Why did I go vegan?

Why did I go vegan?

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Growing up, fast food was a staple of mine. I kid you not, I ate McDonald’s almost every day. No fast food chain was off limits. KFC, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut…this was my childhood. While my mom regularly prepared meals from scratch at home, we still ate out often simply because it was easier, or at least it seemed easier at the time. My father, on the other hand, obsessed…

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Aujourd'hui j'ai découvert une musique absolument GENIALE.
C'est une chanson sur le citron, avec un clip complètement fou et des gens déguisés en citron. Oui oui.
Le compositeur est libanais, il s'appelle Bachar Mar-Khalife et le morceau c’est Lemon.
Allez, on met le son à fond et on shake son booty.