Next Year

“Have you ever been on a Reclaimer hab at Passover?”

“The Jewish holiday? Don’t think so.”

“Try it next year, it’s worthwhile. Best I can tell, every Reclaimer who doesn’t see it as blasphemous goes to one.”

“Why bother? They’re aping a religion they aren’t even part of, do they even understand any of it?”

“Maybe not as originally intended. But the Ten Plagues of Egypt and the exodus are about the best metaphor for the Fall you could imagine. And I maintain that the end of the Reclaimer seder is more traditional than any Earth Jews ever managed.”


“You don’t understand Reclaimers until you’ve heard them shout, in unison:
Next year in Jerusalem!

So my dad was browsing through one of my books today and he read out a phrase he saw on the blurb: “How to cast runes”. He then looked at me and mimed skimming a stone

But this got me thinking

Imagine making an offering of a rune-inscribed stone by skimming it across a lake/river

Imagine scrying with a rune - you cast, say, raido for travel to determine how a future journey will go. The answer will depend on how many times it skims the surface of the water (”one for sorrow, two for joy” or to that effect)

Skimming… runes….. 

“Our idea of debt is really scary.”

On Episode 6, Lauren talks about turning 30 before speaking with superstar illustrator Jillian Tamaki (This One Summer, SuperMutant Magic Academy) about the curse of absolute freedom, Toronto vs. New York, and not relying on your parents for advice.

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