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Black Memories

Jane Hopper was the new girl of Derry, Maine. She was quiet, barely even talked to anyone who wasn’t her dad. From first glance she seemed nice enough; just a silent girl new to town, nothing off about her and that’s how she liked it. She sat in the back of the classroom, kept her head down and refused to draw attention because the less attention on her meant the more time she could stay in whatever town they were in. It should’ve been easy, it really should’ve since it wasn’t a difficult task to complete. The only problem was a boy who looked eerily too much like the one she left behind in Hawkins, and his friends who held personalities that brought back memories from her past. They pushed and prodded her mind, but they seemed nice from a distance, the real problem was that she wasn’t there to make friends with anyone, she was there to hide. So why was one rule she had for herself, hard to keep track of when they were around?


Hopper was running late, his alarm didn’t go off and therefore he was running late. He had to be at work within half an hour and drop El off at her first day of her new high school. They’d moved to the small town of Derry, Maine recently and here they were, starting again. El was sitting in their empty kitchen with a bagel and an eggo in hand, coffee was already in a travel mug on the counter and she seemed ready for school. Wordlessly, she handed him the bagel and then grabbed his coffee as he searched for his keys. Hopper was moving hectically in fear of El being late for her first day in her new school, he heard the unmistakable sound of his keys being shaken and as he turned around, he saw El shaking them behind him.

“Right, let’s go.” He muttered before opening the door and going to his car, El right behind him. The two got in the car and as they drove Hopper spoke up, “Alright kid, it’s a new day and a new school. What are the rules?”

El rolled her eyes slightly, it was the same talk every town but she answered nonetheless. “No powers, no fights, no attention.” Hopper nodded along to the rules before grabbing the hand sitting in her lap. “I know this is a new school and I know you’ve heard these rules countless of times but it’s for your safety and theirs as well. You’re sixteen now, you’re getting older and your powers are getting stronger…it’ll only be a couple more years. As long as we can lay low here, we’ll be fine okay?”

The hand around her’s squeezed and even though she was looking out of the window, she squeezed back. He was right, she knew that, but sometimes she wished he wasn’t. They pulled up in front of her latest high school and together, they sat in the car for a moment. Hopper sighed and let go of her hand, “Alright kid, this is where you get off. I’ll pick you up after school and if I can’t, you know the way to the house right?” El nodded in confirmation before opening her door to walk out.

“Have a good day kid, remember our rules.” He called to her, El turned around to look at him as she gave a slight smile. Hopper watched her walk up the towards the school before pulling away.

El trudged her way up to her new school with a sigh, she could feel the piercing stares of everyone on her back. “Jane Hopper, Jane Hopper, Jane Hopper, Jane Hopper…” she muttered over and over to herself, that’s who she was. “I am Jane Hopper.” She whispered as she opened the doors to the new school.

People wouldn’t stop staring, that’s what they always did and it always bothered her. She was the new kid in that small town, of course people were going to stare. She already had her class schedule, she had gotten it over the weekend when she went with Hopper. When El got to her first class of the day, the teacher had already begun talking as class already started. She was late, she knew that, fifteen minutes late and what a way to start her first day. The teacher was an older man, he reminded her of Mr. Clarke from her short time in Hawkins, and he greeted her with a smile once the door was opened.

“Come in, come in,” he said, “class, this is our new student…what’s your name sweetheart?” he asked once he realized he didn’t know her name. El stood to his left with her head ducked down, “Jane Hopper.” she spoke, her voice soft.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you Jane Hopper, I’m Mr. Johnson as you probably already knew. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” He offered and when El shook her head no, he didn’t push and simply told her to grab a seat anywhere that was empty. Eyes still cast downward, she moved quickly towards a seat behind a girl with lovely red hair. El sat and placed her bag to her side before feeling a tap on her shoulder. She didn’t tense up as she normally would but something about the touch felt calm, genuine and kind, even though there was a hint of something darker that she could feel underneath it all. Turning around, it was the girl with the short red hair meeting her silent stare with a slight smile, “Hi, I’m Beverly Marsh. Nice to meet you Jane.” Her voice too, was quiet, perhaps it was because Mr. Johnson had resumed talking about whatever it was before she had arrived. El nodded and her silence seemed off putting to Beverly but that didn’t stop her from asking for El’s schedule. Once Jane handed it to her, she watched as the other girl skimmed it with her smile growing. “Well, it seems that we have next period together and a few others as well. We also have lunch together! Would you mind if I walked your to our next class?”

