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anonymous asked:

What would Infinite be like when they're husbands?

Sunggyu would be an amazing husband. He would try to keep the house in order all the time. He would be really pacific with your child and never yell to them even if they have done something wrong. He would always talk to them in a pacific way. He would help you in everything you need.

L would be a loving husband. He would love to act as you were teenagers in love again, kissing you, giving you backhugs, skimo kisses, laughing, movies together, etc. He wouldn’t put away that time of your life after you get married, everything would be kind of the same. 

Sungjong would be a happy husband. He would love to see you smile. If you’re feeling down, or you’re too tired, he would do anything he can to bring the smile again to your face. He would buy some stuff sometimes, surprising you.

Sungyeol would be a normal husband. You can have highs and lows with him. You will fight, kiss, make love, smile, laugh, cry. He would cook for you sometimes. 

Hoya would be a working husband. He would be all the time stressed and coming home late because of work, but it would be good to him to find you at home. You’ll be his strength. He would love kissing you and hugging you after a long day at work.

Woohyun would be a dorky husband. He would be doing silly stuff like a kid all the time and make alliances with your child to make you angry. When you’re about to explode, all of them would do an attempt of aegyo making you laugh in the end. He would try to do house working but he wouldn’t be the best at it.

Dongwoo would be a mix of all. Mostly nomal like Sungyeol, but can be also a dork like Woohyun, or bring back your teenage years like Myungsoo, try to make you happy like Sungjong, work all day like Hoya and love you like Sunggyu.


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[text] Holy shit, you're with Robbie!??? [text] Please have sex with him, then we can be skimo sissys.

Text: Yesssss, I am! 

Text: Ewwwww that would be…gross. Right? I mean honestly, I’m not too sure. I feel like I’ve been brainwashed to think it would be gross. But he’s fucking

Text: We’ve been drinking. 

Summit of Mt. Adams right before we skied off and dropped the SW chutes. #fuckyeabro #ski #mountains #skimo #lasportiva #dynastar #gripitandripit

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“I want you to be happy.”

“Well that’s kinda random.” He’d chuckle and glanced over at the ravenette with a shrug of his shoulders and one raised brow. The fact was he was quite happy with where he was. “Listen, even if I don’t express it that much, there is not a shred of me being upset, or regretful…” Lukas cleared his throat, offering a grin, and wrapping an arm around his shoulders, pulling Skia in closer to him. “Truth is, you make me happy, so as long as I have you in my life, then I won’t have to worry about being sad, understand?” he’d grin and leaned in to press a little nuzzle against the side of his face, before pulling back. “Goof ball, Skimo~”