Jillian Tamaki Talks Comics, Mutants, and Why Canada is Awesome

“You’ve said before that you feel very strongly as a feminist. I wonder if you want to say what that means to you?”

“I’ve never even questioned being a feminist because I feel that I have personally benefitted from political feminist movements, given the fact that I can go to school or vote or wear pants. I just feel like all those things I have benefitted from were really hard fought. 

When I was younger in college or high school, there were a lot of very smart women I knew who were progressive in a lot of ways that would refuse to call themselves a feminist. It used to drive me bonkers. How did you get here? How did you get to the point you can go to college? You can have boyfriends. You can live with your partner without being married. You can be on birth control. How do you think you got to have that position of privilege? It was political action by really brave women! I’m glad that at least that word is present again and it’s not a dirty word like it was when I was a little bit younger.

In terms of personally, I’m trying to be conscious and to present women’s issues and be conscious of the bigger feminist picture in all areas of my life: my personal life, my professional life, my political life. That’s why not every woman is strong in our books. To see them as whole human beings is unfortunately less common than it should be. That’s always been important to me, even in illustration work.

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I just took Skim out from the library, now I can’t wait to check out SuperMutant Magic Academy!


I’m still exploring PDF annotators, but for now I’m using Skim which seems to be a great tool so far. This semester, my university adjusted their printing policy and limited the amount of pages we’re able to print in a semester, so I’m trying to find a tool that will help me make notations on a PDF as much as possible.