skimlines pottery


I’ve been thinking about a certain kind of Korean pottery from the 12th century. The vases I were looking at use a carving and colored slip technique, where a shape is carved into the whole vase, then a (white) slip is applied and scraped away, and then they carve out more lines, then coat the vessel with a black slip, then scrape that away…. and that’s how they get this:

One day I’d like to try this, but it will be a while before I have the free time to pursue such a grand project. o.o

For this cup, I was thinking about this, and while throwing and carving a vase is still years away, I thought I would try some stylized clouds that look like the abstract clouds I’ve seen in certain Korean wall scrolls.

This wispy cloud cup is on sale here:


There’s one little bare spot on the lip of this cup, but it resonates with the shape of the glaze on the opposite side of it. The clay was fired to temperature so the exposed clay doesn’t pose a health problem, so I think I will leave this as is.

^^ sometimes I fire a cup twice to correct this kind of stuff, but sometimes I accept it.

This cup is unusually big for a tea cup.

It’s taller and wider than some of my mugs o.o


Kiki’s delivery service ♡ I really really like this movie so the face was really hard to render, but I think by clay standards it came out well. For the last panel I think I might make it Spirited Away, but also I really like Whispers of the Heart, so I may hide a violin in the background.

I’m goping to have this vase done in time for Otakon & I have an etsy shop with tea cups:

I’ll be at fanime 2016 this weekend with a limited number of cups, drawings, and my comic book Morie the Witch.