El shook her head, she didn’t really mind either way. Eventually her lack of communication would push Beverly away and she didn’t have a problem with that. She didn’t come to make friends or gain attention from others, she came for a place to stay and lay low. “Awesome.” Beverly whispered with yet, another smile. After that, Beverly handed El back her schedule without another word and watched the girl in front of her, turn back around.

The class went on without another word spoken from either of them, and once the bell rang, Beverly was waiting at the door. The two walked down the hall and the once talking most of the way was the taller one of the two, she spoke of the classes and their next teacher. As the bell rang and the class passed, nothing eventful happened. Two classes down and only five more to go. Beverly walked her to her third period before saying goodbye as she went on to her class.

It was strange, Beverly didn’t seem to mind the fact that El had hardly said a word to her. Most people in her old schools didn’t want to be around her, they all thought she was too weird or too quiet to be around. Beverly didn’t seem bothered, she just kept talking with a small smile.

In her third class of the day, her teacher attempted to make her do an “introduce yourself to the class” but all they got was a simple, “I’m Jane Hopper.” And then she was redirected to a seat on the right side of the classroom. She sat next to a boy who turned to her with a slight smile, “H-hi, I’m B-Bill.” He put out his hand and after a moment of thought, she shook it hesitantly. Again, as she had felt with Beverly, his touch was kind but there was a sense of something even darker underneath. “Jane.” she said.

“Nice t-to meet you.” He replied and El noticed that his stutter didn’t seem to happen out of nervousness. She nodded back in response instead of answering. Bill seemed nice enough, he didn’t mind that she was quiet because he kept quiet too, perhaps because of his stutter. The class went off without a problem and El was ready to leave already. Beverly wasn’t outside waiting until after fourth period which was very surprising. “Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to come to lunch with me? I sit with a few friends and maybe you’d like them.” Beverly offered.

El wasn’t good with social interaction and she wasn’t supposed to draw attention, sitting with these new people that she didn’t even know would guarantee attention. She shifted, “I’m not sure…” but Beverly gave her an encouraging look, “Come on, I promise they don’t bite. You won’t have to talk if you don’t want to, I just don’t want to leave you eating lunch alone on your first day. I know how much that sucks.” El really wanted to say no, she really did but what came out was the complete opposite, “Okay.”

The smile she got in return was elated and very bright, “Awesome!” Beverly grabbed her hand and led/dragged her towards wherever the cafeteria was located. Together they got their food and walked outside, “My friends and I sit outside, I hope you don’t mind.” The shorter of the two shrugged her shoulders in indifference, she didn’t care either way. As the two continued their journey outside, Beverly kept leading the way with her tray in her right hand while her other gripped El’s. They soon came across a group of five boys sitting at a picnic table underneath a tree.

Beverly plopped her tray down onto the table and gathered the others’ attention. “Guys, this is-”, she was cut off by Bill. “J-Jane Hopper.” Eyes shifted to him when he spoke up and El’s eyes looked at him in wonder, she hadn’t really noticed him there. When he saw the eyes of curiosity upon him, he blushed under their stares and spoke up again, “We have ch-chemistry together.” And then he sent a shy smile El’s way, surprisingly gaining one back. Beverly cleared her throat gaining everyone’s attention once more. “Alright, well this is Jane. Jane, these are my friends. That’s Mike, Ben, Stan Eddie, and Bill as you already know. Richie isn’t here yet, probably stuck with Stevenson, ugh.”

The girls sat down and El gave a timid wave towards the boys. Mike was a dark skinned boy with a kind smile and a history book next to him. Ben was a boy who sat to Beverly’s right and held her hand, while his eyes held a gentle warmth to them whenever he looked at anyone there. Stan was a quiet boy with curly hair and faded scars around his face, he just gave her a nod. Eddie was a smaller boy that carried a fannypack around his waist and hand a bottle of hand sanitizer next to her, he didn’t say anything but he seemed polite enough. Bill, the boy who sat next to her in chemistry class and next to her during this lunch, was something else entirely. He was tall and lean and when she shook his hand earlier that day she noticed his other had a jagged scar on it. In fact, everyone at that table did, all resting on their left hand and faded yet still prominent.

