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ok so that medical!seventeen juSt crushed my poor heart it was too soft!! if it's not too much can i request a children's gp!soonyoung falling in love with you?

jgkgfj im glad♡ and of course, here u go !!

  • u have a younger sibling who is unfortunately kinda unwell so has to go to the doctors a lot to get check ups
  • it’s always u that has to take them and care for them because ur parents are too busy but u dont mind because u love ur younger sibling so much (hard to imagine ik lmao)
  • the local surgery just got a new children’s gp and you’d been expecting some grumpy middle aged woman but u walk in w ur sibling and
  • wow
  • u never realised a gp could be so attractive
  • he leaps up beaming this massive adorable smile like “hello!!!! im dr kwon but u pls call me soonyoung,, i’ll be y/s/n’s new gp” and as u shake his hand u feel urself melt a little a lot
  • even from ur sibling’s first appointment, u know they absolutely love soonyoung as they won’t stop grinning and jiggling up and down which honestly makes u so relieved and happy
  • and then at the end of the appointment soonyoung turns to ur sibling and is like “u were super brave today!! if u promise me a smile i’ll give u a sticker, does that sound like a good deal”
  • ur sibling nods so over-enthusiastically that u can’t help but giggle
  • and then it goes quiet and u realise soonyoung is staring at u but as u look his way he quickly diverts his attention and clears his throat
  • and u think i’m pretty sure he just blushed but ?? no way
  • altho u hate that ur sibling is ill and would do anything to make them better, u actually begin to look forward to visiting soonyoung and u can’t possibly think why ??
  • the next time u go, when soonyoung is explaining something u literally have no idea what he’s saying just bc ur staring at his face and admiring his beauty and his voice and just nodding
  • and then suddenly u realise he’s stopped talking and ur sibling prods u in the leg and ur like “hm sorry?” and soonyoung does the cutest little giggle and his eyes go all crinkly and u feel ur stomach do this massive flip and ur like fuck no so u quickly scramble to pick up u and ur sibling’s things and ur mumble “thankyouverymuchforyourhelp” before shoving ur sibling out the door just bc ur blushing so furiously
  • the next time u go u try to make an effort with ur appearance just bc ….. u might kind of almost like soonyoung just a tiny bit
  • during the appointment ur sibling leans across to soonyoung and whispers something in his ear and soonyoung suddenly flushes and whispers back “i agree” whilst smiling and ur like ??????
  • u need to pick up ur sibling’s prescription so u tell them to go wait in the car so they sprint off, and then as ur leaving soonyoung says ur name
  • u turn around and he’s like. right there. right in front of u. radiating beauty and intelligence and rly good smelling cologne and then he hands u a tiny piece of paper and says “this is my personal number .. i-i mean just in case anything happens with y/s/n”
  • ur so close to him and his fingers brush urs as he gives u his number, u literally can’t breathe or move or say anything so u just kind of squeak a “thank u” and rush out
  • and ur heart is racing so fast that u rLY need a doctor fr
  • on the way home ur sibling casually says “i asked soonyoung if he thought u looked pretty today and he said yes” AND U DEADASS ALMOST CRASH THE CAR
  • u and soonyoung seem to get closer every time u go for ur sibling’s appointments,, sometimes u guys just end up sitting there chatting away until ur sibling starts huffing and complaining
  • he might text u smiley faces if he gets free time during one of his shifts or will text u “did u know [insert nerdy medical fact]”
  • thEN one day u decide to take ur sibling on a day out to this park and ur buying them and ice cream when u hear them shout “sooooonyoung!!!!!”
  • and ur thinking shitshitshit im dressed as an actual tramp not today not today not today-
  • u turn and see ur sibling run up to soonyoung and give him a massive hug
  • then u see soonyoung look around for u and when his eyes meet urs they light up and he produces the biggest smile whilst waving
  • somehow u guys end up spending the day together on a highlowkey date
  • soonyoung piggybacks ur sibling round (dad material) as u guys walk and chat and laugh and ur hands keep accidentally touching and !!!!!!!!! its literally the best day youve ever had ++ u realise you’ve fallen way too hard for him
  • … literally
  • u trip over ur own laces and even though u just burst out laughing, soonyoung immediately tries to help u and keeps asking of ur okay and insists ur injured so he’ll have to drive u home even tho u keep reassuring him that ur fine
  • being the doctor he is, he sits u down and helps clean up ur grazes
  • the whole time u cant stop colour creeping into ur cheeks as u watch his fingers move about ur skin with such care and concern and u study the adorable concentration in his face and the way his tongue sticks out between his lips and !!!!
  • u cant stop grinning like. forever
  • ur sibling is getting better so, sadly, ur doctor visits become less frequent, meaning u see soonyoung less and less which is beginning to kill u a little
  • then one night soonyoung texts u and asks u to come to the practice to “talk about something to do w y/s/n, completely work related” ,,,, sure
  • but by the time u get there he’s fallen asleep on his desk face-down on a pile of paper work
  • so u get him a coffee from the vending machine for when he wakes up and u drape ur jacket over him bc it’s getting cold and then try to leave as quietly as possible as not to wake him
  • as soon as you’ve made it out the door u feel a warm hand grab ur own and u turn round to find a sleepy-looking soonyoung gazing at u through bed-hair and ur heart does a little “!!!!”
  • he doesn’t even say anything, he just tugs u into his arms and cocoons u in his chest
  • ur entire body feels warm and ur heart is beating way too fast and suddenly everything is okay bc ur there with him
  • he groggily murmurs into ur hair “i just wanted to see u to tell u that i think i’m in love with u”
  • and u realise right there and then that ur the happiest person on earth

