skim or swim

Chasing Comets

I was afraid,
Chasing the flames
Upon that long tail
That trails upon your fire.
Blazing blue colors across
The darkest parts of the cosmos.

You circle an orange sun
As great as a sleeping giant,
Beyond the rainbows of earth
And the brightest skies.
Filled with sea of clouds
Trembling lush forests
Of blinking lights.

I follow the magic
Of your eyes;
And the grace of your touch-
As you skim along
The rings of Saturn
And swim upon the seas of Europa.

I tell tales of your grace
Like the beauty of Venus.
Fascinating as the stars above,
Beautiful like the nebula
Across galaxies beyond.

I feel your warmth
As red as the sands of mars,
Searing the hardest part
Of my frail stone beating heart
That thumps silently apart…

Yet I still drift…
Along dark matter
Sleeping beyond a void,
Waiting For your return
To resurrect my dying soul…

And perhaps dance with you
In the frozen lakes of Pluto,
Where your smile would shine
The darkest corners
And beam upon the horizons
Of our Universe….

-Kenny Wulf
You are a shooting star