The others continued to eat their lunch, chattering to one another while El kept quiet as she ate her lunch as well. She held her head down low but was startled by the lunch tray that clattered in front of her and the loud voice that above her as the person sat down. El’s head shot up in a hurry and what she saw left her shellshocked. In front of her sat a boy who looked too much like the one she left behind, he looked eerily like the one who befriended her at age eleven. Her breathing had ceased, he had matching freckles and beautiful eyes, just like she remembered. Only these eyes were covered by large, thick glasses and wild curly hair. She was confused, what was he doing there? How did he even get there? Her mind ran a mile a minute until Eddie spoke up, “Richie shut up, you’re scaring Jane.”

Richie? Who was Richie, that wasn’t his name…his name was Mike. Mike was short for Michael, just like El was short for Eleven.

Her thought process was interrupted by the sound of Richie’s (Mike?) voice again. This time he spoke with a british accent, very strange sounding, “Good day my dear, I am Richard Tozier, pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He grabbed her hand and placed a sloppy kiss to the back of it leaving her rearing back. She nodded dumbly, pulling her hand back and looking down again running through her thoughts. This was too much, she couldn’t really understand what was happening, it was too much for her head to handle. She could faintly hear the others continue speaking about their classes and laughing at jokes, her breathing was getting harsher and she rocks on the ground were vibrating. Thankfully the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and El was out of their before they could even register it. She called back a “thanks, bye” before she had left because she was a polite girl.

Her mind was all over the place for the rest of the day, there were too many similarities between Mike and this Richie person. Mike had hair was straight but Richie had curly hair, Mike didn’t wear glasses like Richie did nor did Mike speak in such a vulgar and flirty fashion as Richie had done. It was baffling, this boy had the same face as one of her first friends yet they were wildly different. These other teenagers were a mystery as well, they seemed pleasant enough but there was something deep down that she could feel. It was a dark aura, lurking beneath the surface of it all and it left figurative and literal scars on them, she knew that much. They were interesting group but she didn’t come there to make friends, she came for a place to stay.

The day went on and the group invaded her thoughts and she occasionally saw them in her classes or in the hall. They didn’t seem to be bothered by the way she left after lunch was over, they still greeted her with a smile. They were so kind, it was another strange sight to see. No one in her old schools had been kind to her, they all thought she was too weird to be around.

When Hopper picked her up after the last bell of the day rang, she got into the car quickly and they drove off. When she was questioned about how school went, she debated telling him about the Mike look-alike but something told her not to. So she just said, “Good.”

She wasn’t ready to leave this town, not yet at least.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-09: a movie tv poster graphic style

(a Daisy Calloway Meadows version)

“My name is Daisy.” My eyes land on Ryke as I strongly say, “and I have this theory.” My smile stretches wide as soon as his rises.

I am the biographer of my own life

And no one can take that away from me

Here’s Ed in a dress.

FUN FACT: up until about the 40s or 50s, pink was a boy’s color, since it was thought of as a diluted red. Blue was for girls, because Virgin Mary was oft depicted in a soft blue shawl.

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Can I get a scenario where Amajiki Tamaki's male alpha keeps scenting him every time he gets to see him because somehow his scent keeps on coming off of him- So like he does it at the being of school, lunch, after school, in the dorms- I hope this is enough context! :P

this is cute OK

Amajiki Tamaki
Tamaki sweats underneath the contemptuous look his Alpha gives him. Did he do something wrong… or?? He feels like running away, afraid to have displeased his lover like this.

“I don’t get it.”

“Y… you don’t get what, ___?”

The alpha sniffs at the air around him, Butterscotch and Shea invading his nostrils. It’s a wonderful, delectable scent, but it isn’t mixed with his. He then pulls Tamaki out of the classroom, towards a vacant staircase. Tamaki looks absolutely ready to die, unsure of the situation.

“Oh, Tamaki don’t think I’m mad at you!! I’m not.” The Alpha soothes him, and Tamaki finally relaxes a bit. “It’s just that every time I scent you, it goes away after a few hours?? It’s irritating. I’m irritated.” Tamaki apologizes fiercely as his Alpha gives him a noogie.

