you can be completely ridiculous with. A friend like that is hard to find, harder to leave and almost impossible to forget - Chamber of Luxury

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It’s slander I tell ya’! I HATE how they treated him when he was alive, saying he was a child molester, that he changed the color of his skin by bleaching it, saying he was homosexual, saying he was a fake, that he didn’t have pride over being an African American. That was bullshit. Tabloids and lies and rumors spread by the media. Now that’s he’s not here with us we (THE FANS) thought he was going to be left alone, but that’s not the case. People still say he raped kids and payed the families money to shut up and not keep accusing him. The COURT LEGALLY SAID IN 2005 THAT HE WAS INNOCENT OF ALL THE ACCUSATIONS THAT WERE DIRECTED TOWARDS HIM. All those kids parents abd family members wanted was MONEY, because they knew Michael had money and they used Michael’s helpful side AGAINST HIM. I just can’t believe people still believe that crap. It’s not true. He didn’t rape kids, he was just taking care of them and spending time with them. He didn’t change the color of his skin, he had vitiligo a skin disorder that changed the pigmentation of the skin. He wasn’t homosexual, for GOD’S SAKE HE MARRIED 2 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN AND HAD CHILDREN WITH ONE. He did pride himself over being African American, did you know that he had over 2 dozen books about African and African American history and said in a speech that he loved being black. He didn’t sleep in an oxygen chamber, he got in there to see how it felt to be in there and some random foe took a photo of him and sent it to a news reporter, the oxygen chamber was for the sick children in the hospital, NOT FOR HIM. He was a different person with a different heart and that’s why people couldn’t understand him and they can’t understand him now. That’s why ya’ll lie. Shame on society, shame on everyone who believes the lies siad about him. I just have had enough of you. That’s all. Bye.

bile, filth, & silk // I see him summon the shadow court into this world, oblivious to the consequences.  He asks them for immunity for the disease of time and death, and they grant it.


i - drunken whaler - COPILOT // ii - bang bang - nancy sinatra // iii - hazard - gossling // iv - me and the devil - soap&skin // v - chambers (passing train) - hundred waters // vi - night after night - laura marling // vii - flickers - son lux // viii - arsonist’s lullaby - hozier


X-Men cut-outs (in a rough chronological order)

from left-to-right: Cyclops; Professor X; Jean Grey; Iceman; Angel; Beast; Polaris; Havok; Banshee; Thunderbird; Sunfire; Nightcrawler; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Kitty Pryde (w/ Lockheed); Rogue; Jubilee; Bishop; Magneto; Psylocke; Gambit; Rachel Summers; Cable; Mirage; Cannonball; Karma; Wolfsbane; Sunspot; Magik: Doug Ramsey; Warlock; Monet St. Croix; Husk; Chamber; Penance; Skin; Sync; Mondo; and Emma Frost.

sincere apologies to anyone whose favorite(s) were left out.  Sorry about there being no Longshot, Changling, Mimic or Omega Sentinel; and also for using a pict. of Warpath in place of his brother, Thunderbird.