Torres || Skim


Torres - Skim

Torres is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter otherwise known as Mackenzie Scott.


Torres - “Skim”


‘Three Futures’ by TORRES, the title track from her forthcoming new album which is released 29th September on 4AD.

So my dad was browsing through one of my books today and he read out a phrase he saw on the blurb: “How to cast runes”. He then looked at me and mimed skimming a stone

But this got me thinking

Imagine making an offering of a rune-inscribed stone by skimming it across a lake/river

Imagine scrying with a rune - you cast, say, raido for travel to determine how a future journey will go. The answer will depend on how many times it skims the surface of the water (”one for sorrow, two for joy” or to that effect)

Skimming… runes…..