“I can’t help it!” Tamaki says, breaking free. 

“Well then I guess that means that I gotta drive my scent into your skin from now on.”

And so, after every period, his Alpha would drag him off to scent him intensively in a secluded place. After English, in the bathroom– Before Lunch, in the courtyard. Tamaki was so embarrassed, but the Alpha’s affection was appreciated. It felt nice to have someone to care this deeply about him. Even Mirio never scented his sweaters in friendly protection to this extent. He smelled like his Alpha in every period, and both his friends teased him relentlessly about it.

But the scent never stuck. His Alpha was doing his best to research why it wasn’t sticking to him, but they’d always get distracted by shitty buzzfeed articles. One day, his lover got fed up and dragged him all the way to the nurse’s office and inquired about the situation.

Recovery girl skims through her drawers to find Tamaki’s medical file, and opens it up. Tamaki sits on the chair in front of her, biting his lip in anxiety.

“Oh, it seems like this is happening because you’re an Ob. It’s kind of a rare genetic coding that makes scents harder to stay on. You’re fine, though, Amajiki.” She finally speaks, and his Alpha groans.

The excessive scenting never stops after that.

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I want to give my bby Deku some love. Can I have a scenario where he has been saving this one girl quite a lot (her quirk attracts bad luck or something, idk) to the point where they are like familiar/friendly to each other. And after his latest attempt at saving her, she ends up asking him on a date and he gets super blushy and gets nervous? sorry if it’s too specific, you can change anything about it if you need!

Combining these two since they were pretty similar~

Midoriya Izuku:

It had been happening a lot lately, or at least enough for him to notice. It wasn’t strange for the new hero Deku to be saving people from danger, but a certain civilian appeared to need his attention and heroics more than most did.

It started when she had been crossing the street, her head in the clouds thus missing the sounds of the car horn coming towards her. She had blinked up in time to the see the ten ton metal object get too close to her.

As she braced for impact however, it never came. Rather she felt the wind in her hair and the body seemingly have left the ground. Blinking her (eye color) hues to glance around, she noticed an average looking man around her age.

His face held a blush as, he was holding her much like a bride would a groom. He let out and awkward laugh and smiled down at her.

“S-Sorry… Guess I used too much power and accidentally sent us flying up into the air.” He apologized, his green eyes darting around for a safe place to land with her.

“I-it’s fine…” She breathed. “I’m not dead thanks to you after all.”

Deku landed safely, holding the girl he had saved a little while longer until he deemed the rooftop garden a good area to drop her off and be back on his way. He let her go, glancing at her as she readjusted her clothing and then bowed to her savior.

“Thank you again Deku.” She spoke, her voice soft and sincere.

“I-It wasn’t an issue!” Deku waved her off, his own embarrassment growing as the pretty girl waved goodbye to him and dashed for the staircase. Finally when she was out of site, Izuku shook his head and ran off.

He hadn’t even been into his patrol for another hour when reports of some outdoor concert being held up by a gang of lower class thugs came into his communicator.

“I’m near the area! I’ll check it out.” Izuku answered, bouncing off building to building when he propelled himself with such force to send him flying towards the park.

He landed suddenly, sending air, dirt and plant life away from the epicenter. He had created a crater from his reckless impact, but could worry about property damage later. Not wasting another second, he bounced into action.

The first thug was too shocked to see the Deku to do anything, thus allowing Izuku to land an easy hit on the man, sending him flying into a group of trash cans. The next two thugs attempted to overpower him together, but were no match for the super strength of One for All.

Izuku used his legs to send a kick to each man at the same time, before giving a finishing blow to the man who he saw attempting to sneak up on him. Letting out a sigh, he glanced around, seeing the faces of the civilians lighten up.

His name was echoed into the happy cheers of the citizens and Izuku couldn’t help but blush from their kindness. He waved them off slyly, before he started walking away.

He passed by the main stage and his eyes caught and familiar figure. It was the same girl from earlier. She had noticed him too and tapped the microphone of stage, catching everyone’s attention as such.

“How about before we start the concert, we all big three cheers for everyone’s favorite hero: Deku!” She spoke, her voice loving and angelic.

The crowd erupted into cheers as well, her voice hushing them before she smiled widely. Her fingers strummed the guitar attached to her, her throat clearing before she sang her tune of gratitude.

