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Cleansing Facial Toner

I dedicate this post to Aphrodite and Freyja, who have been giving me feels about starting a series on beauty magic.

This is the main facial toner I use. After years of fighting with my skin and wasting tons of money that I didn’t have on skin products that didn’t work, I decided to try some DIY options.

I found the base recipe for this toner via Pinterest a while back, but tweaked it to suit my skin (combo, acne prone due to hormonal imbalances). As I began to really perfect the recipe, I realized that all of these ingredients had properties that could be harnessed to help me not only physically, but in other ways too. I hope you all enjoy!

• 1 part apple cider vinegar (for cleansing, healing, promoting good health, protection)
• 1 part charged water (I use sun water for clarity, confidence, and boldness)
• 3-5 drops of tea tree oil (cleansing, healing wounds, purification)
• pinch of sea salt

Combine all of these ingredients in a suitable container (a spray bottle or old toner bottle would work) and shake to mix. I like to focus on it glowing with a bright, healthy light as the ingredients come together.

I then charge it in sunlight for one hour before using, to boost the energy.

This toner can be used after you wash your face to improve skin, combat acne, and wash away any leftover emotional or psychic debris from your day.

I hope this little recipe helps someone out! Feel free to tweak it as you need. Go forth and get witchy, y'all! 🌌

common DIY skincare ingredients that HURT your skin

Most of these ingredients do help your skin, but for some reason people take that to mean, “I should recommend people use this straight without thinking about dilution and other ingredients”. So here is a short list of some common ingredients that, while they may help, might also be causing you other problems if you’re using them improperly. Be smart, people!

Bicarb soda - SO BAD. ruins skins acidity so makes it vulnerable to bacteria, and strips skin of oils. DO NOT USE. 

Apple cider vinegar - if you’re going to use this, PLEASE GOD use it highly diluted. Chemical burns, people! I’ve seen people recommend using it straight and I almost fainted. 

Peppermint/anything with menthol - sensitising, can burn, not fun

Lemon & citrus in general - sensitising, irritating, causes photosensitivity and may cause hyperpigmentation

Yarrow extract -  sensitivity and photosensitivity

Cinnamon - sensitising, can cause irritation

Walnut shell - sharp edges, can cause microscopic tears and irritate skin, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

Apricot kernel -  rough and irregular edges, can cause microscopic tears and irritate skin

Tea tree oil - sensitising, can burn, okay in small amounts (ie DILUTED)

Most essential oils - unless you dilute them appropriately 

Kitchen Witch Face Mask

I’ve been breaking out lately and can’t really afford to buy any of Lush’s wonderful face masks so I decided to scour my cabinets for what I do have that can help. Sometimes it pays to know your ingredients!

I mixed together:

Two tablespoons of honey. (Lots of antioxidants to clear up acne, brightens, moisturizes…it does everything! I used natural clover honey.)
A splash of green tea. (Mine had jasmine in it, a little sexy boost! Green tea has antioxidants that will brighten your skin and clear up your acne, and you can drink the leftover tea.)
Some grated potato. (Lightens skin and fades scars/blemishes.)
Quite a few spoonfuls of baking soda. (Lifts impurities. Use enough to make the mask viscous.)
An egg white or two. (Nature’s renewal agent.)
A couple spoonfuls of sugar. (For exfoliation!)
A few drops of lavender and rose essential oils. (For scent and calming the skin.)

I applied a few layers of this, left it on for a while, and then rinsed it off in the shower, spritzed some of my homemade rose water toner on my face, and then moisturized.

Here’s hoping it works for you guys!

My daily face routine!

Keeping your face clean is very important if you want your blackheads to disappear or to prevent pimples from popping up now and then. A clean face is also crucial if you want your makeup to look neat and fresh. Flaky skin appear even more flaky if you put foundation over it. That’s why you should wash your face every day to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities! I only use items that are locally produced (if possible) an only items that you can find in any grocery store or pharmacy!

In the morning!

