My Must Have Makeup & Beauty Products w/ Links

Charcoal Soap (clears acne FAST.)

Orange Vanilla Bath Salts 

Baby Foot (A product that removes dry skin and makes your feet smooth.)

Cherry Lip Scrub (This stuff is amazing and has a nice texture.)

Makeup Setting Mist

Makeup Sponges

Shimmering Facial Whip (Use on any part of face)

AWESOME lipstick for $3 (My favorites are black out & wine tour)

Airbrush Cream Foundation

Hi! I learned a new ho tip for skin care tonight. Instead of buying Bioré blackhead nose strips, you can make your own. I tested it out tonight and it worked so I wanna share it with my fellow hoes. Buy unflavored and unscented gelatin (I bought a 4 pack at Walmart for $1.48). Get a small bowl and a measuring cup for 1 tsp. Measure out and put 1 tsp of the gelatin in the bowl. Add 3 tsp of milk (any kind, doesn’t matter). Mix it all together then put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Mix it again and apply directly to the areas that have blackheads (careful, it may be hot). Let it sit for 15 minutes until it is dry and hard. Peel it off, and the blackheads come right out!!!
- @somberinnocence
Thank you so much for sharing, girl. Much appreciated

skin care tips

hey yall!! as you may or may not know, im a bit of a skin care addict – ive dealt with numerous different skin problems thanks to my ultra sensitive skin (shouts out to my mom for the genes) so im going to outline some troubles and solutions ive dealt with along the way. if you have a problem not listed here and need some help, feel free to message or inbox me! i might still have an answer for you. there’s no affiliate links besides paula’s choice, but the cool thing is you get 10$ off your order if you use it so it helps both of us!

1. dry skin

ive dealt with a mild case of dry skin my entire life so im always searching for new creams and moisturizers to help me out. so far on my journey ive found a couple decent ones that may help you out too!! 

  • advanced clinicals collagen lotion ($5-$12), i was super impressed the first time i used this. it not heavy yet leaves your skin feeling plump and soft and lasts forever. plus, for the amount of product, its a steal!!
  • trader joe’s moisturizing cream ($10ish) very rich/thick and i find you dont need too much to get the job done! 
  • paula’s choice moisture boost face cream (being discontinued on sale for 19$, 9$ with my code) this one’s a no brainer for me, paula’s products always leave me feeling fresh outta the womb smooth lmao, even the driest part of my face (outer cheeks) end up feeling like silk
  • raw shea butter (varies, please support black/african businesses when purchasing) some find shea butter to be comedogenic so patch test and be wary when trying!! but, for me, it makes me skin extremely silky and lasts even after i wash my skin which is very rare for someone with dry/sensitive skin!! absolute must have and holy grail for me.
  • tips: avoid products that state they have no oil, thats what your skin needs to hydrate itself! drink lots of water, avoid products that make your skin feel tight, avoid alcohols.

2. sensitive skin

i suffer from rosacea and have since i was a child, i remember everyone commenting on how rosey my face was constantly. my skin also freaks out to any harsh ingredients. here’s whats helped me:

  • paula’s choice calm repairing serum ($32, $22 w/ my link, and even cheaper if you can catch a 20% off sale, which happens often) oh my god i cannot praise this enough! i am not exaggerating when i say even after ONE application i noticed a difference in my redness. where i usually stay spotty, even when gentle and attentive, looked even and smooth. ive only purchased once but definitely adding it to my cart when i run out.
  • cosrx aha whitehead liquid ($15) some people find chemical exfoliators to be extremely harsh when they have sensitive skin. if that sounds familiar, this is for you. there was a period where my bha was causing my skin to peel badly and cause my treated spots to become easily irritated. i switched it out with this for a bit and its just as effective yet i find it to be a bit more gentle than the other products ive used.
  • hada labo foaming cleanser ($10) usually cleansers have a habit of leaving my skin feeling very tight and itchy and not in a good way. i find hado labo (a japanese company) does a good job of avoiding that while still leaving me feeling thoroughly cleansed
  • cetaphil gentle cleanser (~$10) nothing to say besides absolute must have (or at least a knock off of it) for sensitive skin, i dont know how but this literally moisturizes and smooths while cleansing. maybe its magic.
  • tips: avoid fragrance, avoid alcohol, avoid essential oils w/ fragrance, avoid extremely heavy creams (at least in sensitive areas), avoid “microabrasion” and products that claim they do something similar

3. “blackheads”, skin colored bumps, closed comedones, enlarged pores, texture (face/body)

most people confuse a textured nose or forehead with blackheads – the truth is, unless there’s an actual black colored pore, its probably excess sebum or closed comedones. thankfully, its extremely easily treated and nearly EVERYONE suffers from them at some point in their life. its normal, don’t fret!

