Zap vs Victoria vs Exile:

Zap - I can’t even explain how much hatred I have toward your boards.  Unreliable, extremely flimsy, and the fiber glass/art chips away easily with just a scratch of sand.  Even with extra carbon epoxy/e glass you are still a piece of SHIT and I will never ride one of your boards again.  Plus, all your art looks like it came out of a trashy magazine anyway.  Then again, the price point for how much maintenance was put into each one, is relatively decent. (1)

Victoria - Remembering the first time I saw one, “Woah, sick board.” Then I saw it being ridden.  Now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the rider fucking up.  You’re with Zap on the flimsy side.  Why the FUCK would you produce something that’s 1/8 in. thick?  Is that a marketing scheme you’re trying to propose so people buy more? Well, it’s not working. I recommend you put warnings for people that are a bit heavier that want 1/8 in.  I saw this thing snap, straight up.  Why not offer ¾ in for every board? (6)

Exile - Baby, I love you.  I knew the first time I laid eyes on you, I needed you under my feet.  Not only do you have great customer service, but your boards are great.  From the art to thickness to non-vulnerability and sleekness, everything is perfect.  No wonder they’re such a high price.  It’s worth it though, I wouldn’t give you guys a bad review any day.  I just wish the surf shop downtown would sell you. :( Although the reaction to wax is pretty bad, I usually have to scrape it off every two weeks during summer because it so easily wipes away.  Whatever, it’s the durability that counts. (1000000)

*For the record I have tried everyone of these.

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