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Skincare tips?????????? Help

Get yourself a non foaming basic cleanser, it doesn’t have to have a ton of beneficial ingredients bc it is in your skin for a really short amount of time and won’t do much anyway- so as long as it doesn’t strip away your natural oils you’re good.
A basic moisturizer, also only containing rather basic ingredients is good enough- it’s only job should be keeping the moisture in your skin.
Target other skin care concerns specifically, like you got issues with acne- get something with antibacterial properties, discoloration- vitamin c, dryness- try working in some oils and see what you like best.
Other than that use sun screen i like mine to be non-chemical and have a spf of around 20-30.


We ask an expert why you should amp up your skin care routine with a regular peel.

Your beauty products work best on clean, healthy skin, and nothing helps skin get its groove back more than a quality peel. But what makes a quality peel? What sort of results should you expect? When should you use one? We ask Jamie Anderson, Sephora’s Director of Education and Client Solutions. She clarifies all that and more, as well as explains why the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta line has the best starter or supplemental peels for most people. BECKY PEDERSON

Let’s start with the basics first. What’s the purpose of regular peels?

The benefits to a peel are multifold, but they certainly help with radiance. They also help with texture, so you’ll have softer, glowing skin. Dr. Gross, in particular, is a perfect example of micro exfoliation, which is just literally sloughing off that very top, superficial layer of dead skin while keeping all of the other layers nicely intact. You want that dead layer off because it makes your complexion look dull and rough.

Does this affect beauty product application?

Yes. By cleaning your slate, it leaves your skin ready to maximize whatever you follow with. You’re really just setting your skin up for success for whatever follows. And that definitely does include makeup. It makes your makeup glide on really evenly.

What sorts of skin care concerns will a peel address?

It can be really effective on a multitude of specific concerns: the look of pores that are enlarged, sun damage, dark spots oftentimes left over from breakouts, fine lines, and wrinkles. Because when you think about what a peel is actively doing on your skin, it’s supporting cell turnover.

How often should a person peel?

It kind of depends on your starting point with your skin and your skin type, what your needs are, and your environment. There are so many variables that impact your skin. But if you want optimal results from the Dr. Gross line, you should use his Alpha Beta Original and Extra Strength peels every day. And his Medi-Spa Peel is recommended for once a week in addition to your daily peel.

That said, I wouldn’t want anyone to trade out his or her current peel routine for this, if what you do now is working for you. This is more incremental, like something you can include in your routine to have bigger and better results.

Is there an optimal time of day to peel?

I think people should do it when they can, because compliance and consistency are what count.

Personally, in a world of everything being equal, I would do it at night because your skin really does go into recovery mode when you sleep and is very receptive to ingredients that you follow with. So it would be great to go ahead and get that layer off that’s impeding your nighttime routine.

It seems like the Medi-Spa Peel in particular is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

I will say the experience itself is more luxurious, so it might be a special treat that you reserve for your weekends when you have time.

With the Dr. Gross peels, the solution always comes in pre-soaked cotton rounds. In this peel, the cotton round is a little more robust and has a little more oomph to it. It’s not paper-thin and it’s not a scruffy, textured round. It’s very soft and pillowy. But it does have some heft to it, so it can maneuver your skin and stay intact as a viable, physical exfoliant to help distribute the solution.

The solution, of course, is a chemical exfoliant. It’s unique to this product and very elevated. And then the neutralizing step, which is what we love about Dr. Gross, is the second. Obviously, it’s a very purposeful process.

What about it is purposeful?

It links directly back to his dermatological practice. After you apply an acidic peel, you’re affecting your pH. When your pH is in flux, you want to neutralize it. What’s special about Dr. Gross is that the neutralizers in his peels all have a lot of treatment benefits as well. So, you’re not just neutralizing; you’re conditioning and hydrating as well.