  • paula’s choice 2% bha liquid ($28, $18 w/ my link) if i could choose one skin care item to use for the rest of my life it would be this. i believe this was the first “high end” skin care product i ever purchased and im glad it was! this changed my skin care game completely, shrunk tf out of my pores, and left me with the smooth textured nose i always desired. its a really good place to start on treating your skin in my opinion and i rec it to everyone that asks
  • paula’s choice resist spot treatment ($48, $38 w/ my link) before my comments, id really advise you to wait until a sale and/or 20%+ off code!! its pretty pricey!! that said, salicylic acid must’ve been crafted by the silk skin gods. if you have particularly troubled areas such as bumpy inner cheeks, id grab this. its basically a bit more powerful version of the all over bha liquid and zaps away clogged pores and uneven skin
  • alba botanics face/body acnedote ($8) i recently added this to my routine and i dont think im ever going to give it up!! it gives a good yet gentle scrub, it lathers, it leaves you feeling fresh, clean, and smooth. you literally need a dime size amount for your face and probably a quarter for your body areas and it does such an amazing job!! ive already noticed a glow and next level smooth already.
  • tip: please don’t pick!! i know its tempting but itll help you in the long run if you resist! don’t touch your face!!

a good starting routine! skin care can seem intimidating if you don’t know where to start, so here’s my suggestion:

  1. if you wear makeup, use an oil to remove, itll help your follow up cleanser get a better clean (i use avocado, please patch test and check comedogenicity)
  2. foaming or lathering cleanser
  3. chemical exfoliator
  4. spot treatment for your main troubles
  5. cream

if you have any questions feel free to ask me, ill get back to you as soon as i can!! thanks for reading!

Hay guys, so I just wanted to put y'all on to this beauty right here. This here is a vanity planet ultimate skin spa system, basically a face brush and its high key better than a wash cloth. Like it cleanses my face, frees me of break outs and isn’t so harsh like how I can be with my washcloth. It comes with two brushes and an exfoliator & the handle has a light speed and a faster speed for the stubborn dirt that doesn’t seem to want to go away. I’m literally glowing and I d.a want y'all to glow too! So here’s the link for the skin spa system & more products with 70% off of the original prices. Don’t say I never put yall on

all offense stop asking people with acne “have you tried washing your face” for reasons 1) it’s rude and uncalled for 2) yes we have 3) they didn’t work 4) you’re shaming people and acting like we’re unclean when a lot of times we have much better hygeine than you and 5) you don’t know shit about my acne or how to treat it because you’re not a dermatologist so stfu


So I ordered some things from ELF Cosmetics (the top picture). My package came in today and I knew I was getting a free eyeshadow, but y'all they sent me SEVEN free FULL SIZE gifts!!!! They sent me a mascara primer, mascara, eyelid primer, glitter eyeliner (so excited to use this), a eyeshadow/eyeliner duo in a purple shade- I searched this as soon as I saw it and I could not believe how beautiful and pigmented it was o m g, the backed eyeshadow palette, and an eyelash curler.

The things that I actually bought included in the top picture were several skin care products- the hydrating bubble mask and application brush (this was so much fun putting on tonight), an exfoliating scrub, and a daily face cleanser. I also bought a fan brush and some high definition translucent powder!

I just can’t even express my love for ELF! It is such a good, affordable brand. I am so happy and very impressed. I have used ELF for a long time and I can’t wait to continue to learn and use more of their products!

Your favorite skin care nerd wrote up a huge comprehensive skin care guide for anyone who’s interested!! I included my own routine which mainly has Western (American) skin care products, but I included a few Asian products too if you’re into that. I said this in the other two places where I posted it, but probably don’t read this if you’re heavily #teamnaturalskincare cuz you’ll get mad and want to fight but idc, don’t inbox me with your tears. I’m just here to have a good time and help people out ok.

Here is the guide, happy reading and feel free to reblog!! Please take your time getting through it before asking questions, I included just about everything I can think of and am too tired to really field any more questions than I’ve already gotten about it.

My Skincare Routine (Including Makeup)

Hi sweetheart! First off, I really appreciate the compliment, as my skin is something I put quite a bit of time (and money) into maintaining! 

Second, this was initially going to be a quick list of what I use, but I am a huge self care nerd, and it turned into this monster of a post - I will include the bullet list/how much things retail for at the bottom.

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all my ladies into skin care on a budget, I’d really recommend Korean stuff. you can find stuff on amazon & some brands I’d recommend are Nature’s Republic, Indisfree, & Skin Food. also yall could find sheet masks for super cheap from these brands too, like less than a $1 each. feel like any of these anywhere else are too pricey.


Just a short demo of an all natural and vegan Turmeric Scrub :)

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