1. Cleanser. To clean my face, I use crystallized honey. One tablespoon is more than enough! The honey I use is rather thick, so I always wet my face with water before I rub it on my skin. But why honey then? Honey is naturally antibacterial, which helps to reduce and prevent skin problems. It’s important to use a honey that has sugar crystals, because the sugar acts as an exfoliator to help remove impurities. Honey opens up the pores, which makes it easier for the crystals to do its job. It’s also full of antioxidants which slows down the aging process. Further benefits to clean your face with honey is that it moisturizes, leaves the face radiant and smelling great!

2. Toner. The reason to use a toner is to balance the pH level of your skin, which gives the skin a more smooth appearance. It also removes any further impurities, and reduces the size of pores. I have my own special toner recipe that does wonders to the skin:

  • ½ of apple cider vinegar
  • ½ of rosemary water

Boil a half of a deciliter/a fourth of a cup of water and add about a teaspoon of dried rosemary. Let it soak for 30 minutes and then filter the water into a bottle. Then add the same amount of vinegar. Store the bottle in a dry, cool place. The toner needs to be replaced after some time, or else it goes bad.

Both rosemary and apple cider vinegar reduces redness, prevents aging and does wonders for acne-prone skin. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to test the toner on the inside of your forearm before applying it to your face, so your face doesn’t swell up and explodes in an allergic reaction. Don’t worry about the smell of the vinegar, it disappears when it’s dried.

3. Moisturizer. Almond oil makes anyone’s skin as soft as a baby’s tushie. It’s packed with vitamins such as vitamin A, B, D and E which gives your skin that healthy glow. You might think that oils are only suitable for people with dry skin. But think again. Almond oil works for any skin type, even sensitive skin(with some exceptions of course. No product is bullet-proof. Don’t use this if you’re allergic to nuts!!!), because it doesn’t clog up the pores! It prevents aging, calms irritated skin, reduces dark circles and evens out the skin tone. I use 2-3 drops of the oil every morning, let it sit on my face while I eat breakfast and then just dab off any excess oil (usually not necessary!) before applying makeup. Oh, and don’t fear walking around smelling like marzipan (although marzipan smells great in my opinion), because it’s nearly scent-free!

In the evening!

1. Makeup remover. Almond oil
dissolves even waterproof mascara and is great for the eyelashes! Apply a generous amount on your face, start working it in around the eyes at first. The continue with your face, massaging for a couple of minutes before wiping it off with a paper towel. Rinse with lukewarm water.

2. Cleanser. Again, use your crystallized honey. Or make a facial scrub, what you’ll need is:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1-2 tablespoons of ground oatmeal
  • a few drops of water

Mix it all together and scrub away! I use this scrub 1 to 2 times every week to remove any stubborn skin cells and filth. It’s the “facial spring-cleaning”!

Oatmeal is the wonder-child of cereals. It redeems any type of skin problem, it treats dry, oily, itchy and even aging skin! Love oatmeal, and it shall love you back!

3. Toner. Use the Apple cider vinegar-rosemary toner again. Radiant face? Cheeeeck!

4. Moisturizer. Apply a few drops of almond oil onto your face and neck again, and if you have dark circles, massage an extra drop of oil around your eyes every night before bed. Almond oil has lightening properties, so give this a couple of weeks, and you’re almost guaranteed to see a difference!

5. Pimple fighter. A dab of tea tree oil with a cotton swab on each red little sucker will make them squeal in agony and disappear off of your face faster than you can say synchronous diaphragmatic flutter. But be careful if you’ve never used it before, because it’s very strong and can cause allergic reactions etc. So try a teeny tiny drop of the oil on the inside of your forearm before you put it on your face. And don’t eat it. Because you’re not supposed to. And if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, avoid using this.

So why should you use food instead of skin products in the hygiene section? 1. It’s much cheaper and lasts longer. I bought a new bottle of almond oil for about £7 in October, and it’s 2/3 full. 2. It’s nicer on the environment. No chemicals! 3. It’s nicer to you. No more rubbing chemicals on your delicate skin! Hope this helped you, and please, ask me if you have questions!