“Hip hip-”

She stopped, pointing to the crowd. They echoed her call back almost right away.

“Hooray Deku!”

She nodded to their enthusiasm, repeating her original call again, this time even louder then the first time.

“Hip hip-”

“Hooray Deku!”

Izuku blushed, his hands hiding his face from all the gratitude and love he was getting due to him simply doing his job. He barely knew this girl, not even a name to her face, yet she seemed to have really taken a liking to him.

“Alright! One more time everyone! Let’s let all of Tokyo know who out number one hero is, okay? Hip hip-”

“Hooray Deku!”

The vibrations of the cheer could be felt, and most definitely heard as well. The girl paused and then clapped. She shot one last smile to her audience and her heroic VIP before signalling for the band to get ready to start.

“Now before we begin~ Let me give a special thanks to a certain freckled hero who saved me twice today. I’m not one who likes these kind of things, but if you’re ever looking for a night out-”

The music started, an energetic tune sounding off along the park. The fans erupted into a frantic outpour of noise, this song more than likely being a favorite.

“-then just let me know Bunny boy!”

Izuku’s blush worsened, but he sat down on the bench he was standing by. He unconciously clicked his intercom off, knowing he’d get a verbal beating for this later. But something told him to stay and watch.

The girl had not only been grateful, but bluntly asked him out. She may not be a hero, but she had the courage of one as she sang and danced along the stage. And her new fan could not help but smile, enjoying the display and his newfound fondness of this girl.

Bonus Ending~

Izuku sat next to Todoroki as the agency, the two talking about the lowering crime rate among other things. Suddenly a tablet was sternly placed on the table in front of the two, the gravity heroine herself having done such an action.

“How could you not tell me?!” Ochaco stomped her foot, pointing an accusing finger at Izuku.

“N-Not tell you w-what Uraraka-san?” Izuku stuttered, not sure what had set the girl off.

“Don’t pretend! It’s all over the news! You’re dating the most popular pop star in all of Tokyo right now! How could you not tell me!”

Izuku’s eyes widened, his mouth opening as he tore the tablet away from the bubbly girl. He skimmed the article, reading and glancing at pictures taken and written out of context and giving the illusion he had some secret relationship to this amazing rising star.

“I-I-” He started, only to feel Todoroki pat his back.

“Congratulations of your new relationship Midoriya.”

“Not you too Todoroki-kun!”

Book suggestions for lesbian, queer, and questioning girls

Caution: Not an exhaustive list! However, I hope it’s helpful. (Descriptions of those I haven’t read have been gleaned from Amazon.)


Rum Spring by Yolanda Wallace. Amish girl in love with her “English” friend must negotiate conflict with family and community.

Catholic School

Benediction by Diane Salvatore. Grace and Meg experience first love in the setting of the Immaculate Blessing Academy for Girls, their strictly traditional Catholic school in Queens, NY. 

Her Name in the Sky by Kelly Quindlen. High school seniors and best friends Baker and Hannah struggle with their attraction in the context of friends, families, school, and community.

Christian Fundamentalism

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by emily m. danforth. In the aftermath of her parents’ sudden death, Cameron is sent by her grandmother to a religious camp aimed at “curing” her of her same-sex attraction.


Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden. 1982: Considered to be the first YA lesbian love story with a positive ending.

Patience and Sarah by Isabel Miller. 1972: Set in early 19th century New England, the story of Patience White, an educated painter, and Sarah Dowling, a cross-dressing farmer, who must struggle to make a place for their love in their close-minded community.

Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown. 1973: Set in the south in the 1950s, Molly Bolt’s hilarious coming-of-age/coming-out story.

Coming Out

Ask the Passengers by A.S. King. Astrid has no one to talk to about her issues except passengers in the airliners flying 30,000 feet above her.

Fantasy/Speculative Fiction

Ash by Malinda Lo. Complete with cruel stepmother and mean stepsisters, Ash is “Cinderella with a twist.”

Huntress by Malinda Lo. This “prequel” to Ash tells the story of two young women who must undertake a hazardous journey to save their world.

Graphic Novel

Likewise: The High School Comic Chronicles of Ariel Schrag by Ariel Schrag. The comic trials and tribulations of a high school lesbian.  

Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. Goth girl Kim (“Skim”) tries to balance an obsessive attraction to a teacher with the friendships of her peers.


The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse: A Nancy Clue and Cherry Aimless Mystery by Mabel Maney. Hilarious spoof of girl sleuth/student nurse stories.

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy: An Original James Bond Parody by Mabel Maney. The story of James Bond’s lesbian twin sister, Jane.

Love Story/Romance

Dare Truth or Promise by Paula Boock. Willa and Louie must surmount homophobia and class differences in order to be together.

The Difference Between You and Me by Madeleine George. Jesse is to Emily as combat boots are to pearls: Opposites attract?

Empress of the World by Sara Ryan. At a summer program for gifted high school students, two girls discover a surprising attraction to each other.

The Gravity Between Us by Kristen Zimmer. The story of Kendall, a young movie star, and Payton, her childhood best friend … and more?

Kiss the Morning Star by Elissa Janine Houle. Anna and Kat go on a road trip: Destination? Unknown.

Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle. In the aftermath of a drunken kiss, best friends Lissa and Kate face both friendship and identity issues.

Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan. This sequel to Empress of the World follows Battle during the summer before she starts college. While getting reacquainted with her runaway brother, she falls in love with one of his artsy-bohemian housemates, Meryl.


Girlfriends: The Complete Collection 1 and Girlfriends: The Complete Collection 2 by Milk Morinaga. Charming and perceptive, sweet but not syrupy story of two Japanese schoolgirls falling in love. 


In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court by Brittney Griner. WNBA star tells her story of growing up and coming out.

Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi. Former child model and TV star struggles with sexual identity and eating disorder issues.


If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan. In Tehran, a young lesbian in love with another girl faces an arranged marriage to a man chosen by her parents.

Psychosocial Issues

One Hour by Q. Kelly. After surviving a Columbine-like school shooting, a student and teacher struggle to stay within appropriate boundaries while dealing with the trauma as well as attraction growing out of their unique shared experience.

She Loves You, She Loves You Not …  by Julie Anne Peters. Disowned by her homophobic father, Alyssa is sent across the country to live with the biological mother she barely knows.


The Sea of Light by Jenifer Levin. Collegiate swimmers Babe Delgado and Ellie Marks compete and fall in love under the tutelage of their lesbian coach, Brenna Allen.

The You Know Who Girls by Annameekee Hesik. The rumored-to-be lesbians on the basketball team want Abbey to try out. Should she?

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misffle high school au 😋 thanks!!!

Clara scowled at Missy Oakdown from over the top of her iPad, watching the older girl skim through a calculus book at top speed, before scowling and casting it aside with a disdainful expression. “Boring,” Missy muttered to herself, reaching for the next book and summarily flicking through that. “Wrong.”

Clara sighed and set down her tablet, affixing Missy with a long look. “Sorry, but… some of us are trying to study.”

“Sorry, Little Miss Boring, but this is a canteen, not the library, and some of us are trying to critically appraise the dross they keep setting us as required reading. Not that you’d know anything about reading, given your oversized calculator. What are you playing? Angry Birds? You’d fit right in with your angry twittering.”

“I’m reading an Economist article on the oil industry, actually. Digital edition-only.”

“God, you’re dull,” Missy raised her eyebrows. “Why don’t you join the cheerleading squad or do something else of note?”

“Because cheerleading is an outdated patriarchal notion that objectifies women’s bodies and promotes the idea that women are a valid and viable form of motivation and reward for engaging in sporting pastimes.” 

Missy fell silent for a long moment, then got up from her table, gathered her stack of books, and dropped into the seat beside Clara in one fluid movement. “OK, I’m revising my opinion of you,” she said pragmatically. “Got anything interesting on that iPad of yours?”

She’d had a falling-star dome once, she remembered. Most of her childhood was vague and shadowy, but she distinctly remembered the trouble she’s gotten into when she’d broken open the dome to find out what made the falling stars streaks when it was shaken.

Star Wars: Choices of One

I’m charmed by this description of destructively curious baby Mara breaking open her snow globe to figure out how it works. It’s unclear whether this happened pre- or post- being kidnapped by the Emperor.  It’s a nice little character note, and we don’t get a ton of personal details like this in the books.