This neutralizer in particular has a beautiful texture; it’s a milky, soft liquid that just feels lovely on your skin. It’s delightful, really.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of putting acids on their face. Should that be a concern?

People hear acids and assume that means burning off. I want everybody to understand that you are not likely to see pieces of skin peel off. I can’t imagine a scenario where this would cause that, unless you used it incorrectly.

The acids in these peels aren’t designed to burn off your skin. In fact, a perfect example of a well-known acid that does the exact opposite is hyaluronic acid. Its whole primary benefit is as a humectant. It attracts and binds water to your skin.

At what age should a person start peeling? Should you start sooner rather than later?

It depends on the peel and other variables. I will say, if you use a gentle peel, you can certainly start in your mid or late 20s. Certainly by 30, you’ll have an actual, physiological need to peel because that’s when you start to notice dead skin doesn’t slough off on its own as effectively and ideally as it should.

The hard facts are that when you’re younger, your skin does a great job of turning itself over. Pretty much every 28 days, the dead skin is gone and you’ve got that beautiful, new, glowing skin right underneath.

But as you age, by the time you hit 35 it’s more like every 35 days, instead of 28. So you’ve got a whole week of lag time there, where you’re facing the world with that accumulated surface of dead skin cells. And then, of course, the lag time gets longer as you get older.

The most critical thing is to wear sunscreen 365 days a year under any circumstances. If you’re peeling at any age, you definitely need to do that.


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Totally off topic here, but i need some advice/your opinion. I know some people who get "mild chemical peels" done by a dermatologist at least 1-2 times a year even though they dont have much skin damage. Im wanting to get one done but do you think its safe to have it done even if i dont have much skin damage/brown spots? Ive got like 6 brown spots on my face, the worst is literally in the middle of my nose. But are chemical peels safe/effective & healthy to do once a year? ❤️ love ya JD

Hello sweet heart, don’t go for chemical anything until you try some home remedies first onion apple cider vinegar, The cider vinegar is amazing to keep on hand, great for cleansing your under arms, kill bacteria that can cause BO

try reducing first, start saving for laser removal if the nature remedies don’t work enough for your liking, talk to a makeup artist at a salon on how you can blend using concealers.

Never go outside without sunblock, wear sunglasses even in the pool, make sure your moisturizer has sunblock and most foundations have sunblock built in, big hat or sit under umbrella mine has silver underside 99% uv protection. Stop laying out in the sun it will only make it darker. Reapply sunblock, I really like the spray ones, so easy. Drink water, tons of it, all day, this will plump the skin, it’s thirsty. The skin is the largest organ on your body, give it a little love. Nothing like a good facial, omg, fall right to sleep. 

PS: you may want to buy what lifeguards use on your nose, they come in colors, if going to the beach

Thanks for the ask!

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For a Trans Fenris prompt, maybe Fenris' first time bathing with Hawke?

It had been too long since Fenris had a proper bath ran for him. He had was accustomed to scrubbing himself down with a hot wet cloth and a simple cheap piece of soap. The Free Marshes weren’t quite warm enough for Fenris to even feel tempted to bathe on the road during their missions that had them making camp, the water in the lakes and rivers weren’t as clear and inviting as they had been in Tevinter either. Not to mention the vulnerability that came with bathing on the road, too many slavers and hunters wanting his skin to let him feel comfortable stripping his armor.

But vulnerability was something that Fenris was finding more and more comfortable with Hawke. It felt good to let go, to strip away his armor and his plates and the bindings and have a man’s touch feel gentle and loving on his skin. And even like this, sharing the warm bath water with him in his quarters like this, he felt peaceful. Leaning back against Hawke as he stretched his sore feet in the warmth, Hawke rubbing something sweet against his back, being so intimate without any degree of expectation. It felt good.

“Alright?” Hawke kissed the back of Fenris’ neck as the elf sighed.

“Yes.” Fenris almost purred, “Could be hotter. I will have to run the next one for you, boil the water with some petals and herbs, it’s better for your skin.”

Hawke was quiet for a second, no doubt filling blanks in his head at the comment. “Can I wash your hair?” He asked, running his dripping wet hand against Fenris’ scalp as he leaned into it. 

“Depends.” Fenris said as he picked the small bottle from Hawke’s hand to inspect it. The words were too complicated for him yet, but there was an image on it that he recognized. It wasn’t the garbage the merchants peddled at the lowest costs, but it wasn’t what he preferred either. At least it wouldn’t stain his hair green. He made a small noise as he handed it back. “Fine. But tomorrow I am going to get you some proper products, can’t have you dry out all of our skin.”

Hawke chuckled as he took the bottle back, “I hate to ask but, Tevinter imports?”

Fenris shrugged, “No one else knows how to take care of their skin apparently.”



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