Oil Cleansing

“As counterproductive as it may sound, oil cleansing is a terrific way to cleanse your skin… Here’s a fact though: oil dissolves oil. This means that by using the right oils, you can effectively cleanse your skin. When done correctly and consistently, oil cleansing can clear up the following skin conditions: oily skin, dry skin, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.” - Willow And Sage, Autumn 2016, ‘The Ins And Outs Of Oil Cleansing’ <- aka where this info was retrieved from

-hot water
-soft washcloth

the oil for you:
CASTOR: most effective for cleansing. usually part of an oil-cleansing blend
JOJOBA: good for all skin types, especially acne-prone
SWEET ALMOND: all skin types, especially oily
GRAPE SEED: all types, especially oily
AVOCADO: best for dry/aging skin
ARGAN: pricey !! but good for all types, especially aging

castor is good for cleaning but can by drying. here are variations for skin types:

OILY SKIN: 2/3 castor oil to 1/3 carrier oil
NORMAL SKIN: equal parts castor + carrier oil
DRY SKIN: 1/3 castor to 2/3 carrier oil

to cleanse skin:
“unlike washing your face with soap and water, there is no need to remove any makeup before you begin… using your fingertips, gently massage a small amount of oil into your skin, taking care around your eyes… rub oil into skin for about 2 minutes. place a wash cloth in hot water and wring out excess water. place the washcloth over your face and let it sit and steam up your skin. this is key to removing dirt from your pores. wash out the washcloth and repeat this two or three times. remove all oil residue from your face with your damp washcloth. moisturize as desired.”

in short:
1. massage oil into face with fingertips for ~2 minutes
2. place a wrung-out cloth with hot water over the face to steam skin
3. repeat 2-3 times
4. remove oil residue with cloth and moisturize

Egg White and Yogurt 

This mask is not only easy, but incredibly effective. Egg white tightens pores and helps with oil production, as well as lifting up the face. Yogurt softens and moisturizes the skin, and helps face discolorations and blemishes.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, 1 egg white

Use: Apply to clean face and leave on for until it is completely dry

Watermelon and Banana

Most oily skin in dry underneath the surface, which causes the oil glands to produce more oil. Watermelon is an excellent way to moisturize oily skin, and coupled with banana, it is perfect to nourish skin and control oil production.

Ingredients: about half a cup of mashed up watermelon without the seeds, half a ripe banana mashed up (optional: 2 drops of tea tree oil)

Use: Apply to clean face and leave on for 10-15 minutes

Peach, Egg White, and Sour Cream

Peaches are full of vitamins and minerals, and are great for moisturizing. Sour cream contains Lactic Acid, which is an amazing natural exfoliant, and is known to boost collagen production. Egg white is excellent for tightening pores and fading discoloration. 

Ingredients: 1 ripe peach, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of sour cream

Use: Apply to clean face, and leave on for 10-12 minutes.


This is why you always price check before you buy!

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Check out the MAKE P:REM seller page on Amazon and get your life.

Recipe: Peppermint foot cream

This is a recipe I adjusted a bit from the Kokum butter foot cream by Karen Gilbert in her book A Green Guide To Natural Beauty.


Oil phase

5 g shea butter

10 g cocoa butter

5 g emulsifying wax

2 tsp jojoba oil

Water phase

4 tbsp peppermint infusion (soak a pure peppermint tea bag in hot water for this)

1 tsp glycerin

1 tsp raw honey

Cooling phase

20 drops vitamin E oil

20 drops preservative (I use Paratexin IPT)

20 drops essential peppermint oil

1. Oil phase: Melt the shea and cocoa butters and emulsifying wax in a double boiler. ***It will take a bit of patience but melt the emulsifying wax thoroughly. Otherwise you will have unpleasant wax lumps in your finished foot cream.***

2. Water phase: Heat peppermint infusion, glycerin and honey in another double boiler.

3. Add jojoba oil into the oil phase and heat the mixture. Take the water phase out of the water, but keep the oil phase in the water.

4. Start mixing the oil phase with a milk frother. Pour the water phase into the oil phase and keep mixing it for about a minute.

5. Move the mixture dish into a bowl with cold water in it and keep mixing until the mixture thickens a bit.

6. Add vitamin E oil, preservative and the essential oil into the mixture when it has cooled down a bit. ***Do not let the cream cool too much. Otherwise the oils and the preservative won’t mix with the cream properly and you are left with oil floating at the top of the cream.***

7.  Move the foot cream into a sterilized jar with a spoon.